Two More Radioshows for you to listen and weep to!


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. xOff The Edgex says:

    any radio shows that have corrupted, khanate, sunn, and some black metal are fucking cool. hey do play some lurker or chalice next and let all those hip “post” rockers tremble in fear.

  2. xOff The Edgex says:

    oh yea, it was supposed to be LURKER OF CHALICE and not lurker or chalice…

  3. zaxxtypeface says:

    This is so fuckin’ cool! Corrupted ada, Khanate ada, Keiji Haino ada, The Melvins ada, Black Sabbath ada… Sunn O))) pun ada. Cool habis! Merzbow? I didn’t see any.

  4. zaxxtypeface says:

    Fuck! Yeoh Yin Pin is fuckin’ cool as fuckin’ fuck!

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