Thursday, 19th April 2007: NOFX in KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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99 Responses

  1. Pijan says:

    Yo! Fuck Nofx! They dont care for the kids!
    It’s better to attend Rave Party organise by beer company..hehe more chicks loud music!
    After all, whoever know the blokes namely Khai frm FYI, or maybe his cousin,or his sister who read this, or your dads are his mom’s ex-boyfriend, or you’re his neighbour’s friend from tadika or any of his relative who smoke pot with him at pokok manggis belakang rumah, or somebody else who recognize his grandma, or whatsoever pls lemme know him. I wanna get discount!
    last but not least, Boycot hates NOFX!

  2. xnizangx says:

    hey, i’m going! last 2 nights some friends and i went to met the guy up and brought rm1560 cash for the invites. heheh. the invites are very limited now.

    and very2 limited or probably no door-sales tickets. that’s what Khai told us.

  3. xnizangx says:

    pijan, ur band rocks. do record soon!

  4. xnizangx says:

    and i got free tickets to the good charlotte at bukit jalil. hahahha…i guess no one wants to see them so MTV have to give out free tickets to the kids and go watch those boybands.

  5. piko says:

    NOFX is so cool man.
    They might be giving away some FREE stuffs for the audience.
    The under 18 kids shouldn’t go because the legend NOFX is getting old. It is better for the kids to join Good Charlotte FREE showcase at Bukit Jalil so because it is cheap. Keep your bucks kids.

  6. Pijan says:

    thanxs man! we sucks!
    We hope to do a record funding by Fat Mike. I heard last time they donate USD40K to the Propagandhi to start G7. Fat Mike., pls fund us! I’m begging you, I’ll lick your ass and suck your real cock for it. Tq

  7. Dude says:

    Kepada encik FAT MIKE & rest of NOFX:
    Jemput laa datang ke rumah… makan nasi lemak dgn beer cap kucing. hahaha…

    p/s: encik Joe should invite propagandhi in the future. hehehe..

  8. shahrizal says:

    yeah, try propagandhi or against me! or maybe strike anywhere! that would be super cool hehe

  9. xnizangx says:

    1905! papakerma should bring them over!

  10. Aunties Flag says:

    even good charlotte have NOFX stickers well embedded on their guitars…
    looks like a GREAT week for sell out punk bands! Im psyched!
    Hope someday someone would bring in Bad Religeon, New Found Glory, Greenday, Anti Flag etc.

    Maybe they’re sell out, but they were my starting point before DIY culture so Im all for these bands. Once Punk Always a Punk! one way or another

    Also heard that RATM is getting bck together!

  11. Dude says:

    Superman Is Dead???

  12. shahrizal says:

    good point, some people say why should we go and see these “big” punk rock bands, they’re sellouts. well for me, they’re the ones who got me into punk rock when i was in form 1 (curi-curi dengar my brother’s rancid and out come the wolves cd and all the tapes that have epitaph logo on the cover) and i still love/listen to them hehe 🙂

    not new found glory but those epitaph/fat bands

    fast, melodic and kick ass! yay!

  13. shahrizal says:

    the opportunity of seeing nofx or bad religion is like a dream come true 🙂 well for me, at least.

    p/s: one more band worth mentioning, please bring them over. LEFTOVER CRACK! yeah!

  14. rizie says:

    superman is dead??

    lagu ‘bukan pahlawan’ dan ‘kita v.s mereka’.best!latest album aku pernah cover lagu tuh kat gig.klaka lak rase.hehe.

    ‘blink 182’ indon.mungkin.haha..

  15. kenapa papakerma je nizang? kelakar lah… org lain pun boleh apa.

    true beb, NOFX totally suck!

    nizang kalaua da tiket free nofx ni aku pun mau 🙂

  16. Pijan says:

    rilex man..when one punk band becomes famous, there will be hundred more remain unknown..don’t be lazy ass! If u think NOFX sucks, try Donuts N’ Glory. If u thought Rancid is a rockstar, then listen to Ann Beretta, if u fuck Greenday, pls get Seasick Pirates..and if u feel Propagandhi turned metal,well pls listen to Gasoline Grenade! kah kah

  17. shahrizal says:

    hehe pijan, yeah i missed two of gasoline grenade shows and i’m sure i don’t wanna miss another one. see you guys at shows soon 🙂

  18. dean says:

    nofx kewl!
    superman is dead also kewl!
    gasoline grenade sure kewl!

    tak sempat tgk lagi band ko ni man.
    tp clip nya super kewl!
    nnti gg kena berentap dgn mindless show!

    shah, aku nak pegi jgk nofx nih!
    argh…. hehehe…

    1905? tido kot, masing2 sambung belaja tmpt jauh2.

  19. rizie says:

    dean,NOFX jom.hehe.aku dh beli tiket awal2 dah.

    lagu gasoline grenade,’dilarang melarang’…memang!!

    aku dah add gasoline kat myspace.haha..

  20. Pijan says:

    pls add to our new myspace add :
    the old one was the wrong site. Tq -Pijan

  21. Dude says:

    Yearrgghhh… somebody should bring Superman Is Dead and of course Propagandhi…

  22. rizie says:

    thanks pijan.ptt le aku add kome tak approved aku.lagi satu,aku tgk friendslist korang tuh,mcm kosong je.hehe.wrong site rupenye.ekeke.

  23. Pijan says:

    aku sbenarnya baru belaja nk buat my space ni.
    tu pun si Joe Kidd yg tolong..
    tuhari mirdza di bantainya register email yg salah.
    frm time to time aku akan bg tambah menarik lg..tunggu geng..
    on may GG akan record lagu..ada sapa mau tanam saham? haha
    lagi satu pasal SID, aku kenal drummernya si jerinx.
    awek akupun dah singgah kedai dia masa drop Bali awal thn ni.
    Tp SID dah sign ngn SID band besar.
    sejak sign ngn EMI si jerinx pun mcm berlagak.
    tapi dia mmg otai punk la kat Bali tu. -Pijan

  24. dean says:

    aku mmg nak pegi.
    harap tiket ada lagi lah.
    tak berani beli awal2 kot ada keje nnti rugi 65rm
    bukan murah tu…

  25. vampires says:

    oh go fuck yourselves. good charlotte ain’t a boyband. i hate people who thinks they’re so “rock” that they start calling bands like GC and MCR boybands. if you don’t wanna see them in concert, why keep the tickets anyway? give them to someone who actually thinks more maturely than you and knows what music really is

  26. Aunties Flag says:

    I’d like to agree with you Vampire BUT,
    the bands mentioned are ‘pseudo’ punk bands, we’re not only talking about the (punk) music, but the approach that comes with it. and why think that they’re boybands? simple its because these people once on a major record label have to be a certain way, look a certain way. They are controlled by multi-million dollar buisnessmen, people that are more interested in making $$$ than they are in the music.
    So in some senses, they are boybands simply because they are fabricated, controlled, deprived of their own creative freedom.
    MCR, GC, all these bands you see on MTV can’t do as they like.

    No we don’t think that we “rock”, its just that we “lagi prihatin” ok?

    Whats this about being immature? I don’t think your mother or daddy likes My Chemical Romance, they’d rather go to an Akademi Fantasia concert for all they care! so does that make them immature?

    Go fuck yourself back la!

  27. Dude says:

    The true fact is Good Charlotte and My testicle Romance are both boybands. Who care about how much you love ’em or not… both band’s suck!!! hahahaha!!!

  28. alak says:

    ‚ÄúWhen you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don’t learn nothing, cause hey, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault, over there.‚Äù – Joe Strummer

  29. Pijan says:

    You fuckin rules mama flag! There’s nothing such a good mess when ‘punk’ band associate with major label. When people starts getting big, they will fucked up! That’s what happens to Mawi, Hitler, George Bush, Saddam Hussein haha..
    Okla, I think when people starts definite themselves what is punk and what is not,and bla bla bla..there will be a problem.
    For me, to call your favourite band is punk or not, or to define certain music whether pop punk or punkrock and so on, is no more important. Shampoo called themself punk pop..a decade ago. haha..I hope you get what i mean. Value your ownself! n hey pls don’t believe in right or wrong..
    and vampire, i dunno if u r really a bloodsucker but i hope to drink beer wit you someday.

  30. ujeng says:

    ‘seekor kerbau membawa lumpur, semuanya terpalit’- Karam Singh Walia

  31. the ganja connection says:

    mende gok mu awangggggggg

  32. alak says:

    There was this part in The Sex Pistol‚Äôs ‘Filth and Fury’ video, where Johnny Rotten said that he was shocked and thrilled to see a uniform of kids all dressed up with similar styles with what the sex pistols were wearing. Johnny then marked up this question, “isn’t punk about being yourself”.

    Then i remembered Joe working on the song “Punk Panggang Sepinggang” for Carburetor Dung. The song is all about how easy you can order ‘punk’ nowadays. Punk seems to be quite a cool choice in the menu.

    Well I do agree with pijan on there’s no point in blaming who’s punk and who’s not. There was never a label in punk and I’m sure that punk doesn’t label anybody. Punk is all about being and believing in your own self. It’s just so beautiful that there was never an exact date on the birth of punk, nobody invented it and there was never a regulation on how a punk is suppose to be. Punk just happened and nobody knows on how it exactly happened. So i dont give a fuck whether any bands on mtv proclaims themselves to be punk or not, cause for me they’re just a copy of a copy. All i know is i do what i want and listen to the only waves my brain can receive.

    “Do What You Want” – Bad Religion

    Hey do what you want, but don’t do it around me.
    Idleness and dissipation breed apathy.
    I sit on my ass all goddamn day,
    A misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to
    Say what you must, do all you can,
    Break all the fucking rules and
    Go to Hell with Superman and
    Die like a champion, yeah hey!
    Hey I don’t know if the billions will survive,
    But I’ll believe in God when 1 and 1 are 5.
    My moniker is man and I’m rotten to the core.
    I’ll tear down the building just to pass through the door.
    So do what you must, do all you can,
    Break all the fucking rules and
    Go to Hell with Superman and
    Die like a champion, yeah hey!

  33. Pijan says:

    Ada member aku sorang,wantong mmg lyn My So Called Romance. So kpd sesapa lagi yg dengar, dia mmg poseur! Sumpah!Coverage bands yg diorang dgr pun limited. Hai alak..apa lah yg aku melyn sgt ni! syok plak balas membalas! hehe cilako

  34. Joe Kidd says:

    Tepuk dada tanya selera,

    as for myself I find this quote to be in-line with what I believe in all these years:

    “The society of ours, with its power-structure, dirty political games, apathetic people, sick education and tradition, pollution; is our everyday reality. I don’t agree with the way this society works and not just that. It means that I know of the potential of change and am willing to give it a try. Being a hardcore kid means being at war with society because I give a shit. Being a hardcore kid means putting the alternatives in reality and showing my surroundings¬†that things are wrong and can be changed. It means looking for alternatives, finding out what works best for me and you, and getting in the open with it.” ‚Äì Sarjan Hassan‘s explanation for their song Society Pressure.

    BTW; I don’t have much affinity with the term “hardcore”, unless it’s about describing the musical values of a recording or a band. For what its worth, however silly this may sound; “hardcore” is “punk”.

  35. Pijan says:

    Oo..joe,mu pun lyn jgk ke boss?ingat x amik port! kah kah
    aku boring la kat office nk ke c.m skg pun jln jemm..
    tp ni smua psl nofx punya section yg ko start ni la. kalo x, x penah nyer aku masuk pun..influence jgk nofx ni siott..

  36. Aunties Flag says:

    joe if theres someone who could boil it down to its very own grassroots its you! “hardcore” is “Punk”!

    so, as for english 101, the term Punk (with multiple meanings, in fact 12 of them!)

    in its own essence is a -noun and a noun represents a subject or an object, and indeed the term ‘punk’ is no exception, it inevitably represents something.

    You maybe right Alak, people don’t label punk or vice versa. I also think that as hard as we try to preserve what we believe and perceive in as ‘Punk’, or how we should or shouldnt define it or label it, ironically we already have. A label comes with a meaning, a content and that content is what we believe or impose what that term is.

    What im saying here is that ‘punk’ is not ‘everything under the sun’, there is a bias (an individuality/indipendence so to speak) attached to it and our bias is of course branched off from tree of the mainstream/norm.

    “But I‚Äôll believe in God when 1 and 1 are 5.”
    My analogy of this is similar towards MCR and good charlotte, Meaning to say “I’ll believe in what major records do for Punk Rock if what they do is true”.


    i did say earlier that ‘Once a punk always a punk one way or another’ and I still mean it. Who knows maybe one of us here may sign to a major record one day, and still be punk! not only because of the way he/she did it, also because they never forgot their grass roots!

    big up to all here!

  37. PunkRawk says:

    (Er silap dei. One more thyme)

    punk rock

  38. Pijan says:

    Fuck those dictionary auntie flag! who r u actually? you sound like mass-comm student who dream to be a linguistics professor.
    Punk is a ghetto! indeed, there’s a lots of other thing outside of punk. Don’t waste your time being a punk. Haha

  39. PunkRawk says:

    punk rock (the crass version)

  40. brayok says:

    punk dog mapuh boh!

  41. Aunties Flag says:

    chill pijan, i mean well. Personal attacks don’t help, if I am a mass comm student. so what? I can’t voice out opinions?

    used the dictionary to prove that the term is a noun, thats all, not ‘punk’ by definition. Excuse me for the rhetoric.

  42. Aunties Flag says:

    remember, healthy debate!

  43. Pijan says:

    Of course makcik flag! i like to fuck and making love.ops, making friend as well!

    “Never attack each other. Never bind yourself. Lose no love in the affairs that might follow, but if dissolution comes, then let it flow and grow from it, part ways and remember the mistakes that came and went. If you choose not to, then let your life bloom and do as you wish as well. Find the attraction that suit you best, cultivate the relationship you want and be free. Never gluttonize your desires. You‚Äôre reasonable, you‚Äôre sensible, you know what is best for you. Just remember you‚Äôre in affairs of your own heart. Be true to yourself and others. Love is for all. Love who you want. Love how you feel.” -Pijan hehe..

  44. Pijan says:

    …so today’s the NOFX show man! Spray your hair and take off your pants! I could give a fuck less what someone dresses like, fashion is fashion. It’s becoming increasingly hard these days for kids to think of new “rebellious” looks but its fun to watch them try. Good Luck n get naked!

  45. Punker says:

    hippie freaks

  46. syukree says:

    pijan .. jom lah gi nofx .. lepak luar …

  47. rizie says:

    punk is “makang kepok lekor”
    ke gane?ekekeke..

    waa..arini NOFX.huhu.

  48. Pijan says:

    makang keropok seberang takir! haha
    i miss my friends there especially fazri+sabri(Kasih Sayang).
    Who know where r they now?

  49. Pijan says:

    sapa lagi turun?

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