Work, Work, Work But That’s The Way It Is….


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. ssp says:

    Dude, it’s strange but admit it, there are not many working class songs available these days..U might hate it but Green Day is the last punk rock who make sense by singing working class hero (John lennon’s rip off).
    Others are too chicken shit to quote engel in their lyrics.. so MTV punks rock big time baby!!

    U forg0t 1 song, ‘Payday’ hahahaaa

  2. Nox says:

    Maybe punks nowadays are no longer working class…
    Or they don’t get what the fuck Marx and Engels were saying…

    ‘And no protest song will ever change the world
    When everybody does exactly as they‚Äôre told’…indeed!

  3. xumb says:

    good one boss!

    oh and i’ve just sent in my resignation letter yesterday haha!

  4. shahrizal says:

    awesome post joe!

    Jim Cherry also used to play in Strung Out and Pulley. He died from a congenital heart condition back in 2002. all of his bands are good bands. NOFX wrote a song in tribute to Jim Cherry (Strung Out/Zero Down/Pulley), Derrik Plourde (Lagwagon/RKL/Jaws/Bad Astronaut), Jason, Andy and Bomer (RKL) and some other fallen punk friends of theirs.


    These two shots are for Derrick
    For rifle not the handgun
    For coffee and cigarettes
    Give it back
    You know suicide isn’t painless
    When you leave everyone in pain
    The two shots will never go down the same

    This beating’s for Jimmy
    For ultimate devotion
    For your mind of my own
    Bring out your dead
    Sedated, flagellated
    You were the one most
    Loved and hated
    Thanks for all that carpet
    And your songs

    This Petron’s for Jason
    This lager’s for Andy
    And these doses are for Bomer
    And this fix is for Bradley
    This ritalin’s for Lumpy
    And this speedball’s for Friday
    This nitrous hit is for Lynn
    And best friend Dobbs

    This bowl is for my mom
    For drinking more than I did
    For posting bail for me
    In New York
    And in Hollywood that first time
    And that joint we smoked was the worst time
    Cause doing drugs with parents is just wrong

    This petron’s for Jason
    This lager’s for Andy
    And these doses are for Bomer
    And this fix is for Bradley
    This song is for winning losers
    It’s for unlucky substance abusers
    The ones who left their black marks
    On us all

  5. Joe says:

    thanks guys. I heard Jim Cherry was quite an asshole, but that would never dismiss the fact that the songs are mostly awesome in terms of their substance.

    As for the “punks” nowadays, I can’t say much since I’m way too old to know what the kids are thinking nowadays (!) but I do believe the hugely, if not trendy, popular affiliation (posed or real) with “anarchism” rendered any alignment with “socialist” ideals “uncool”. Hmmm.

    Dum Dum Tak’s version of The Internationale is cool tho!

  6. ssp says:

    Nice ref nox.. lets put some black roses on Adam Smit grave

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