Tuesday, 22nd January 2008: Never Built Ruins & Apparatus @ Paul’s Place!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xnizangx says:

    my friend got an email from one indonesian friend;

    begini bro..aku saya ada kontak dgn david guitaristnye One Way System (the 1979 uk punk band)..dia minta tolong saya tuk carikan even planner dia asia..kalau bro berminat bikin acara untu mereka..langsung saja kontak..

    maybe any of you are interested in plan the tour for them 🙂

  2. xnizangx says:


    i really have no clue about this band,…but i’ve heard the name a million times.

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    If you have a big bro or an uncle who was a part of the late-70s, early-80s Tranung punk scene, he’ll be totally excited. One Way System, along with Erazerhead, Special Duties, Chron-Gen, Anti-Pasti, Chaotic Dischord, Disorder etc., were a part of the what is now known as the “UK82” scene, the scene that has the more popular bands such as The Exploited, Discharge, Charged GBH, Anti-Nowhere League, Vice Squad, etc.

    They were championed by one influential but rather controversial writer by the name of Garry Bushell, who were writing for Sounds, a UK weekly music paper which we kids in Tranung were subscribing to those days.

    Garry Bushell wss instrumental in putting together the first “Oi!” compilation, “Oi! The Album” which introduced the then very new “Oi!” sound, basically street-punk rock influenced by Sham 69 and The Cockney Rejects, punk rock made by working class kids of England, mixing the three-chords with the skinhead culture, with bands featuring both punks & skinheads (known as “skunk” – “skins + “punks”) etc.

    Anyway, the one song popular with us those days was “Stab The Judge” by One Way System, their first single as it was. As I remember it, they were a good boisterous street-punk band, the same style and mohawked demeanour, but of course not as big, as The Exploited in their heyday.

    The band split up in 1984 but may have reformed. I don’t know if I would be interested in the reformed band though. I don’t think there are any one of the original members still in the band.

    As seen when The Exploited were here, a lot of dumb boneheads and crazy-arsed clueless chaos punks would come out of the wood work in their weekend punk attire and flex their brainless macho muscles. I don’t think that’s a good idea. No disrespect to the band though, I still would go back and listen to their great “All System Go” album sometimes.

    Given a chance, I would rather get The Newtown Neurotics, Attila The Stockbroker or Flux of Pink Indians…

  4. Nox says:

    Give Us a Future!

    I prefer One Way System over The EAxploited any day…

  5. Nox says:

    Oh it was the Exploited, you must have at least one typo in your post if you’re a punk!

  6. spikey says:

    hey!!that was me the indonesian friend..haha..
    yeah,they will make several show in asia..korea n china is positive to invite em..so,how about malaysia??
    btw,some of guy in OWS is the original member..FYI..lol

    DIY OR WHAT???

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