Sunday 24th July 2005: Bandung’s Domestik Doktrin Singapore-Malaysia Tour 2005 @ Paul’s Place, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. express-rakyat says:


  2. Kid says:

    We’re adding another great band for your pleasure:

    HOLOKRUST – Epic Crust Hc

    Some more plugs:

    Don’t forget to check out their NEW stuffs:
    Domestik Doktrin – Kumbak Kambek Tour T-shirt
    Domestik Doktrin – SE Asian Tour Discogpraphy CD
    (New tracks with Manufakturin Karma EP + Demo)

    * Still available in limited numbers:
    Domestik Doktrin – Play Fast Or Die Baseball Shirt
    Domestik Doktrin – Logo Buttons
    Domestik Doktrin – Play Fast Or Die Sticker

    * Benefit for Domestik Doktrin SE Asian 2005 Tour Fund

    016 3086971 – Niesa – Kid

  3. dean says:

    oh…so u’ve added holokrust to the list. that would be fine…still, a msg to aboi(husni), khabir or those who may concern, tak nak buat jamm session kat shah alam? it would be great then! =)

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