Tuesday, 20th February 2007: Everybody Loves Irene @ The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Z says:

    sini parking susah x? 😛

  2. myo says:

    parking cm tu,skali masuk rm3.50
    besok kene cuci kete,taik burung banyak.

  3. dean says:

    tak susah la. side bangkok blh, kat makhamah kt dataran blh, kat PS blh. naik public turun pasar seni pun chare =)

  4. thee dr. says:


  5. dean says:

    Thanks to all who came and make it happen!
    we had a blast last nite.

    ELI, Deepset, Zalacca and LSD were awesome!

    Next stop Laundry Bar tomorrow.

    Bring more money and get these item while still available:

    Everybody Loves Irene CD – RM20
    Tour T-Shirt – RM19
    Button – RM2

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks to all who went to the show, visited Ricecooker and ate/drank at Bau-Bau! It was a good night. I only managed to catch Zalacca (featuring Nubli on guitar and a bank of effects. he’s Fendi’s wife Fizzi’s older brother la!) and also ELI.

    I completely missed Lord Sunny Day (bluesy, funky rock thing featuring some people I know from Akademi Seni Kebangsaan) and Deepset. This is due to the friends hanging out in the shop downstairs. Have to layan them la.

    Anyway, all the bands got paid, all the equipment suppliers got paid. All in, no problems, good space and good sound too! Thanks to Dean and gang, and all who helped.

    some very nice pictures taken by Magnus (AKA Bob Pilgrims) are here:


  7. fahmi reza says:

    Klik link di bawah untuk nonton klip video lagu Deepset “Where Were They (When The Fun Went Out)?” yang dirakam masa gig ini.


  8. myo says:

    gile chun klip video.
    hui..skang smua band wat video klip nehh..

  9. dogpop says:

    thank joe for the email..
    i was away that day, and i forgot about ELI…ohh what a waste..
    and 1 thing my link(pengodam!) is already broken..
    if u have the time change it to http://kuyie.manusia.org

  10. dean says:

    For those who might concern

    Artport Shah Alam
    It’s Good to be in Love
    (aka Disaster after Valentine’s 3)

    Financial Statement

    Total donation collected = Rm 1477

    (-) Equipment Rental Rm 650
    (-) Band’s payment Rm 560
    (-) Artport Contribute Rm 50
    (-) Lucky Draw Rm 100

    Balance Rm 117

    * Each band get Rm80 (Rm80 x 7 = Rm560)
    * With the balance of Rm117 we ‘open table’ for almost all crew involved

    Thanks to all bands played, all nice people who donated, all labels and individuals who supported, all people who attended and especially to all crew who made it all happen! THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!


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