yuen: Love Thyself


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. mat yie kot? says:

    ‘if we could conduct something for masturbation like how the World Cup is for football’

    Jerking off premier league. pas tu . Nike piulak sponsor dengan ‘brief’ swoosh dengan tulisan ‘just do it’! besar2. kat kaimpung2, kat sekolah2 dibuat pertandingan besar-besaran, bayangkan ada sekolah akademi melancap,bayangkan ada pertndingan melancap peringkat zone, daerah. ada pulakh stadium sukan melancap, lepas tu ada team- Bayaran perpindahan,
    tapi agaknya kena ada kelaslah, light weight, middle weight, heavy wght.

    Wahhh, gila jauh imiginasi aku.

  2. sany ADALAH alger says:

    “tapi agaknya kena ada kelaslah, light weight, middle weight, heavy wght.”

    hmmm..imagining myself in the middleweight category:-)

  3. hafizban says:

    kalu yuen nak melancap aku boley tolong! lagi rileks..
    melancap merosakkan minda dan ketagih..

  4. lost_soul says:

    I guess masturbation is not a sin or a bad/ negative thing regardless to a guy or a woman. If I may say, women need for sex is much worse than men!

    Women are vulnerable. They tend to fantasize on sex a lot especially when they are alone.If you’re saying that masturbate dominate by men, i may say that u are wrong.

    By masturbating,u can release your tension, u can gain your orgasm in any matter u want n u can fantasize whoever u want!

    But then again, masturbate also has some drawbacks , which if u intend to masturbate for long term/till old, u may feel awkward when u have sex. ur partner may not satisfiy u as u already immune to your sex fantasy.

  5. El Pheng says:

    My friend would like to do a short movie called “Lancap”. But it’s very tough to find the actor that can really carry the role. It has to be said, there is no lancap scene at all. But, everybody was non-compromising to the idea. “Kalau aku berlakon, nanti orang ingat aku kuat melancap”-sort of thinkage. Hehe.

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