Thursday 24th November 2005: Vitamin X in Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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3 Responses

  1. grindfreak13 says:

    go lion city diy!!!!
    malaysian diy scene suxxx

  2. ikan says:

    ini baru hxc.!!

  3. dean says:


    i’ll keep this posting brief, we at papakerma recs plan to organize a tour for 3 japanese band scheduled in the end of march/early april next year (2006). they are;

    cynics 19 – fastcore/power violence
    the act we act – hc/punk ala swing kids
    forget me not – hc/emo

    we are currently still on negotiation basis but they are kind of 100% sure about the tour. and there’s a possiblility more foreign bands will be joining in (japan, euro, usa etc) therefore, we would like to know;-

    1) is there any other band touring at that moment
    2) if so, maybe we could collaborate
    3) if not, we would like seek help for co-organizing, and helping us directly and indirectly throughout the tour.

    it has been planned that the duration shall be between 7-10 days. they would like to cover a few states and we think the best

    would be:

    1) central region – kuala lumpur
    2) north region – penang @ kedah @ ipoh
    3) south region – jb @ malacca @ seremban
    4) singapore

    therefore, it would be great it we could get a helping hand from people from different regions. help could be in term of :

    i) co-organizing
    ii) sponsorship
    iii) releases (financially or distribution)
    iv) merchandising (t-shirt printing, buttons, patches,etc)

    we also would even be happier if we could make it to eastern region of peninsular as well as sabah/sarawak. yah…so just

    get in touch!!!

    i’m kinda in hurry, its exam week now, d’oh! =( so there might be lots of thing that i’ve been missing out, let me noticed!

    wish me luck anyway, ehehehe… 😉

    email –, or

    hp – 019 2026684 (dean)

    visit our website:


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