Thurday, 26th April 2007: The Ricecooker on AlterNation, Traxx FM!


Joe hoards and shares.

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25 Responses

  1. dean says:

    band local kalu kasi itu Killeur Calculateur POLIS RAJA DI MALAYSIA!


  2. jorji says:

    gimme something from mike patton project bands…mr.bungle,tomahawk,peeping toms,solo.blabla.tq

  3. Yourdadisangry says:

    Need more metal tunes pls….selalu terpinggir di kebanyakan acara-acara….

  4. Tad says:

    rugi dokleh dengar dari bangkok ada AM frequency? mung maing lagu morrissey se? panic!!!

  5. rizie says:

    aku slalu pasang traxx fm kat ofis.sambil buat keje,sambil lyn kan,byk oldies la time siang2.hehehe..humm..nizang,walkman kan ade…eheheheh..sape2 tlg la rekord,pastu upload kat sini ke.lg cool..:D

  6. xnizangx says:

    owos, where to find radio? the last time i listened to radio was freaking 12 years ago.

  7. papi says:

    hujan? kuala lumpur?

  8. shahrizal says:

    yeah dean, i agree with you!

  9. matkie says:

    local bands…hmmm kids on the move bole enggak??lagu starting point…yosh!!!

  10. YYPin says:

    Play local produce:

    Meor, Moxuan, Tham Kar Mun, and, Neftaraka

    All great!

  11. dean says:

    it would be great if for that 2 hour,
    we could actually listen to local artistes.

  12. madhouse says:

    Dude, here’s my list.
    unfortunately, its not local.

    Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
    Dead Kennedys – Chickenshit Conformist
    Conflict – A Declaration Of Independence
    Youth Brigade – Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in tonight
    Suicidal Tendencies – Possesed to skate
    Propaghandi – Less talk, more rock
    Turbonegro – Turbonegro must be destroyed
    Jawbreaker – Do you still hate me?
    Boy sets fire – When Rhetoric Dies
    Snapcase – Steps
    Abhinanda – Serenade
    Napalm Death – Scum/
    Corrisson of Conformity – Coexist

    But on the local side, it would be nice if you could play:

    Deepset – Where Were They (When The Fun Went Out)?
    Mass Seperation – Tak mau Lagi
    Second Combat – Infedelity
    …and a whole bunch more.


  13. arip says:

    main lagu butterfingers-tentang-tentang sudah…tak pon the bollocks malapetaka…heeheh

  14. no name says:

    kuantan under sea product plz..

  15. syukree says:

    beh mung joe .. aku call doh .. dok akat setarang …

  16. syukree says:

    rizie, kena jaga gok. kena ban nanti. mana tau lain kali panggil lagik. hopefully.

  17. rizie says: tahu mung nk kol,sbb tu ye dok akat.ekekeke.gura je boh.hehe.

    giler rare lagu2 yg joe putarkan tuh.huhu.tapi nape lagu johnny joe?kasi la lagu ‘jilat’ smalam..hehehe..

  18. thrasherliar says:

    “Brader Joe, last night was awesome man. i keep my car stereo on full blast and headbang all way long during i was back from having dinner. quite long enough i havent bang that hard while driving man.”

  19. nizang says:

    dar sartain bes.

  20. no name says:

    they will invite u again..

  21. BraderJohn says:

    hehe seems like all kids keep posting why they wanna listen so abang pun nak jugak la .. hehe

    1. hardcore as fuck – 24 reasons
    2. money is god – full throttle
    3. think – non priority
    4. haze// sunshine // haze – f.s.f
    5. wasted – chronic mass
    6. within the community – basic right

    abang nak ini ajer .. harap dpt diperkenankan permintaan abang ini … susah nak dgr lagu nie sekarang .. 😛

  22. syukree says:

    oh mintak maaf. rancangan ni dah lepas. tunggu ke kalau ada lain kali. mungkin melodi terjah ricecookershop plak.

  23. Joe Kidd says:

    terima kasih banyak kepada those yang wrote in with suggestions and also sms-ed during the show and also those who listened. aku bawak 4 CD-Rs of stuff to play, stayed at home the whole day looking for tracks to play, mostly local lah BUT when I got there aku tak sempat main all of it. Only a few tracks local (Sarjan Hassan, Skullcrusher, A Mantle The Sea etc.) and most overseas (Einsturzende Nuebaten, Plastic Ono Band, Amebix, The Gladiators etc.)

    The conversation also revolved around me and my projects instead of the songs and bands I was playing. I was hoping that we would be talking about these bands and music. I also have this impression that the DJ and friends (nice people all of them) are NOT too interested to know more about the music, the bands, the scene etc.

    Maybe I’m wrong but the talk felt like “cursory” or “surface-y” instead of in depth and engaging. I remember being on Kamil Othman’s Alternative Hour show many years ago and we had a great time, just because we both were/are very interested in the music, with otaku-like obsession with good bands, rock’n’roll history and all that nerdy rock-snob joy.

    Some people are asking me whether I will be back on air this week. Sorry to say, but i’m not. Unless they call me up again lah. However, I’m inspired enough to start enquiring for a proper slot. Wish me luck.

  24. lola says:

    sorry Joe if not to the extend of what you hope…cewah…
    maybe next time…maybe i can talk to Maya whatever (maybe a guideline or topic to discuss)…n thanks for coming though.

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