Taiwan Punk 2006 by Andy Deported


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    wow cool man

  2. An Zhu says:

    NOTE: The additional info offered here by Andy on another band, Maho, has been incorporated into the article. Go to the “Other Punk” section of the report.

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks andy. You can just email me additions to the report. It’ll be a blast to know more.

    Also kudos to you on the fact that it was the first scene report I’ve ever seen that comes complete with not only links with music but also videos! Well, duhh! It’s 2007 isn’t it?

    Back in the olden days all you would get is a bit of a short review on how the band would sound like (according to the writer), some pictures (in bad photostated black’n’white) and snail mail addresses; all of that in a letter sent via surface mail, or a zine (sent by surface mail also!).

    The thing is. Those days we would be excited enough to actually take the time and write to the bands. But now? I do wonder…

    Thanks Andy! Do keep it up!

  4. rizie says:

    giler ar..taiwan penuh dgn band punk…

  5. An Zhu says:

    Cheers Joe! Yeah, I might send a few more. The thing is, because there really isn’t a scene and bands tend to only play small shows with their friends or sometimes not at all, writing a comprehensive list of bands for this country can be pretty difficult. People nowadays don’t try to contact and seek out bands via snail mail, but with the Internet the music, ideas and cultures are able to reach an incredibly large audience. You wouldn’t have a band like BB Bomb touring South East Asia a few years ago. I really think magazines like MMR are becoming obsolete very quickly (never been a fan anyway) and these kind of scene reports are going to become the norm for a more global musical subculture with local characteristics of course. Informational globalization is one aspect of this blight on our civilization that we should certainly embrace and utilize. I’ve found from talking to a lot of bands back home, that they’re really jaded with the way big money has taken the soul out of these once exciting music scenes. They want to travel and get out and meet other groups of people who haven’t been as tainted by the American capitalist system. Not that it’s very easy to find a place on earth that hasn’t been corrupted, but I can tell you it’s a helluvalot better for music in South East Asia than it is back in Boston. Kudos for keeping Ricecooker up and running! YATTA!

  6. An Zhu says:

    My friend Dave left this comment which I think is important to note. I’ll send you some more updates soon.

    More should be said on LTK tho. Claiming that sometimes violence is necessary and constantly destroying, burning and smashing all kinds of things on stage, they started out as anything but happy, coming out of the social movements in the early- to mid-1990s, which included all kinds of demonstrations including the ones that brought Taiwan’s first direct presidential elections. LTK and the Clippers, neither of which you could call punk in any strict sense, were also the first indie/ underground bands with a major sense of local identity, drawing melodies from they zany, nasal, rural lovesongs of nakashi and variety show performances, which were more like touring vaudeville acts before they hit TV. Children Sucker claims LTK as its major influence, and carries the tradition forward, though without most of the extreme stage antics.

    – Dave

  7. BoyDxF says:

    Yeah…welcome Taiwannese Punk..Ni men Hau Ma? Wo you hen tou peng you jai na pian..hen jiu mei you se kei tha men…

    No doubt sana banyak punk..tgk China pun cukup…

  8. brayok says:

    rama punk kampung ye…aku ingat mcm thailand wat barang tiruan je….smart ah scene denung….!!!!

  9. xnizangx says:

    now i realize local diy/independent bands don’t really put out video. in terms of real music video. not live show video. hopefully that’ll change. sleepy jeremy (KT’s indie rock) used to put out one. i’ll try to ask them to upload it on youtube.

  10. islandofsound says:

    All of the links to Island of Sound above are going to be dead. However, I’ve been working on updating the site and now you can find much of the same pics, videos and write-ups on the new version at:


    I’m slowly working on filling in the gaps, posting mp3 samples and other stuff. So keep checking back.

    ~Marty Radical

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