Thursday, 25th September 2008: Punggok Rindukan Bulan screening, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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50 Responses

  1. lori says:

    look!..maya karin….

  2. Fizan says:

    I’m a stupid idiot.

  3. syedsyahrul says:

    Untuk baca temubual dengan sang pengarah, sila lihat

  4. Fizan says:

    i’d like to second that.

  5. thee dr. says:

    yup! i’m one too Pijan

  6. semifallen says:

    I’m a stupid idiot

  7. Nox says:

    Apa la dosa si Maya Karin tu ye?
    Is this a case of misogynism, chauvinism or plain sexism?

  8. thee dr. says:

    i’d like to say i’m fucked in the head too

  9. Joe says:

    It’s funny to see some of these so called enlightened “punks” displaying their dickforbrains for all to “laugh” at. fukk you! i’m sending back your bullshit up your festering arseholes.

  10. Nox says:

    Ha ha good one boss! As they say, the joke isn’t funny anymore…

  11. hahaha mula2 aku terbaca PUNGKOK RINDUKAN BULAN… :S

  12. Fizan says:

    Come on boss! Yeah! I realize I ignite sexism when stupid-no brain scenester misunderstood my words. Hey come on joe! You better delete people such Jay Freelove rather than me. I’m a good punk-citizen what! haha
    You’re such an assholes too for thinking Maya Karin such an anti-sexist methador! Fuk famous human being on this planet and elitist bastards no matter men or womyn I don’t care! That’s what I’m trying to convey up there actually.
    I realize this site is running by some censorship board who can slay your words anytime He wants and he’s none other than my good friend too, Joe. Publicise my words bro and let’s start this so called ‘Freedom of Speech’ war! Is that word exists?haha
    Mat! are you a ‘punks’? Thanks for understanding my words bro..

    And Nox, no need for you to repeat those Morissey lines anymore. Dah basi! Banyak lagi lines from Morissey that far more interesting than that and people still never heard of it. Ok ok I can’t deny, might be interesting to some other peoples but not to ‘us’, so called enlightened and idealistic punks as what per said.
    Let’s talk about gender issue face to face rather than bullshitting here. To begin with, do you guys know that Black Flag is a sexist band from the eyes of female-audience at that time especially Henry Rollins that physically promoted and started the musculine-scene when HC started?


    P.s. Hey my gay friends! come on please speak up and says,” Fuk, I wanna fuk..hmm what his name, Saeful Nazhif Satria!” Well..I guess there’s something wrong with this website that makes people afraid to stand up! Ok, I only guessing..At least to me, I don’t think twice to say ‘Fuk Joekidd whenever I wanna say it!” haha..ok gang, Selamat Hari Raya. Smile ok smile.. 🙂 We should be happy during Hari Raya!

  13. Joe says:

    Dear Pijan, your are my good friend and I love you to bits but do lay-out your myopic, macho attitude towards women somewhere else, there are millions of sites out there where you can go demean and stereotype people as much as you want.

    Maybe I’m taking this way beyond what you intended it to be but i’m tired of this “laddish” sexist bullshit i see all around me, day in, day out, every-fucken’-where I go. I would just like to see NONE of that here.

    Call me a pussy-whipped. limp-dicked PC stormtrooper, whatever but sorry i’m not gonna sit here be amused and laugh along with your “jokes”. If i wanted that sort of entertainment, I would go with my Richard Pryor & Lenny Bruce mp3s and really have a ball.

  14. thee dr. says:

    So not only did whoever censor the comments on this thread, they straight up changed what everybody said. I’m not an idiot or ‘fucked in the head’-I know what I’m talking about…we’re just a bunch of guys bullshitting around…it’s really not meant to be taken seriously. You might as well just taken the comments or the thread down and saved everybody including whoever took it down the aggravation.

  15. Fizan says:

    See this comment from LORI :-
    “look!..maya karin‚Ķ. ”
    and the other one from CHAOZ too :-
    “Oh Maya!!! ”

    From his/her comment, I think we all can guess who they’re.
    I bet they’re male since they’re more interested with Maya Karin rather than the other two male actor. Everybody have potential to become sexist, sexy, rapist etcetera no big deal we’ve been nurtured since born.
    You know who you’re!

  16. Fizan says:

    Btw, chill joe..sesungguhnya aku tak pernah push/force/double-class kaum wanita dalam hidup aku. For sexually, it’s still under mutual agreement between both party.Yeah! I admit I am pervert you’re not.

  17. thee dr. says:

    Fuck PC and fuck censorship!! What bothers me more is the element of censorship and changing people’s statements on this thread-just please take this whole post and it’s comments’s just like a bangkei busuk now-a rotting corpse…yeah there were some fucked-up statements, but…I thought this was a place where people could discuss anything openly, a refuge from censorship, if you will. Fighting sexism with censorship is like fighting fire with napalm… both are forms of repression. Freedom for all mankind!

    ‘I don’t agree with a thing you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it’


    R.I.P., ricecooker.

  18. semifallen says:

    Joe what the fuck is this??? TV3???!!!!

  19. thee dr. says:

    BTW-I want a couple of those 24 Reasons 8″s-21 CD’s for 2 8″s is a fair trade, in my honest opinion. I’ll be e-mailing you with the mailing address shortly.

  20. Joe says:

    I have to apologise for the “rewriting/bastardization” of the comments. Can’t say I agree with that but it’s done in the very same spirit of ignoring what those comments may mean to people who don’t belong in your boys-only club. If you feel you’ve been violated, do spare a thought to those who are hurt by your casual ribbing.

    Tell you the truth I hate ultra-PC fuckers as much as the next person. However I do hope this action would annoy the fuck out of you people. I think that’s precisely what you guys needed.

    On a lighter note, Pijan, you’re not boring. And to you SEMIFALLEN, yes this is NOT TV3, go figure. Mat, if you so need to unerase your comments, please re-write them here. I just thought I should spare my friend the embarrassment.

  21. Joe says:

    On the 24 Reasons trade, i would need to ask Shammir as he’s the guy who puts it out. I believe he’s not going for trades though. I can buy you one and send it on to you.

  22. lori says:

    maaf, saya berbicara dalam bahasa Ibunda saya..

    saya hanya tertarik pada nama : maya karin yang tertera pada poster tersebut.tetapi tidaklah mencerminkan apa yang telah difikirkan oleh semua..saya lelaki tetapi saya tak sexist atau seangkatan dgnnya.

    “look!..maya karin‚Ķ.”

    hanyalah sebuah ‘catch phrase’ yang pada kemampuan saya ketika itu inginkan seseorang membacanya dengan makna yang tersirat..seperti akan ada banyaknya lambakan aktor/aktress profesional menjengah dunia perfileman bebas dan sebagainya..seperti betapa ikon hebat seperti maya karin mampu membuka mata pengemar filem melihat kemampuan pengarah itu..namun setelah hari berlalu tiada balasan seingat saya lalu saya biarkan sahaja komen itu tanpa memanjangkan ulasan itu.

    tak terlintas tentang gambaran sexism atau sebagainya..

    saya tak perlu meminta maaf jikalau komen itu dihurai diluar konteks serta pemikiran saya kan?

    fizan..anda terlalu menceduk dipermukaan tanpa melihat sedlam-dalamnya komen saya itu..jgn hukum terlalu awal.saya seorang lelaki dan saya tak mempermainkan isu gender sebagaimana juga saya mengagumi pengorbanan ibu-ibu saya..

  23. thee dr. says:

    It’s cool-we’ll all just hug it out guys 🙂
    As for buying the 8″ and sending it to me-I appreciate the offer, but I have a better idea-do you (or Shammir) have any way I can send money electronically? (PayPal, etc.?) I really want at least 2 of these bad boys-and I’m paying in greenbacks, so-I’ll give you the asking price plus some extra duit raya for postage 🙂

    Speaking of raya let me take this oppurtunity to say:



  24. lori says:

    as for the comment made by fizan

    From his/her comment, I think we all can guess who they’re.
    I bet they’re male since they’re more interested with Maya Karin rather than the other two male actor. Everybody have potential to become sexist, sexy, rapist etcetera no big deal we’ve been nurtured since born.
    You know who you’re!///

    anda silap jika menyangka saya berminat pada aktress itu hanya kerana beliau perempuan..

    kegagalan anda melihat post saya secara tanpa sebarang sifat prasangka amat saya kesali sebagaimana saya juga mengharapkan setelah sekian lama, kita mampu mengupas komen tanpa prasangka..

    sikap yang dinyatakan oleh beliau (sexist, sexy, rapist etcetera ) tiada langsung dalam diri saya dan ianya saya lihat sebagai suatu lontaran fitnah..

    joe:saya mohon maaf jika komen ini keterlaluan..

    selamat berpuasa..

  25. Nox says:

    When I first put my comment, I didn’t mean to make others look like macho bastards or something, but I was trying to provoke, just like what you were/are doing here all these while Pijan.

    “The scene” here is turning more into a boys club, perhaps we the “enlightened punks” should have attitude adjustment?

    E-mail me here :

  26. Nox says:

    As for the censorship, I take it as an act of a prank by Joe.

  27. nik cafe says:

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  28. Fizan says:

    Lots people in da scene just pretend to be cool and ok with everything in a place of being acceptance in the community and only heaven knows what exactly they’re.
    How come you wanted this website to be free-open thinking if the website still keep putting different stuff from everything, be it homophobes indie band ala Hujan, to not so religious -leftist event, to anarcho-activist punk, to superdupertrooperultra PC-minded, to new kids acting older punk-wannabe, to indie elitist film maker, to foreign language-master event etc Yeah Mat! I think this website should censors their policy first before censored others.
    It’s like this, kalau scene macam Jay Freelove masuk kat sini lepas tu dah tentulah akan mngundang banyak gadis2 untuk hinggap, then katakanlah aku contohkan diri aku sendiri ni yang interested dengan gadis2 tu..hmm..mesti kena condemn balik dan di’fitnah’ sebagai foredicks lah, sexist etc. apa kot?

    Ada girls tak yang pernah bagi comment selama ni kat sini? Kat atas ni cukuplah memang tak ada dan confirm kat sini memang boy-club dominant scene n butohlah tak payah nak berlakon konon paling true anti-sexist! Serupa aje macam Pemuda PAS yang kuat main tapi cover-up dengan jubah tebal!

    Making Punk A Cheat Again! Hehe..amacam Zul? Bagus tak aku memporak-perandakan website ni?Komen sikit geng..Kepada reader lain, nak ikutkan, aku ni pun sebenarnya as a part of R&D team Ricecooker jugak, so apa yang aku kritik tu sebenarnya aku kritik diri aku sendiri jugaklah..not necessary to solely Mr President, Joe.

    Ok, Nihilist Pijan is saying sorry for hurting everyone. I have no mean to make you angry. I love you as much as I love myself. I burn for you. I live for you. I die for you. Hati-hati di Hari Raya! Cheers tetap cheers!

  29. rizie says:

    kepada mamat2 editor fanzine yang letak fanzine korang dekat ricecooker,aku cadangkan,untuk next interview sila lah carik pijan..gua salute la sama lu pijan..sbnarnye aku dah lame nk interview ko dowh ko kt dlm ricecooker ni..ahahaha…

    p.s – nanti lepas raye kite ON projek eh…:)

  30. thee dr. says:

    Yeah I agree with you Pijan, but getting into a protracted argument about this is beating a dead horse-some of the comments people left were inappropriate, some were just plain silly bullshitting, but people should look at the forest instead of the bark-we’re surrounded by gender apartheid and do nothing to remove it…especially in Malaysia and other developing countries-why not directly confront the problem, you know? But…people need to have a sense of humor-no one should get too touchy or defensive about any given topic-as long as we can disagree and be friends at the end of the day, who cares, right? But Joe already talked about this to me personally, as well as others on this thread, so I don’t wanna discuss it further-just know that I’ll always back you up because I think you’re one of the most on-track people who posts here, despite whatever comments you make I can sense a purity in your soul and intention, so I’m cool with that and whatever position you might take.

  31. lori says:


    i do respect this site ( as i am proud to hang again a poster signed by C.D members at my bedroom wall)

    but i don’t even care if you are part of this R&D know why?because you as a human/crew of this site have failed to analyzed and take for granted all people has the same racial thing inside their brain..and that such a bad thing..if you are part of Ricecooker’s team, i am really regrets that..

    from what u are posting seems that u a well-known to judge people and assume all of us who you not even meet as punk-wannabe,pemuda PAS yang kuat main?what the hell your are doing,dude.slandering ppl like that?

    tak siapa mengaku dia true anti-sexist…but as far as i concern i have no issues regarding that matters..or are you afraid suddenly thing are not like what you have dreamed b4?that all ppl are like sexist,hate the minors?,facist?racist/etc..people changes…well maybe some( not all) grew up dude!

    when the last time you are looking at your own mirror?you say heavens only know what is such ppl..then who are you?a God to simply accusing ppl and still bragging?

    i thought this ‘periuk nasi’ was made to see people to react and think in a different ways..without afraid being accused as being sexist/homophobic etc just because a comment posted..every comment will be discussed according to the topics..etc

    afraid to make such like ‘love or minat pada seseorang ‘ cause in the end you will be labeled sexist/homophobic/etc?you are afraid?i not afraid to says that i like maya karin..she is a good actress and nice looking person too..kemana hilangnya cita-cita menjadi seorang manusia?

    i dont see my self as a punk or whatsoever u might called it..i see myself as a human that i have and i will respect each other no matter you are homo,women or whatsover..and i still as i lay down..or maybe u just wan to make a statement that ‘only punk we know in real life can joint this site” because other than that you all just a wannabe trendy asshole…

    for years we have fought the same fight, rite?well , i have no heart feeling to fizan..he already made his comment and i have read & respect well as i have made mine also…a deep regrets if any of my comments making any inconvenience cause to others..

    selamat berpuasa…

  32. Fizan says:

    See, I don’t even point out any single name into my last comment then suddenly this guy called LORI dedicated his long-heart whimpy whining comment to attack me personally. Siapa yang makan cili dia yang terasa pedas geng!
    Since you’re only targeted on me personally, who are you LORI? Where you comes from? I really wanna make friend with oh so nice of you. Tell me what’s your job? Where are you staying now? I myself is a special branch agency from Bukit Aman as being suspicious.
    Do you know that I work very hard to put myself into ‘myself’ today? What are you gonna say if I’m saying I love 24 Reasons more than C.D? If I like X-Troverts more than Subculture? If I’m against any kind formation of religion?
    Do you know that I’m tired of hearing your Selamat Berpuasa greets everytime you end-up your comment? No need to repeat da shit again, no one in the Ricecooker Shop even fasting for any single day! What’s the point of it? Are you trying to tell people you’re practicing Al-Sunni Islam? If that so, what do you think of the other part -Al-Sith(Syiah)? Do you know that all my friends around will only laugh at me for entertaining people like you?
    I’m tired with so called C.D fan who have a sick mentality just like you.
    Don’t say you’re a true fan of C.D if you’re not buying anything of their merchandise. There’s a new tshirt, a new buttons, a reprint tape soon after Hari Raya we gonna launch a mailorder online and I want you to be the first to buy them if you can’t come to the shop by yourself instead of talk and talk and do nothing here! I myself is a loyal C.D fan as well just like you can see me slammed in the front row of the crowd when get an opportunity. I even had a C.D tattoe in my forehead dicks. You not jelous with me?

    Call me Pijan. My fullname RAFIZAN. I guess your real name is nothing to do with LORI-DRIVER or LORI-SAMPAH or something, so tell me who you’re.
    Thank you.

  33. thee dr. says:

    Go Pijan ! That’s what I’m talking about!

  34. semifallen says:

    Know what? You two (Pijan & Lori) you should go catch the movie together. You know, share pop corn and shit.

  35. Fizan says:

    “but i don‚Äôt even care if you are part of this R&D know why?because you as a human/crew of this site have failed to analyzed and take for granted all people has the same racial thing inside their brain..and that such a bad thing..if you are part of Ricecooker‚Äôs team, i am really regrets that..” LORI

    Hey LORI or whatsoever you’re!
    Do you know that all these your so called crew/team here is helping/doing everything for the shop just under a very voluntary basis? We do everything based on labour of love, we only volunteer ourselves, no salary at all, no payment, no commission, then no appreciation from a peoples just like you, and it end-up only to be blamed and been given a very negative critics like this.

    Is that your real definition of appreciation /support? Only to hang a band poster on your wall room? Do you know what’s the meaning of collective? Do you realize that you yourself as well is a part of the collective? Do you read Maximum Rock N Roll? Do you know how’s the magazine survives from 1982 and release their issue every month until today based on a voluntary basis? Do you believe in anarchy? Do you hates communism? Will you respect people who not even believe in God? Will you? Will ya?
    There’s too many things I’d rather talk face-to-face with you.

  36. Fizan says:

    Hey Semifallen! Again! can I know you please? Don’t hit from back and run ok?
    Who are you? I think you the one who suppose to treat us free ticket to movie. Btw, I hates corporate-movies! Free is ok.

  37. thee dr. says:

    Yeah…I mean..Semifallen-try, just try to make some positive contribution to the discussion, instead of these idiotic remarks.

  38. meki says:

    so the movie any good?

  39. thee dr. says:

    Hold on-Pijan-did you say CD is coming out with some t-shirts and whatnot? Hold onto osome stuff for me until Novemebr..

    P.S.: Got PayPal…?

  40. asa takkan mati says:

    guys, this is so machois. pull it off!

    and fizan, you are so fucking punk. fuck you!

  41. thee dr. says:

    No, fuck you Asa Pegi Mati-don’t ever talk to my boy like that!!!

  42. Joe says:

    aiyoo! guys! listen up, tomorrow will be the last day in KL for many of us at the shop.

    I’m heading home on Sunday with another Ricecookershop shitworker Arip, so c’mon down all of you to the annexe, we hang out shoot the breeze a bit. Yang tak berpuasa we invite to come awal lah, yang berpuasa do come and bukak puasa at bau-bau.

    Mat, I’m sure you will be with us in spirit. Those who wanna see how macho & muscular Pijan is do come also, he’s at the shop every day flexing his nice exquisitely toned muscles boss!

    Lori! Hope you can datang jugak. Don’t take Pijan’s words to harshly lah. Deep down inside there’s no other dependable guy and straight up guy than Pijan Da Ladykiller. Of course, many would disagree but that because you don’t know Pijan outside of his online terrorist persona.

    Anyways, kalu tak dapat datang, I will just say it here lah, Selamat Raya, Kosong=Kosong!

    Cheers, boss!


  43. asa takkan mati says:

    ya’ right, thee dr.! i can’t say to your boy like that. but can i say “fuck you” to you instead? huh macho guy??

    come on-lah, i know you’ve been involved in the scene for quite sometimes, so act like one!

    selamat hari raya all of you. joe, we kosong=kosong ok!

  44. thee dr. says:

    Hahaha-I love people like you, ATM-first of all, I ‘m not macho at all…secondly, I’m the last person you wanna say ‘fuck you’ to.

    Joe-I wish I was there too, esp. in Kg. Selamat/Tanjung Api…eating satay, thinking about/counting raya money from the government for saudara baru, smoking dope…those were the days…

  45. redneckhope says:

    Legal way of cheating meh?
    Betul-betul haaaooou liaaaooouu..
    U r punk or not? Who fuckin cares? Stick with ur own a everyone does it.Psst! God is awesome meh. (God : above all. How many are they? How does it look like?) U ask KJ lah for more info.
    Chow. Raya-Raya-Raya : Batu Feringghi : Hot sunny day : But today? Hujan Lebat! Betul-betul Haaaoouuu liaaaaoouu..Haaaaoouuu lenggg meh!

  46. thee dr. says:

    Legal way of cheating? Who are you talking to, and what are you talking about? Polygamy?

  47. semifallen says:

    Joe, is there any post-hari raya gathering in the annexe? You guys can put up a small show and stuff. And I’d really like to meet this Pijan guy, he seems… “nice”. Hehehe
    Anyhooo… Selamat Hari Raya to all of you Maaf Zahir & Batin. Let’s continue to bust each other’s balls after raya a’ight!!!


  48. redneckhope says:

    Nothing laa MatLeh, i was mumbling koksey. But honestly, they’re alotta facts on Legal Way Of Cheating. It sounds general, but it is damn fuckin stupid. Once, I went through this. Hurrmm, so many things happen nowadays. Fuckin tired man. Govt : Protecting the rich – Denying the poor.

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