(TODAY! in KL) Friday, 5th to Sunday, 7th February 2010: Bold & Porcell’s “supergroup” in SEA…


Joe hoards and shares.

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8 Responses

  1. shahrizal says:

    ini wajib tengok! sumpah! woohoo!!!

  2. Joe says:

    pull out that ol’ and dusty Judge LP “Bringin’ It Down” and bounce off the walls man! At the very least find The Storm on mp3 and wreck the room.

  3. hatta says:

    The Storm… gotta agree with that. But would it be the same without Mike Judge?

  4. shahrizal says:

    good news! yeay!

  5. mosh says:

    hmmm i must be spritually prepare for this… ohmmmm…

    *…… opening old boxes under bed try to find some dusty khrisnacore tape..

  6. watai says:

    no need to find that old boxes laa kawan, just find it in internet…
    but, good effort….baghavat must be happy to hear that..!!!

  7. kenet says:

    New poster up at myspace.com/ufbooking
    06 feb 2k10..
    tak bole tahannnnn…..

  8. mosh says:

    spiritually speaking… i wud love to hear grandmaster “G” Ray “meow-ing” voice deliver the sermon when they deliver YOT cover.

    *…….. now -meditating and seek inner divine consciousness for readiness. ohmmm….

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