Update! Wednesday, 12th to Saturday, 15th August 2009: On The Road Part 6!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kenet says:

    wow. tora datang lagi. yeeehhaaa… gomi gomi.

  2. dean says:

    venue and flyer update soon! 😀

  3. dean says:

    Hi all,

    The bands’ schedule for Love Lost, Live Life will be as follows:

    3:00pm Hey Jamal
    3:45pm Kesumat
    4:30pm Killeur Calculateur
    5:15pm Building of the Heartbreaker Pyramid
    6:00pm Graves of Thousand Bagindas
    6:45pm Tone Deaf
    7:30pm My Precious
    8:15pm The Act We Act
    9:00pm -End-

    Be there early. Both Japanese bands will have to catch the flight on the night itself so for everyone’s convenience, please come early! (a kind reminder to the bands, friends and myself)

    Take care and catch ya later!

    For info @ inquiries: http://www.papakerma.com

  4. dean says:

    It starts today!

  5. dean says:


    malacca gig was awesome! many kids turned-up and everyone had a blast i’m sure. first band on the bill was proclaim my victory. though the music not necessarily my cup of tea, but damn, these kids are tight!

    then tone deaf blasted a fucking cool slap-on-yr-face rockin’ old school hc! building was next and it was by far the tighest set of ’em i’d got to see. even without the vocalist (who’s still at school and can’t go on tour with ’em), it was still brutal!

    the final band of the day was the act we act and boy, they didn’t dissappoint a bit. in fact, they are better than the last time they were here. with additional djembe (japanese traditional percussion), i was amazed!

    well, tonight the bands are going to perform @ embrace hall. those kids in jb, do go and have fun!

    oh ya, about the weekend gig in KL. 2 bands cancelled; hey jamal & graves of thousand bagindas due to personal matters. but it’s all cool. THIS IS ATLANTIS, Singapore latest and to be watched post rock / experimental quartet has CONFIRMED their availability to replace the above bands. We’ll either stick with the currect 7 bands list or maybe, another cool band which is yet to be confirmed.

    till then, take care and catch ya all this weekend.

  6. dean says:


    Terima kasih pada semua yang telah terlibat secara langsung dan tidak di dalam menjayakan On The Road tour bahagian enam (6) bersama The Act We Act, Tone Deaf dan Building of the Heartbreaker Pyramid.

    Many thanks to all who had directly/indirectly involved in On the Road tour part six (6) with The Act We Act, Tone Deaf and Building of the Heartbreaker Pyramid to make it a success.

    Melaka / Malacca – Azizi, Hadi, semua petugas, Proclaim My Victory juga semua yang hadir. Terima kasih pada Dave (About My Disappearance zine) untuk zine juga perkongsian pelbagai cerita. Kita akan terus berhubungan.

    Azizi, Hadi, all crews, Proclaim My Victory and all who attended. Thanks to Dave (About My Disappearance zine) for the zines and sharing of stories. We’ll keep in touch.

    Johor Bharu – Famy, petugas Embrace Hall, Dewata, Novelea, Abysmal Fornikate (saya tiada di sana tapi saya merasa semua band beraksi pada hari itu), dan juga pada semua yang hadir.

    Famy, Embrace Hall crews, Dewata, Novelea, Abysmal Fornikate (I wasn’t there but I think all bands played that day), and all who attended.

    Singapura / Singapore – Dyn, semua petugas, My Precious, This is Atlantis, AUM, dan juga semua yang hadir.

    Dyn, all crews, My Precious, This is Atlantis, AUM and all who attended.

    Kuala Lumpur – semua petugas dan sukarelawan (Ami, Mudik, Ayie, Faisal, Koja, Elin, Sunie, Emi, Faris), Kesumat, Killeur Calculateur, dan juga semua yang hadir. Terima kasih pada Mat Nor yang sudah nampak beransur sihat kerana sudi trade pelbagai zine. Belum sempat baca Scenery is Free isu tiga (3) tapi memang sangat tidak sabar menanti edisi buku nya! Papakerma / Deleted Book Press memang sentiasa berminat!

    All crews and volunteers (Ami, Mudik, Ayie, Faisal, Koja, Elin, Sunie, Emi, Faris), Kesumat, Killeur Calculateur, and all who attended. Thanks to Mat Nor who appears to be healthier by day for trading the zines. Haven’t got the chance to read Scenery is Free third (3rd) issue but am really looking forward to its book version! Papakerma / Deleted Book Press is always keen!

    Kami juga ingin menyampaikan seikhlas penghargaan buat The Act We Act (Gomi, Keigo, Sato, Ihama, Kondo, “Gojira” Kaneko) dan Tone Deaf (Ryo, Kenzo and Denka) kerana datang tour di bahagian dunia yang ini. Terima kasih pada Building of the Heartbreaker Pyramid (Usop, Kash dan Kroll) juga yang bersetuju untuk tour bersama mereka. Terima kasih Risa yang sentiasa tersenyum walaupun halangan bahasa menyukarkan komunikasi. Juga terima kasih buat Awi yang bersama mereka semasa tour dan membantu dalam translasi.

    We would also like to extend our heartiest appreciation to The Act We Act (Gomi, Keigo, Sato, Ihama, Kondo, “Gojira” Kaneko) and Tone Deaf (Ryo, Kenzo and Denka) for touring this part of the world. Thanks to Building of the Heartbreaker Pyramid (Usop, Kash and Kroll) too who agreed to go on tour with them. Thanks to Risa too who always kept on smiling though the language barriers quite dampen the communication. Also thanks to Awi who was with the band during the tour and assisted with the translation.

    To The Act We Act, have fun touring with Portraits of Past (back from dead!), Envy and Endzweck later! Demmit, how I wish I can be there!

    Kami ingin meminta maaf atas sebarang kekurangan dan kesilapan sepanjang tempoh tour ini.

    We would like to seek forgiveness for any lacking and wrongdoing for the whole tour period.

    Ajukan sebarang kemusykilan pada:

    Email: deantheamateur@gmail.com
    HP: +6012 370 5263

    Cakap belakang? Maaf, we don‚Äôt (want to) belong in your ‚Äúscene‚Äù politic 🙂

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