Wednesday, 1st August 2007: Fat Bob Smith & The Cure in Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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10 Responses

  1. shahrizal says:

    mak datuk bukan main mahal lagi. saje jea tadi main convert-convert duit tadi check ticket $178 = RM397.135 hahaha

  2. Kid says:

    adus, tiket mahalnya. june-july banyak pakai duit pulak. kena korek tabung ni.

  3. shahrizal says:

    takde kena-mengena dengan the cure, but propagandhi is now a 4-piece. new record out next spring. read this interview at

  4. punk rawk says:

    crap band. always have and always will be.

  5. Pijan says:

    Oh Elise! it doesn’t matter!

  6. Kumprinx says:

    Bapak mahal. Parah parah..

  7. majiy says:

    Hari Rabu pulak dia bikin…

  8. charmaine says:

    love the pic above with the caption friday i’m in love . any chance you could send to me? just for my personal use will not use for commercial or monetary reasons. fingers x..

  9. z says:

    friday i’m broke

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