Yeo YP: Why Do Malaysians March?


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Fizan says:

    I miss this shot. I was not alerted it’s happened on Saturday until I call Matnor later in the afternoon (prior to his benefit show at Noisy) and asking him where is Joe, he said Joe went to the anti-ISA march. I go to work as early as bird in the morning, started a very busy day, only sometimes I got an opportunity to read some newspaper. I really don’t watch TV at all at home, I pull off my car’s radio antenna, so I’m very out dated guy I guess. And now you can call me an apolitical punker for not joining you in this march. I know there’s some big-nosed here who are very proud of taking part in this march without any real meaning and understanding to adapt into their real fukin life. If it’s comes from your heart, keep it in your heart. Don’t mess it up and making them big shit. Lots of moronic also taking part and they not even understand what’s revolution is all about. The kind of morons who threw rock to Carburetor Dung last time! You better blame people whose band’s name are like All Cops Are Bastards, Police Bastard etc for not showing up. My fellow friend’s band, Cops On Fire from Spain is fukin real. They’re going to demonstration and the street protest just like every week in and week out.
    Well I think I’d rather smash someone that’s very close to me, i.e like my UMNO-inspired father, my Mecca-godz mother, my fukin religious bigotry office mates etc than joining people’s political rally. Shame on me.

    I’m coming from this organization (so that’s makes me oh so cool -again Pijan is lied) :-

    The Great Divide “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

    Catchy, ain’t it? But the truth is, our world is marred by an ever-widening gap between the very wealthy and everybody else. So imagine this: a global society where prosperity, health, safety, and opportunity are shared fairly. Sounds lofty eh?
    Well, that’s exactly what United for a Fair Economy is shooting for -and you might be surprised to learn how effective they’ve already been. You also might be surprised to find out who’s getting involved with UFE -people at both extremes of the economic spectrum, civic organizations, religious communities…and you? UFE is making a difference, and you can too. Contact:


  2. effuan says:

    Thanks pijan! i rarely give my comment here. but that is a good website. worth check it out. thanks again.

  3. Fizan says:

    Effuan? Mana kau sekarang? Lama tak dengar criter..tolong email phone no kau kat aku :

  4. thee dr. says:

    Malaysia is a very heirarchy-driven society; also a very polite one. Sometimes people would rather keep up with appearances than confront something evil but if everyone did that we wouldn’t be around today–protest isn’t a fully understood component of the political landscape perhaps but it’s good to see some awareness being spread–good going guys–wish I could be there with you but I am in heart and soul.

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