Tuesday, 19th February 2008: Explosions in the Sky @ Ruums, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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35 Responses

  1. dean says:

    i’m so there πŸ˜‰

  2. shahrizal says:

    i like EITS but the ticket is way too expensive (for me, i think). twice the ticket price for the nofx show last year! urgh!

  3. dean says:

    itu sebab lah
    the organizer must have a good reason for it thou…
    dah bersaving-saving ni

    btw, no opening act?

  4. thisdayallgodsdie says:

    fuckin hell EITS is gonna be here! i just cant wait!

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    I see no “sponsors” on this flyer here. Usually you will see the “Tiger Beer” logo with Soundscape Records gigs. Or maybe the guys are still looking for sponsors to alleviate the cost. Or maybe they can’t get the usual corporate sponsors, thus the high price of the tickets. I’m not sure really.

    When I was in Melbourne a few years ago, I went to see Lee Perry & Mad Professor at The Corner, and I also went to see The Violent Femmes in Sydney much later, and the ticket was AUD35, which is approx. RM100. So I guess, that’s the range of price you pay to see acts of such repute.

  6. zika zika says:

    explosions in the sky finally dekat malaysia.but how i wish the ticket price is CHEEEAPER ! aku budak sekolah sememangnya pening kepala nk carik 110bucks tuh.

  7. dean says:

    yeah, the gig in perth (http://www.perthfestival.com.au/becksmusicbox/explosions/) would also cost AUD35. jd mmg itu rate dia kot. tambah pula yg ini tanpa “sponsor”. maybe charges courier equipment dorang sume ni mahal kot πŸ™‚

  8. xnizangx says:

    i’d pay rm150 to see violent femmes!

    eits pun menarik…hmmm…tp tgh pokai.

  9. kene pi ke???erm…duk luar pun takpe…tak pi pun takpe kot…nothin spesial…huargh…

  10. epit says:

    nothing special…
    just intense beautiful and sincere music

  11. zika zika says:

    err epit,those intense beautiful and sincere music lah tht makes EITS special πŸ™‚

  12. zika zika says:

    err epit,those intense beautiful and sincere music lah tht makes EITS special πŸ™‚

  13. zika zika says:

    itulah nizang aku juga pening kepala nk carik duit banyak gitu.hoo nampaknya bekerja lah aku ch new year ni (baru plan nk lepak je) hehe.

    ps.err yg free standing tu ape?(baru perasan) free kalau kita diri ke?

  14. shahrizal says:

    free standing tu maksudnya kita boleh dok kat mana jea pon at the show. there’s no VIP stands, grandstand, or anything like that. i think

  15. xnizangx says:

    please please please do not, go ooo ooo…

  16. xnizangx says:

    eh i don’t mean ‘don’t go to this concert’, just singing to violent femmes song.

  17. xahmadsafuanx says:


  18. dean says:

    yup, free standing tu maksudnya kita blh berdiri di mana2 pun. cuma maybe atas stage organizer tak bg la kan ;p

    oh ya, if anyone rasa nothing special psl band @ gig (bukan posting ni aje. mana2 pun) tak perlu lah ckp out loud sbb “boleh” di salah tafsir bunyi semacam kita memperleceh minat orang lain indirectly smcm ckp (minat) kita bagus sgt. haha…

    unless ada strong reason spt the band being an arsehole (x kisah la ko punk,hc,indie,blablabla labeling bullcrap) ke, sexist, racist, fascist, homophobic etc (dgn fakta lah) yg kita nk bgtau org lain bahawa that band doesn’t deserve the support maka di persilakan lah.


  19. zika zika says:

    ohhh then wht for the 110 bucks kalau kita still boleh masuk free?

  20. dean says:

    di sini, free = bebas bukannya percuma cik adik oii

  21. zika zika says:

    haha maaflah ye abang-abang semua.adik tak tau ni πŸ˜€ anybody planning to crash the partaaaayy ?? (sila sebut dengan nada paling sarcastic sekali)

  22. epit says:

    did anybody get me wrong?

    “NOTHING SPECIAL” is meant to be sarcastic…

    sekian terima kasih

  23. epit says:


    but at least the one i wrote.

  24. dean says:

    bodo epit ni
    emo plak
    mlm ni moh tido umah
    kita layan doomriders!

  25. zika zika says:

    haha epit janganlah marah.saya pun cakap je.haha dean ajak epit je ke?saya pun nk tgk doomriders!

  26. epit says:

    mana ada marah….

    dean….kenapa kau nak belanja aku tgk EITS?
    susah2 je…

  27. haq says:

    nak pergi, tapi apakan daya dilautan.
    layan explosion in the sea je la.

  28. zika zika says:

    aku layan explosions in makcik temah’s kitchen ehh ape ni?demm.

  29. zika zika says:

    aku juga sedih macam tak dapat pergi je 19th ni.ade sesapa perlukan bantuan bibik?aku sedia membantu.

  30. dean says:

    hehe..sabo je haq
    ada rezeki ko nnti
    mana tau dpt tgk sonic youth ;p

  31. dean says:


    Mark your calendar for DISASTER – THE CLOSURE coming this April 20th!!

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  32. xpojiex says:

    sounds like…

  33. kenet says:

    sound like off minor. ahahah.. go check http://www.myspace.com/offminor

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