yuen: habit creatures


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. zaidi says:

    ha ha ha u get me good there… anyway change is always feared but once you overcome all the nitty-gritty and accumulated constipation, *wooosh* you have changed… maybe u can take public transport couple of times during the week. ditch the car comfort and back to your old-self….

  2. david says:

    dude, klang bak kut teh…..when la???

  3. yuen says:

    Luckily it was for a while, i’m done with that now. I wonder how would it be when I really have to do that for my whole life after this…public transport is good, as long as it is consistent, punctual and reliable.

    Bak kut teh dude? sure thing..when are coming to find us? U seems to be very busy nowadays..missing in action only..do keep in touch ya, hope to see you soon. all the guys here miss much!

  4. Sue Anna Joe says:

    This post reminds me of one episode of C.S.I, I watched the other day, this guy, he killed someone, and after the CSI proved him guilty, he confessed and said something like what you said about everyday, waking up to do the same thing over and over, following the daily routine, making him feeling dead, but, this changed, when he killed that girl, when her life slipped outta his hands, which definitely does not happen everyday.

    So Yuen, hopefully it doesn’t effect you to this point eyh? Haha.

    But yeah. I guess that’s prolly how the term ‘dead bored/bosan nak mampos’ came up. 🙂

    Much Love,

  5. yuen says:

    No, I didn’t affect me that way, it was just a short stint of training. I am glad that it is over. Cannot stand it.

    Funny that you mention this, that 2 days back i had conversation with my friend about people going through this kind of routinized life, your law abiding, average citizens that SNAPPED one day. I do not know whether many people know this but sometime ago, there was an occurence at Federal Highway where the bus driver drove his bus to the motorcycle lane. I imagine that this guy might have just snapped, probably by the traffic jam at the notorious highway and it came across his mind to just ram his bus into the motorcycle lane.

    The bus stopped when it hit the loan roadsign above the exclusive small lane.

    It caused quite a commotion that day, with all the kepochis boggled their mind figuring out how could possibly happened.

    It’s like the fight club theory, that man being conquerors, fighters, knights and warriors in the past, opening new land, making new discoveries find it hard for them to settle to the routinized life, either in the office cubicle or production line. Thus they have to hit each other to make them sane. Or not they will snap, or run amok. Female, on the other hand, were nest caretakers and are more used to the routinized, planned and fixed way of life, thus, having less difficulty. This may be a sexist theory, but it offers another point of view to understand the situation.

    The main character in Fight Club had snapped, by creating an “imaginary friend”, Tyler Durden.

    Sometimes, you just feel like throwing it all away, taking off your suit and your ever choking tie, not giving a fuck about anything and go run naked at Central Market. Go. Just go.

  6. Zaxx says:

    “…and your ever choking tie..”.

    Luckily, I’ve survived without wearing any neck tie & I don’t need to be naked to be free or err… change (?). Seriously. Hehe.

    Note: Fight Club rocks!

  7. Penny says:

    I dont know, this is the first time i read the collumn from this web and kinda love ’em all. Anyway, I do believe, people might change time to times. But, sometimes we just dont bother to notice it. And people also need a change to make sure this life isnt dull at all. This life is mostly suck, yet if we are trying to make some change, it would be different.
    Im sorry if what I typed here sounds like out of your topic. But, now its aleady past midnight and I have nothing to do better than sitting in front of this PC and have a long night suffering insomnia.
    see ya.

  8. dogbert says:

    If insomnia is what makes you read, keep it up!!

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