Update: Friday, 25th May 2007: Sick Of It All in Singapore


Joe hoards and shares.

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37 Responses

  1. xnizangx says:

    cool flyer design

  2. myo says:

    yeah,what a nice flyer

  3. thee dr. says:

    have a good show guys…just wish i could be there…

  4. BoyDxF says:

    At last a south asia show. Heard bout them in an interview in a zine (Retroggression or somthing like that) in 1996. They said would come Malaysia for a show. Too bad they only did a one day show in Singapore. Should have singgah in KL though..hahaha

  5. zerox says:

    i will be going up to KL soon to sell tickets, Kid Mass Sep will also have access to them. just wait for an official statement over the next few days.
    on behalf of the organizers, to be honest if SOIA (or any other band of their stature) plays in BOTH singapore or malaysia it would be financial suicide for both promoters, if not at least for singapore as we do not have the audience volume to keep the price low as possible.

  6. krepek says:

    tiket = 100, paspot = 300, my economoney = er.

  7. Kid says:

    And the concert tickets will be on sale in Malaysia soon. Shaiful Zerox from Singapore will personally come down for 2-3 days in April / May to sell them.

    They will be available even after he returns from me Kid at 013-2497199. The pre-sale ticket is RM100 each (price is subject to change).

    So if you want to reserve them please call me at 013 249 7199 or email me at conspirates@yahoo.com.

  8. dean says:

    One of the band that got me into this whole hc & sxe stuf…
    my bad to miss this one since have to balik kampung for my cousin kenduri.

    mr shaiful, apakah rakaman video dibenarkan untuk konsert ini?

  9. Dude says:


  10. zerox says:

    RM 100 is fixed price…yay. ticket dah siap.

  11. chew says:

    guys.anyone of u know how can i get the ticket? thanx.

  12. Kid says:


    Shaiful Zerox will be heading to Malaysia on Saturday 28 April to sell 200 tickets.Tickets also can be get from Kid (Mass Seperation, Propamedia).

    Shaiful can be reached at (trashkore@yahoo.com) and

    For friends in Malaysia, Kid can be reached at 013 2497199 (conspirates@yahoo.com).

  13. Kid says:

    on 28th april the tickets gonna be at the supercarcrash @ kah-roe-shi gig in klang.

  14. zerox says:

    100 tickets are with Kid as i type this.

    Johor kids recommended to get from me, i can go across to sell them no problem.

    elsewhere in malaysia – any questions ask kid or ein united front!

  15. Kid says:

    yes please
    call me up at 013 249 7199 if you guys want the ticket

  16. BraderJohn says:

    ehh band fev abang nie .. dah tuo tuo dah mereko nie … datang jgn tak dtg … kata hardcore tix RM100 pun nak berkira … dtg oi jang … hc as fuck !!

  17. Kid says:

    dah tu john, ko dah boli lum?

  18. BraderJohn says:

    dah boli tp tix belum ambek … hari gig baru ambik .. dokat ajor jb dgn kota singa tue …. jumpa sanor la … sonang sonang dtg la restoran den kat pasir gudang .. makan mee rebus …

  19. Kid says:

    ha john ko belanja selamba jer aku turun, mee rebus 3 ok? kid

  20. jayxjoker says:

    adoiii lama2 mcm nie kering lah duit bank aku..
    duk gig ajer,SOIA x mau g kl ker?x mau dtg kl,jb pun x aper lah.save skit wit aku.

  21. BraderJohn says:

    amboi kid kamu melantak ke apa … hehe ? kenapo recover tak jadi main sekali … baru nak sing along lagu ” fade away ” tue ..

  22. Kid says:

    aku pergi 3 orang
    tu pasal mintak 3 🙂
    tah la
    i was hoping for recover too! 🙂

    anyway, dunamis tambah lagi opening bands, this time from malaysia, second combat and restraint.

  23. BraderJohn says:

    so far dah berapa ramai yg dah membeli tiketnyer .. ?

  24. JinjangJoe says:

    Eh kalo nak amik MRT dari causeway camane pegi China St? Sesape ada info ke?

    MRT kalo tahap ‘operating hours’ LRT susah ler…aku kena balik M’sia terus. Aku dgr show habis kul 11…

  25. BraderJohn says:

    well … dah start mlm tue balik la besok … bijak bijak … jgn lupa ke far east plaza pi perkena nasi kari ayam … terbaik …

  26. lou koller says:

    dah brape tiket jual ni? jgn jgn sambutan tak bagoi,soia blk ny,wings ke bpr ganti pulak.

  27. pete koller says:

    siape yg ade tiket blh dapat nombor free gadis gadis kat geylang.stim mat…

  28. zerox says:

    kalau naik MRT the nearest stations are CHINATOWN and RAFFLES PLACE. minta arahan dari officer MRT.

  29. chew says:

    guys,if i come late,as in later than 5,can i still enter the venue? will the door still be opened or closed sharp at 5? urgent,reply asap.thanx.

  30. zerox says:

    you can come in anytime buddy dont worry

  31. BraderJohn says:

    mlm nie sure kat pudu banyak budak pakai hooded and bergitu juga disini besoknyer … tepat pukul 5pm kita berkumpul .. menuju ke satu arah …. iaitu ….

  32. chew says:

    guys,do you guys know what time the merchandise will be on sale? i might be late,damn fucking late for the show.fuck man…….

  33. chew says:

    kimak la.last min ade class kat uni.mesti tak sempat sampai kul 5 nanti.i hope the show will be delayed.sorry guys,i know its selfish,tapi i hate missing shows.especially when i have the ticket already.fuck.

  34. chew says:

    official tour baju ade lagi tak??????

  35. Masao Utsumi says:

    The probable reason for the low turnout maybe is advertising and marketing. I only heard about this show after Friday. Aggressive advertising should have gone through considering Singapore is a pretty small place. I could have gone and instead I missed this once in a lifetime concert. No thanks to the organizers.

  36. chew says:

    great show.amazing supporting acts,especially stompin ground.tp stampin ground UK wud be better i guess.haha.i agree with masao.the publicity work is a major flaw.dissapoinment.yes i went to the show,but i found out late as well.luckily i got the ticket.ape ape pun,great job dunamis n ricecooker.respect is fucking due for bringing soia to town.now lets bring in agnostic front!!!

  37. Joe Kidd says:

    good to know it went well. anyway, the show has nothing to do with Ricecooker, apart from us helping to sell tickets (which were not that banyak anyway). All kudos should go to Shaiful, Dunamis and friends.

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