Thursday, 19th April 2007: NOFX in KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. BoyDxF says:

    Kecoh la..nak pi..pi je la…

    this is one of the punk rawk band that i’ve 1st listen in skatevideos back then in late 80’s. Nak beli stuff depa dulu mana ada kat sini. Victoria shop pun tak ada..kena suruh member yg belajar luar negara bawak balik or sesiapa yg pi overseas….or pi Brickfileds dubbin dari Shahlan (ex-C.Dung). Hahaha..the good ol days…

  2. rizie says:

    shabri skang jd cikgu kat kelantan.fazri pulak jd cikgu kat dungun.dieorang pun agak slow skang.fazri dah kawen.shabri blum.dulu time shabri dtg KL,ade jugak contact aku.skang senyap kot..huhu…

  3. xnizangx says:

    shabri jadi warden asrama cum cikgu sekolah khas di pasir mas. fazri pula cikgu akaun dan matematik di SO dungun merangkap seorang bapa.

    i had a blasstt moments just now at NOFX show. Kay (50 k promises), Jibang (Killing Steward) and a lot more of my friends came all the way from K. Terengganu for the show.

    Kay who always wears collar shirt, a married guy suddenly came in a NOFX t-shirt! haha!

    Mat Yie (Dakootyroaches) came all the way from Dungun on the day itself, running away from school meeting, rushed to drive all the way to KL to catch NOFX. haha! he’s also a married man now and an english teacher.

    Rudy (Brayok) ran away from work with the excuse “cuti bertunang”!

    well, no matter how big NOFX is, and their crews/soundmen are so fucked up. they still managed to rock hard and make the kids happy, witnessing live what they’ve been listening all their lifes.

    i love the part where one of the organizing crew said on stage “we don’t allow anyone use digital camera. NOFX also stated that they don’t allow any digital cameras.”

    and one of NOFX crew/soundmen suddenly went to the mic and say…”hey, we didn’t say that. we LOVE digital cameras.”

    and fat mike also made stupid ugly happy faces to the kids’ cameras.

    ps: fuck to those kids who took the chance to grab KLC’s vocalist’ breasts when she was singing to the crowd. fukk u. an embarassment to malaysian kids.

  4. xnizangx says:

    hey, i can’t sleep despite i’m very tired and tak cukup tido smlm………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….

  5. jebon says:

    yeaahh!! nofx rock fucking hard last nite!

  6. BudakHatiPanas says:

    Nofx rocked hell last nite!! Tapi mangkok mana ntah pegi buat alim kucing on stage kat ElHefe. The guy was just joking. Pricks like that should suck his mama’s teets. Dah mabuk nak crita agama lak. Bangang ke apa? Punk abis….punk kubor hahaha

  7. Aunties Flag says:

    BEST BEST! everyone sang their hearts out!
    the manager and roadies were nothing less than CUNTS!
    about hefe commiting muslim blasphemy (dia pakai tudung arab yg crowd baling kat dia-sorry donno what you call it),

    That was really funny sial. “Si mabuk defend Islam” , muka hefe berubah terkejut. Real monkey la that one. Drama betul!

  8. jebon says:

    yea dat was funny. btw who brought & threw that scarf at the 1st place ? damn ass. haha.n perasan x time fat mike tarik mamat pakai spek tu naik atas stage to sing along? dat was soo punk rock. =D

  9. syukree says:

    saya tak suka nofx sbb vokalis dia gemuk .. ada satu band lagik yg aku tak suka sbb vokalis dia gemuk .. haha

  10. Pijan says:

    Alamak miss la show semlm! rugi gile siott nofx ni bai!
    haha! sbenarnya aku x brp sgt nofx ni, lyn gitu2 je.
    pd aku carburetor punya 1st album lagi sedap dan punk dpd nofx smua album. jgn bangga plk joe! hehe.. kalo pennywise/ bad religion / vandals/ lagwagon mmg sanggup la aku berhabis duit!
    ok la geng taste masing2..
    gua dah busy la skg ni keje pun dah start berlambak. so lepas ni susah mau cucuk2 line lagi..thanks to all! see ya in the pit!

  11. alak says:

    yup nizang, fuck to those kids who were grabbing laichiking’s vocalist’s breast..and another fuck to laichiking too..heheheheh…

    well,nofx played a great set. For me the organizers made it look like a big deal with most of those “macho” security,(except for nabil..hehe),the no digital camera issue,no cursing issue..bla..bla..And shah, that nofx tocang roadie is way too fucked up..he got pissed at me for ‘stealing’ hefe’s guitar pick,come on man, its just a pick. Those type of people made nofx look way too fucking rockstars.

    i certainly agree shah.The funny thing was, some kids were offended and too emotional with the muslim scarf thing.sigh. Come on guys, you’re singing loud to all those nofx song and moshing your sweat off at the pit, don’t you get what the lyrics are saying..hmm..Even if hefe did’nt wear the scarf,their songs would be meaning the same..brader,why be at nofx show at the first place?are’nt you guys suppose to do a protest to stop their show?

    anyway, for me, the best song nofx played that night was “we’re all gonna die” from bad religion.

  12. shahrizal says:

    fuck, it was the best show i’ve ever been to. i was on the front line until the third or fourth song, then kena tolak ngan encik robot yang main keyboard tuh hahah satu row jatuh ke belakang, lepas tuh dah takde harapan nak gi depan lagi dah, what a bummer.

    as for the so-called abang tocang (nofx rodie) tuh, he’s kinda fucked up. he should’ve been nicer. the others are alright.

    as for that incident, i think hefe was just trying to be funny like any other time. then this punk guy got so emotional. i think he’s drunk too. silly kan? when nofx bringing down christians in their songs, kita suka gila babi. bila hefe pakai scarf tuh, we tend to get so emotional. isn’t that bias? as far as i know, plus he didn’t say anything like “muslims wearing that scarf is so stupid” or something like that

    at least, that’s what i think. correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

  13. shahrizal says:

    oh yeah, credits to nofx for being so fucking sporting. playing a bad religion song as requested by one of the kids. that’s so punk rock 🙂

    and yeah the time when they were talking shit about good charlotte, it was so damn funny. hahaha

  14. rizie says:

    shah,kena tolak ke.huhu
    tgh main tolak2 tu la terjumpa btol.time mase mule2 msk,bukan main sush nk cari membe.tibe dah tgh joget2 kat tgh tu,sume membe yg nk jumpe,dpt jumpe time tuh.hehe..

    best!mmg best…tunggu propaghandi plak dtg…ekekek..

  15. Yourdadisangry says:

    best ke NOFX ni?…dah lama gua tak dengor sampai lupa mcm mana muziknya…muehehehehe

  16. shahrizal says:

    tuh la rizie, sucks gila kena tolak ke belakang. hahaha takpe la kasi chance la kat bebudak lain jugak.

    i agree with you alak. apa lagi kasi contact g7 la bawak propagandhi, fully diy show kat cm. mesti fun gila punya hehe. tak pon bad religion. mesti aku dok front row lagi, menangis terharu. hahahaha

  17. Pijan says:

    Alak! lu x lyn Y2K ka?semlm ada geng spore balik gig nofx singgah cafe and drop aku cd laicikang split y2k. cam blink album 1st siott..kah kah..boleh la buat modal nak tarqol cikidot pop punk 17 thn.alamak..syyy..

    p/s : oit zaxx jejaka x hensem! mana lu mengilang??gua sudah kembali ni mat!sementelaah free ni join la brader!

  18. rizie says:

    smalam,aku dgr cite,ade budak menangis.sbb terharu.dan tak caye NOFX dtg KL.haha.tak tau la rumours ke cite btul ke.gossip ke.ape ke.hahahaha..

  19. BudakHatiPanas says:

    What Shahrizal said was absolutely correct! He didn’t made any reference to any religion by wearing the headscarf. That wanker really fucked up the shows CHI n made total fool out of himself by doing that. Let us laugh out loud for a millenia hahahha. Hope that NOFX wouldn’t be offended n come back for a second outing.

  20. xnizangx says:

    or maybe, against me! perhaps.

  21. jebon says:

    or even better, all fat wreck bands! (almost impossible though =D)

  22. Pijan says:

    this is a comment frm my friend, angel /crasshole collective on against me! when i was wrongly thought that jordan who started against me! :
    PS jordan didn’t start against me. he screwed crasshole records over, forcing us to go under, then moved to florida to be their roadie. we didn’t talk for several years because of it. now i will say hi if i see him, which is never of course, because i can’t afford to see expensive against me shows!! sellouts….

    “what a hard job it must be, just trying to be nofx” -Spazz

  23. Pijan says:

    I’ve been in touch with Chris /Propagandhi for several years. Lately I mentioned to him on Nofx show. He seem very interested to tour over here. He hope to get over here someday by their ownselves! everybody! email him and force him to come over here!!

    “it’s good that you’re doing it yourselves rather than giving your art up to a corporation” -Chris

  24. shahrizal says:

    thanks pijan, good to know that. can’t wait for the day to come 🙂

  25. xnizangx says:

    i’ll surely email propaghandi man. what’s the email address??

  26. xnizangx says:

    the guy who fat pulled onto the stage is Salleh. from Keluang i think. he did a politcal zine before, i got from Saha embrace long ago. i forgot the name of the zine now. mesti tido malam senyum…haha.

  27. scum` says:

    dia tido senyum.
    jap nnt dia nak upload video kena peluk ngan fat mike kat youtube.
    [hehe.gurau jek!]
    ouh, nama zine dia ialah BEBASKAN MINDA.
    then lepas lama menyepi, dia kua ngan per-zine berjudul LETTERS TO ELEPHANT.

  28. Pijan says:

    Just email Chris thru G7. They’re on tour now.

  29. brayok says:

    polis malaysia melakukan keganasan dlm video the man i killed. nofx

  30. Yourdadisangry says:

    How about bringing Slayer here?

  31. Ok, personally, It was like having sex for several times within a 5 hours for seeing NOFX performing in front of my drunk eyes. It was like having a real sex with Macauly Culkin right after you have some dirty imagination of having sex with him, few minutes before that. It is, indeed a dream comes true.

    The crowd that night was totally insane, and excited that most of them trying to look like one of those NOFX guys with short. Ironically, none of them did success as Mike will always be Mike and Mat will always be Mat. Anyway, too see all those people- friends, strangers, unknown gather together, singing along, dancing, moshing, shoulder to shoulder, really making me smile. See, it is like hell to see punks gathered as we used to have back years ago. I still remember, the last time, we all having some punk moment, is when Battle of Disarm, Power of Idea rocking our ass in Aero Pub. That was so last last last last years. And, that night, NOFX bringing the day back to us. Right in the heart of this depressed city.

    To be frank, I dont give any damn care to any other band than NOFX that night. While Y2k rocking the pit, I was still having myself outside the venue, and pretending that I am happy for seeing so many people around me. I did my best that day to finnish a bottle of Vodka I bought, earlier. I am having it slowly and nicely. My best friends has already entered the venue. Did I care? No, honestly. Why? Because, All I wanted to see is NOFX. Not that arrogant King something. And not that punk rock clown or something. And, my best friends too, they entered the venue earlier than me, not because any of those bands. Instead, they are all trying to get that goodies bags.

    While I was in the venue, it was so dark that I could only see those thousand of heads banging and those mouth shouting that four letter words. Dont be wrong, its NOFX, not Fuck as that King something rocking the stage. I was sitting near the entrance and trying to finnish my Vodka. A few minute later, a friend of mine, grabbing my hand and ask me to have some walk to KLCC to GET ANOTHER ALCOHOL. That was the night. So, we did take a walk and get ourselves another Bottle. So, we drank and drank. So much fun that we’ve forget the main reason we were there.

    So, as NOFX play Bob, we were there, I care no more about anything. About my job, and all those shit. I have almost drown in the middle of the pit. Kids was like……”whoa, it’s that Mike we saw on VCD”. Yet, do you think I give any damn care about people? Nope. I tried my best to be one of those people standing on the front line. People might look atr me like, “will this kid offering himself to be on the front line fighting for the cops? I bet, no”. Well, fuck that. I have paid 65 bucks worth few bottles of beers and why not, I step another extra miles to get myself feel good. This world is fucked and I dont think, I am living in a right place. So, why dont I am taking some opportunity while it was right in front of my eyes? At least, it’d be like a good ying for that stupid yang in my life.

    Anyway, the show is licking ass (I am not drunk at the moment, it is LICKING not KICKING). Yet, it is quite a frustrated to see NOFX performing without having any sip of liquor or something. NOFX? Sober? Hell, no. It was like watching Youth of Today performing in CBGB with beers on their hands. Perhaps, it was the rules and regulation set by the organiser. And that was really dissapoint me, or maybe most of the crowd. There’s this kid who trying to act good to get himself on the stage right after Hefe wearing that thing on his head. It is the biggest shame for our local scene. We are not talking about which religion is the best. We are questioning about the freedom of speech and freedom to act. This bastard who “stand” for muslim (who, I am pretty sure drunk that night) is a total asshole. As to my suprise, Mike did says an Aoplogize that night. “We dont know about the rules”. Pity Mike. Perhaps, this is the first time he has to say sorry for that “stupid-orthodox-bastard-scum- son-of-a-bitch-i hope-your-dad-will-fuck-you-and-your-sister-in-your-ass-I-Hope-your-mom-get-infected-on-her-pussy-for-delivering-you” moralist. And perhaps, that would be the reason for all those big Punk band wont come over to Malaysia, again. Because, we’ve got so many drunk punk who tend to talk about how cool it is to be a real Muslim and stuff.

    Anyway, let that bastard live his perfect religious life aside. He’s nothing, indeed. Nothing more than anything. Worthless. Useless and fucked.

    Well, I dont really remember how many songs played live on the air. But, I got myself losing my voice the nest day I woke. I wet my cloth, my pant, and I slept on my room without even have a change first. I slept that night with the sweat of the punk show, with my mohawk still standing hard, and with a smiles for being one of those lucku people.

    p/s- We did a good job for smuggling a lady friend of our inside. We did it very clean that no one notice it.

    Cheers for the Beers!

  32. patah says:

    the show really …
    speechless ..

    and you guys mention that nofx didn’t include malaysia in their blog when their doing their tour?


    ask your self

  33. syukree says:

    oii mamat Penny Gregor Samsa … rasional lah sikit menulis. tak yah nak mencarut ala panjang2, pastu nak treat dia punya family plak.

    aku pun tak suka senario macam tu. dalam musik scene kat malaysia masih ramai orang ‘jumud’ atau orthodox.

    lu pun sama lah. sikit-sikit nak menghina orang.

  34. shahrizal says:

    the show was awesome until the guy came up on stage

  35. syukree says:

    tolong jangan buat ‘lawak personal’

  36. syukree says:

    ok. aku mengaku. tapi setiap manusia berubah. mana 2nd chance beb?

  37. scum` says:

    talking about rational?
    didnt u lebih kurg sama jek?
    jgn marah.
    nnt dah tak rational.

  38. BoyDxF says:

    memang shame..pastu kes grab breast vocalist KingLC tu pun perkara yg memalukan..

    Anyway aku pun ada e-mail to the guys from Gang Green. Depa pun interested to come over and looking for organiser to contact them…anyone?

  39. menyampah says:

    kata dulang paku serpih, mengata org, syukree yg lebih. hihi.

  40. Owh, Lord….I am in a free land where Punk and Anarchist is your devoted masses! Thanks, Lord.

    And Please Lord, forgive me for being rude, spitting on your people’s ass. I’ve never mean that.

    Forgive me Lord. Please Forgive me.

    p/s- Lord, if you have some times, we should try another 69’s tricks. Thanks, for the other night. You blast too fast!

  41. Anyway, did I have to go to correctional class before spitting my words over here?

    Sorry, my mom never teach me how to behave and talk politely to others.

    I remember she says, “People are too fucked. Fucked them off, live your life, grab a guitar, have a pen, speak your words, piss your fear. Dont you ever bother about stupid people, kid. Your future is brighter without them. Kick some ass, son. Punk rock world waiting for you!”

    Sorry mate(s), I am just trying to be nice to my mom. I came from her little pussy and not yours. Okay?

  42. bobby gonzalez says:

    i heard next in line is pennywise or bad religion, but bad religion kinda out of the league coz the birocrats dont like thier name…….hahahahhahahah they like pennywise more wahahhahahahhahahahahh

  43. syamil_brayok says:

    btul ckp alak tu… elok pon alak campak pick balik kat abg tocang.. akhirnya aku dapat pick… nak harapkan abang tocang yg kerek tuh… haram….
    satu lagi abang tocang tak comey hahaha

  44. Hahahaha. Wish for Bad Religion too. I’d PRAY for it even though they sang that “Dont Pray on Me” song. Anyway, Bad Religion could posibbly play a gig or more if they change their name to Bad Puppy (this is actually a gay porn website- Have a nice gay surf on it) or maybe, to Bad Nanny or something.

    Anyway, I dont think they will be here, forever. They are too afraid for being too nice and so un-Bad Religion. I mean, like NOFX, they are too fucking polite for me and that’s odd. Worst case Scenario, they cant even play “American Jesus” cause it’s too sensetive in here. I mean when people talk about certain religion. Bringing Bad Religion to play a gig in here is similiar to have a Muslim punk drinking an alcohol. It’s too odd.

  45. pinkstunnerkitty says:

    am i fuckin late??? just discover dis page today..haha

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