Artifacts: Konsert Thrash, Stadium Negara, KL – Wednesday, 28th December 1988


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. used to have this poster as well, and stick it on my wall for some months beside other thrash metal poster/flyers, if i’m so lucky i could have it in my old boxes too … if i’m not mistaken BLACKFIRE played this show too , invited by other band to the stage. i can’t remember it too much, i’m so young at that time plus upjohn + loci and apollo. but theres rockers and hippies thrasher and hippies thrasher with swastika (stupid !!!) and anti christ pendant, thrashers and skaters, bell bottom kids, “iron on” t-shirt, march cap “paras mata”, kakachi tight jeans

    joe, if you have sungai way and bangsar funfair show flyers, please put it here !!

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    “upjohn + loci and apollo”! Dang!! Pill-popping days!

    I found a lot of flyers dating back to the late 80s (shows at Paradise, Semua House and also Metallica Lounge), most are “master” copies of my flyer designing days – parts cut from 2000AD comics, photostated to enlarge or reduce, cut out again to be pasted onto another sheet of paper, which then would be filled with hand-drawn logos and texts and then photostated again for the main master, which then have to be mass photostated to spread at CM, Pertama, Wilayah and Kota Raya! I didn’t realise I designed so many flyers through out that period.

    I think I have a review of this show, done by somebody at The Star where I was working as a trainee journalist. I had another assignment for the paper that night so I missed the show.

    Next thing I will put up will be the first underground music report I wrote for The Star in October 1988.

  3. Semua House show flyers would be cool, the place that i always hang out on the weekend back then – roller skate , dancing and headbanging !! cos i never saw it any back then or i just don’t care much ..

    i do get few flyers of Metallica Lounge show back then, given by some kids hang out at the corner outside the place but just went 2-3 time there, not my favourite place for some reasons … if i’m not mistaken Metallica Lounge have this night, where bands paid for playing the show there ??

    yes !! pertama complex is popping heaven those days and arcade,billiards, juke box (not CD is fucking vinyls)

    joe, do you make any show at Kotaraya .. i remember went there several time with the show – or maybe the battle of bands things’

    but, i love funfair show .. especially when you get in for free and won cheap liquor.

    merry go round, gambling and cheap alcohol !!!

  4. khys says:

    thank you so much joe.
    dah lama aku cari gambar Slapdeath. nak guna kat website aku, orait?

    anybody have more info on Slapdeath? did they have any recording released? demo?

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    So you’re the one doing muzikrock eh? visited a few times. not bad.

    as for SlapDeath, there was one time they were called as “Slap Dash”. I wonder if they had a demo also. Tak sure la boss, the main guy to talk to would be si Dol (who went on with Silent Death, Breaking The Silence etc.) I heard Man is now working at the Istana Kelantan, as the main sound engineer or something similar. Tak tau apa jadi dengan Arip.

  6. thee dr. says:

    Man? I knew a Kelantanese ex-memeber of Slap Death (or ‘tapa mapuh’ as he referred to it) but we called him Saiful-at one point he was Ella’s guitarist when it was still ‘Ella and the Boys’ (the best incarnation)-this was early 90’s -he was a music teacher at Maktab Perguruan Kota Baru at the time and he opened a jam studio with an ex-member of Nobat who went tabligh-ring any bells? Aru looks great in the Nemesis poster-tell him I said ‘hi’ if you see him-one love…

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    You should have seen Aru and gang during the “Loudness” period. Spandex belang-belang! I must say Nemesis’ bassist Toyol was one of the most helpful thrashers back in the day. When Singapore’s Opposition Party came to play two gigs in KL, their bassist went AWOL and Toyol stepped in on the duties with no complaint. I heard he came to see the bands playing the reunion show at Chin Woo in 2004 but I missed the guy, as he left before the show’s finished. Heard he’s living in Seremban.

    As for “Saiful”, sorry Mat. I cannot recall. All these bands went through a few line-up changes by that time, especially Nemesis and Punisher who would constantly exchange members. They were, after all, like inseparable twins anyway.

  8. xumb says:

    THE HAIR man, THE HAIR! 🙂

  9. thee dr. says:

    Yup, it’s all about the hair…in Aquanet we trust

  10. lori says:

    uhh the hair..rambut kembang-kembang aarghh…

  11. adamglobal says:

    hehehe.. missed those days.. 🙂
    how r u Joe?

  12. Joe Kidd says:

    Am fine Adam! Good to know you’re here once in a while!



  13. adamglobal says:

    whaddaya mean once in a while???…

    everyday!!!! heheeh

    I still have a couple of Aedes issues, old friend. 🙂

  14. thee dr. says:

    You got ‘issues’,alright…hehe

  15. Pijan says:

    Aedes?akupun simpan lagi joe..setelah mengorder 6 bln baru sampai.. ingat dah kena rip off. dulu.yg aku order x sampai pun ada! haha heartcore dan biodegredable material ok, laju skit..haha
    oh ya, akupun nak jadi cam korang lah, tunggu dan usha dari jauh sebelum berbunyi, ramai ni kat sini yg dok usha je dr jauh..
    paling aku terkeju Zul Khesom call aku dari langkawi setiap mlm di sbbkan aku slalu komen kat sini,haha dah 2 mlm keje call aku je, nak lyn jin sheng online kat rmh pun x senang, engkau ni lain mcm lah, ok ke tak lah, haha..besar gak impact dia! belum lagi kira yg fuk dr dari jauh dan dlm hati je, boleh kira ke ni dlm hati?hehe

    ok, teruskan intipan anda. mungkin bdk punk mmg naturally bole jadi spy. tau la korang ni manusia alert! jgn la main spy2 plk..x selesa lah i!

  16. nwa says:

    yep Blackfire perform too. we all following Khalil from Punisher on that time….
    (cristal guitar !!)

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