Saturday, 1st August 2009: Benefit For Mat Norr Gig!


Joe hoards and shares.

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5 Responses

  1. mosh says:

    thanks boss..! but, 1 aug.. not sept…

    -mosh sent

  2. Joe says:

    okay dah baiki. alak will only go to that wedding thing at 6PM, so maybe Dung & One Chord can play too before he goes off. Will try to make it lah. need to talk to the others.. thanks boss!

  3. PORN says:

    sorry for the late post, dan byk kali postponed,sbb clash ngan turtles jr aritu dan yg ni pun clash ngan ISA demo.Apapun thanks pada band yang terlibat.THANKS AGAIN BOSS!

  4. BoyDxF says:

    Thanx to all people, friends, old friends, skate friends, all the bands who turn up at the show to support the benefit for Mat Nor. There might be another benefit fund raise for Mat Nor again (part 2) since yesterday show kind off last minute and not so many people turn up due to it, yet also due to the ISA gathering, road blocks, etc

    Moga Mat Nor sentiasa dlm keadaan yg sehat and kuat. Be strong bro!

  5. Fizan says:

    I loved Disaster Funhouse set, and in terms of “old school hardcore” music., yes they were! And that’s it is. And that’s the only way how to do it! The only local hardcore band(for too long) I really can’t wait to see their upcoming release, their next song, their next show. I’m hungry. My ears have been fuk up by some bad emo-masturbated hardcore bands like those of being covered by some AP & SPIN magazines. They’d better be Sunny Day Real Estate or just add-on some horns music section and turns to the Rocket From The Crypt. After that I’ll never regret to listen to some soul and my favorite Otis Redding’s song!

    Fuk the ISA, (don’t) fuk each other, and cheers to Matnor. Pijan loves you. Thank you.

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