Thursday, 22nd to Sunday, 25th: Carburetor Dung Manila + Pampanga Tour 2010


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Joe says:

    Hi Joe, it’s Joe from Australia here. Great that your band is happening again and heading to Philippines which I know has an amazing music scene. 16 years ago (when we first met at Central Market) and one had to look overseas for inspiration are almost a thing of the past.

    Been keeping tabs on you via ricecooker 🙂 I look forward to catching up again in the near future and seeing positive changes in KL regarding civil liberties. I hope I am not being overly optimistic(?) Haven’t travelled to Asia for 4 years now but will resume next year.

    Can you do me a favour? Can you please reply to this email and verify for the benefit of the youngsters here in Australia (am trying to convince them) that not so long ago one could easily be picked up by cops in the streets and hassled and even held overnight simply for having long hair (no mohawk even). What would have been the official reason for detaining? Did the cops hide behind the ISA to protect them in this abuse of power?

    You guys did it tough. Makes us look like pussies!

    (I understand if you chose to delete this from the blog and just answer in email).

  2. Joe says:

    Good to hear from you Joe. It’s been a while. Still making dem organic beats?

    Not so optimistic on the “civil liberties”. These past few weeks have seen all the main opposition parties’ printed media organs being either threatened with non-renewal of permits or totally banned. And that’s just the contunation of the same bullshit. IT’s 2010 and nothing’s changed.

    Read here:

    As for the harassment, detention and victimisation of young people on the streets just because of their “looks”, that’s still happening. I’m at home most of the time nowadays and can’t really term myself as “young” anymore, so it doesn’t happen to me much but it’s still happening to younger friends of mine.

    The main practice is stop, question and further, detain and urine-test “suspicious” persons on the street. The criteria for selection is to look different from the rest of the herd. If you have long hair, unkempt, if you have short hair, tattoos, dreads etc.

    Sometimes they raid gigs to get the numbers. This is because the police stations use a “quota” system, where every police station would need a certain number of persons being detained, or “rounded-up” for a certain period of time. So their job is to fill up this quota. Easiest for many of them is to raid gigs, round-up the kids attending the show, bring them to the police station, urine test them, etc.

    If you’re tested positive, you’ll be remanded for further test. this remand period may take 2 weeks. If that test is again positive you’ll be forwarded to the courts for sentencing. Most of the time, you’ll be sent to rehab centres for 2 years.

    If your urine test is NOT positive, you’ll still be subjected to verbal harassment by the cops, sometimes they would just hold you until the early hours in the morning before letting you go, just to piss you off. Basically they’d treat you like shit.

    Just recently a gig was raided, about 160+ kids taken in. etc.. etc..

    Happens all the time.

    BTW: hope you’re well and kciking!



  3. Joe says:

    Thanks for the response. Will link here from a discussion group on a techno site’s political forum. You didn’t say if the ISA is used as justification? We had similar laws introduced during the Howard years (google Haneef).

    I forgot to ask about the mythical “Artist Licence” which back in 1994 the guys in the scene were telling me allowed travellers with long hair to enter Singapore (I had longish hair then). I can’t find any google references to it (apart from my own mention).

    Yes (as well as straight up techno) I am making organic beats. The latest is Amazonian indegenous music mixed with death metal (a drum solo from an Ecuador band called Obscura) and is for an underground documentary about Oil Exploitation in the Amazon. The situation in South America and Nigeria is far more horrific than the BP gulf spill. The Western mindset amounts to environmental racism. Check the draft track at (1.9Meg)

    Also have a more chilled out track for the movie (based on indegenous vocals) that slowly morphs into a rainforest soundscape… (1.5Meg)

    Good luck in Manila, you’ll love the liberal attitude. You don’t have to worry about cops there, only gangsters and warlords! From what I saw in 2005 it has led to a healthier alternative music scene (both punk and electronic, even their varied indegenous styles add sophistication to their pop). Your cross-polination will be productive I’m sure.

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