Unclogged Merde Kah: The Report


Joe hoards and shares.

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12 Responses

  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    I should practise more, thanks again Joe for giving me the chance ‘berfoya’ di Unclogged.

  2. patah says:

    lame tak pegi unclogged after no black tie dah closed.
    better deal with my boss next time

  3. Talking BlueS says:

    Weh Kidd Mung maing la 1 lagu….Do Nothin’….

  4. content says:

    i missed M Jayzuan & Sumbang’s set, damn! perhaps some other time, eh…

  5. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Chill Nik,

    Bak kata Butterfingers “esok masih ada..”


  6. content says:

    anxiously waiting for that “hari esok” Jay…i want Jay & Joe bergabung cover lagu2 Johnny Cash & Nick Cave, buleh? 🙂

  7. The civil Dude says:

    Wooo…… did no Black Tie Really Closed…… ? how come i Didn’t Know Bout That….

  8. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Aku sama Joe main gitar, hang nyanyi Nik. Nick Cave’s Your Funeral My Trial. Amacam? Hehe.

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    nak mampuih? i think there’s only one person in KL that can cover Nick Cave properly; Encik Rahmat Haron (not with Abrocore though).

  10. mohd JAYzuan says:

    hahaha! aku rasa btul la, Rahmat aje bole. suara ala Nick Cave + Ian Curtis.

  11. Joe Kidd says:

    to the civil dude, no black tie is still there. it’s not closed but having problems with permits and stuff. the beer’s also quite expensive also lah. but i still go there once in a while and also help out with whatever needed. evelyn the owner help us a lot for many years also lah, much respect from may of us!

  12. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Kalau dapat buat kat NoBlackTie balik memang cun..

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