Tuesday, 24th July 2007: Ken Terror Attack @ Pitch Black Cafe, Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. nizangdiofis says:

    he should have an exhibition at cm annexe.

  2. Zaxx))) says:

    Despite on being an imitator of Pushead, his works rule anytime we see it.

  3. bidan says:

    ade kat rumah aku tu. makan tido je. takde plan ape2 exhibition ke? jumaat last day dia kat sini

  4. zerox says:

    why dont u all make an impromptu one? bedal je ah. if last minute studio shows can be possible so can an exhibition.

    exhibition pat sini pun idea aku thought of out of the blue, when i was in Bandung with Pazahora. so it was pretty last min as well

    problem is, master cd of all his artwork with me.

  5. Zaxx))) says:

    About an exhibition at the Annexe, you should ask Man (G. Grenade) directly. By the way, to rent the space it might cost sum of hard earned cash.

  6. nizangdiofis says:

    and u can bring ur students to the ricecooker shop too, zaxx
    instead of asking them to log on to ricecooker during your class. habahahhaha. drawing class have computers ah?

    zaxx, the new lecturer. congrats.

  7. Zaxx))) says:

    Or, Bidan apa kata kau bawak dia kat Annexe pastu suruh dia buat life drawing or some sketching demonstrations. Mesti menarik kan? Boleh la dia jual drawing/sketches nanti…

  8. Joe Kidd says:

    Of course we can bedal an exhibition at the annexe, there’s a lot of space, from the Bau-Bau Cafe walls to The IceIceBaby Shop also boss! Maybe Zaxx would like to join in his own works? Shaiful, how can we get the images eh?

  9. zerox says:

    if kenji agrees to it i can email a few over to Joe and CC it to Kenji. from there korang pandai-pandai lah.

  10. Zaxx))) says:

    Joe, I’d like to join the force but I think it would be better to let Kenji exhibit his works alone; as local eagerly want to see his works instead of mine. Plus, I’m a bit busy absorbing with ‘a new environment’ lately. Therefore, next time-lah. I’m also planning to organize an art exhibition which consist of some artistic people of the scene, though it hasn’t yet been confirmed.

    Dang! Thanks Nizang. I agree upon your suggestion. But, I’d rather ask them to log on to some porn sites instead of Ricecooker. And so be it, ‘corrupting’ students is my newly business from now on. Haha.

  11. bidan says:

    Dont think he can do it. Esok nak pegi JB dah. Maybe can singgah Ricecooker. I will ask him to

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