Tuesday, 9th February 2010: Rice Above! #01 @ Cloth and Clef


Joe hoards and shares.

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5 Responses

  1. blood says:


    I really have fun lastnight. All crowd really enjoy the show. We skankin’ & moshin’ together. Hope this spirit will continue for the next chapter.

    Thanks to ricecookers & all the bands!

  2. alak says:

    Rice Above started off pretty awesome, and some more it was Tuesday night! Everybody in cloth n clef were going crazy and legs moving all around..! So lets rise above in the next rice above!

  3. blood says:

    Yup Mr. Alak, band hang buat crowd start menggila! Next time main lagu cover MARJINAL pula. haha

  4. dean says:

    gosh..sayang nya tak dapat pergi. what a loss!!! =(

    anyway, can’t wait for the 2nd installment on monday next week. it’s gonna be awesome for sure. for those who’re in the dark, Birushanah features an ex-CORRUPTED member – yah, so i’m pretty sure you don’t wanna miss ’em!!!

  5. alak says:

    nanti kita try panggil marjinal ok, so tak yah lah nak cover, mr blood.hehe

    Anyway, Birushanah might make it another pecah nite next week!

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