Warped Confessional: Unclogged Returns Gig Review


Joe hoards and shares.

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9 Responses

  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    memang lazat.

  2. Found this “musing” on the show by one called Lainie:

    Lainie: Artword Addict

  3. kandos says:

    first two cities that created by god: jelebu and paris. that was fuckin hillarious

  4. Seelan says:

    wonderful.. wish i could have been there!

  5. Actually Seelan, I really would like to see you playing there very soon! and Zai, of course!

  6. joe rawk says:

    ASTOUNDING show ever!!!!

  7. Seelan says:

    thanks, that would be really great!
    tell me if thats ever possible

  8. kandos says:

    joe, new year bleh buat lg kot unclogged sempoi punya.

  9. patah says:

    is there any Kerana Mu Malaysia recorded by rahmat
    it should be done, guess what
    the poem? its awesome!

    when no black tie announcing for its last show
    when rahmat read the poem
    i just seat there and laugh and keep wondering
    if i got a chance to recorded it live
    but i cant


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