Three Big Shows in KL: Comeback Kids, Sick Of It All & Soilwork


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. xraksaksajahatx says:

    lovemebutch Cable kental seh….
    2gigs on the same day on the 25th??

    unity is tragedy…….; )

  2. kenet says:

    huh.. mana satu la nak pegi ni..?? ahahha.. mcm LMB tour ngan dorang beb..

  3. xnizangx says:

    sian kat soilwork…aku rase ramai gi SOIA…they’re legends. like one of my friend said.

  4. Khai says:

    well everyone have their taste of music .. so up to them either choose to the Soilwork show or SOIA show or both show … so nizang which one you think ? ….

    p/s : anyone who welling to sell their copy of 24 Reason 8″ records plz contact me . I think it kinds stupid to release only 20 pcs worldwide ..

  5. hahahah…24 reason 8″…huhuhtu kilang terlebih tuang tu suppose 7″ je heheh…just joking…20pcs worlwide tu yg rare sebonarnye

  6. shahrizal says:

    definitely SOIA! but i wonder, will megat shave his head once again?

  7. thee dr. says:

    Soilwork are fucked–but yeah, I totally agree with you on that brotherman…even if it didn’t have those capitalistic bullshit logos on them,these shows are just too godamn expensive–yer average lover of HC isn’t gonna be able to afford this shit. I mean,RM 55? You could live for a week on that!(Not really,tho.) As for being ‘hip and popular’….popular,yes…I don’t know about hip–in Malaysia,yesmaybe but in the States around last year it was bands like Daughters,the Locust,An Albatross,etc. and now the 13 and 14-year olds have moved on to something else–astonishingly enough,old -school thrash and NWOBHM-style metal. Check out Armored Assassin, Sakrificer, Reaper,Menacer,Aggressor State,Insurrect,etc.if ye wish to see for yourself–these kids average ages are like 19-20, and starting to develop quite the little following. I don’t know about Sick Of It All are legendary–Bad Brains,Black Flag,Siege,Cryptic Slaughter–those were legendary–it’s usually the bands that aren’t around anymore that are legends (ie Rator, Malaria, Punisher,Skeletanic,Parasit,etc.) One thing I can almost guarantee is that there’s gonna be a lot of stupid-looking ‘hardcore dancing’….’Will Megat shave his head again?’-ha! Nice one!! Considering he doesn’t have any problem going between images and genres…why not? I remember their first show in Ipoh in ’95–I think the Bollocks, Nothing, OAG ,and Skinning Pit were on the bill (Skinning Pit was the best band that day.) I mean, A.C.A.B. were a powerhouse back then because not only were they an Oi! band,they were the first –arguably you had Doc Man and the Suspects, but they came to prominence afterwards.Doc Man was extremely cool-we’d always say hi to each other..the rest of that clique were pretttty fucken questionable,tho…I don’t know what A.C.A.B. consider themselves musically,tho–is it mod? And by ‘all original line-up’ does that mean Black is on drums? And are Love Me Butch playing two shows in one day? This leaves more questions than answers……..

  8. thee dr. says:

    P.S.: ‘But not this time though.’ My man is classic!!!!!!!!!

  9. 24 Reasons normal 8″ records is sold out few months ago,
    it’ll soon be press on square 8″,the price is RM55 excluded postage,
    estimate out around august 2008, still limited 20 copies worldwide…

    pre order are welcome …

  10. also The Bollocks – revolution tape will be reissue as normal 8″ at the same time of 24 Reasons – square 8″ – around august 2008

    the price is RM45 excluded postage
    limited 20 copies worldwide

    sorry !! No pre order.

  11. haq says:

    shamir, simpan je tuk aku tau. aku takut rilis tiem aku atas kapal lak.

  12. akuorang says:

    stupid looking hardcore dancing? diorang punyepasal lah nakbuat ape, buat ape nak pening2 komen diorang punye care nak suke2.kalau mat2 ‘hardcore’ nie kata SOIA tu legend, legendlah dia ape yg masalahnye. ade rambut ke botak ke diaorang punye pasalah.kalau tak suka jenis musik macamnie org macam nie tak payah susah2 tengok show ‘Hardcore’. acab / aggrobeats / love me butch? salah tempat nie. Mane pegi KLcityHardcore mane pegi Chronic mass/Basicright dan lain2 kalau tak pun second combat. baru gerek seh. hormat dan baru boleh seronok.

  13. shahrizal says:

    relax brudder, it was just a joke or are you megat? hehe

  14. thee dr. says:

    Memang tu diong punye pasei nak HC dancing cam kene sawan tapi akunye pasei nak beri komen…aku beri pendapat aje–aku tak mengatakan benda yang aku sebut tu fakta–pernah dengo konsep ‘tukar-menukar idea/buah fikiran/pendapat’ tak? Dan memang aku tak susah payah pergi show Hardcore pun–jangan fanatik sangat. Kalau nak penghormatan kena berikan hormat juge kepada orang.

  15. Khai says:

    Well konsep tukar menukar idea tue betul .. utk apa ? utk kemajuan scene itu sendiri .. tp kalau komen tue berunsur kondem or berunsur personal … ko simpan la idea ko tue …. org lain berpenat lelah tak tidur tak makan nak concentrate for the show .. kauorang plak nak jatuhkan … senyap senyap nnt ada juga muka sesat kat venue nnt ….

    ckp banyak pun tak guna … tepuk kawan sebelah tanya kenapa .. ? ….

  16. Pak LaN says:

    Well Sick of It All is considered a veteran Hardcore band because of the fact that they were part of the New York underground scene revival of their time during the late 80’s. Hardcore during that time which was early 80s was originally known as hardcore punk, such as bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, D.R.I, MDC and other notable where they were more faster and aggressive than the older punks. The hardcore punk explosion occurred around the U.S. around that time but was diminishing as it reached the New York area and its neighbors. So while the post hardcore time was blooming in the U.S. later on, the New York scene remained strong in hardcore and made the best of it. So they took the term hardcore and kicked the punk away. Another interesting fact is that Sick of It All is one of the early bands that supported hardcore moshing such as 2- Stepping and such.

  17. khairul azizi says:

    btw..they are sell out rite now!

  18. thee dr. says:

    Yeah I agree with all the statements above to an extent-I like SOIA as a band and I like their music-i’ve seen bands like Terror and the Warriors live- but it just seems that HC has branched off into some ‘glossy’ version of what it used to be with bands playing at venues that discriminate against young people and and (at least here) have promotion agencies that use bands to sell tickets-where bands worry more about the way they look and how much they get paid/laid-all scenes have people like this but you wanna adhere to higher standards in the HC/punk community, right? People have said SOIA popularized moshing-moshing is good-that chaotic HC dancing…I don’t like-why? Because it increases the chance of someone accidentally getting hit and the situation degenerating into a fight-plus-most of the people I PERSONALLY have seen doing it are the kinds of kids who are just ‘fashion casualties’ or tourists to the scene-plus there is an unneccessarily competitive/aggressive attitude I don’t like as if it is a beauty/dancing contest to see who the best isso am I ‘menjatuhkan’ them all like you said? No-they jatuhkan diri sendiri.You have to understand that I’m speaking from personal experience of what I have seen from the crowds that typically go see bands of this genre-I don’t know who is going to go to this show or what they’re going to do there. And as for the fact they are ‘penat-lelah’-I have no control over that-I’m not trying to stop them from attending. And one things for sure…I’m not gonna be ‘sesat’ at that show-especially not with the RM55 prce tag.

  19. rizie says:

    sekali 25 label daaa…

  20. thee dr. says:

    Yeah why not 26, knowmsayen?

  21. penglipurlara says:

    better pegi soilwork..aku pon xbrape ngan hardcore dancing..nak dancing sangat aku rase clubbing lagi bagus kot..haha..juz kidding man..soilwork ade incarnation tuh..uhuuu

  22. moshing_machine says:

    moshmachine#sh mosh
    $#%^*#..system error. mosh activation system fail to initialize. unable to activate moshing sequence. %&%#^$ too many error. too many floor punching ritual. too many 180-arm+leg rotation. #^$&$% invalid mosh ala-contender-asia style. excess head-boobing error- &^%# overflowing redundant resident mosh-guru’s @#$^@*$

  23. thee dr. says:

    Moshing_Machine…I think I love you.

  24. watai says:

    hehehe… i’m agree with moshing_machine too…
    (tak tahan aku nak gelak….adoihhh hai..)

  25. moshing_machine says:

    mosh_machine# sh ip mosh inside
    moshing_machine is restricted to mosh-then-mashed-up-beat up by local mosh-guru’s & mosh-sifoos. moshing_machine not macho and skinny as resident mosh-expert.
    Not suitable for you tube type mosh guru’s.
    unable to mosh. muaythai in progress

  26. thee dr. says:

    Whatsamatter Moshing_Machine..? Basketball shorts overload? 🙂

  27. moshing_machine says:

    thinkin more on da g’s :-p

  28. thee dr. says:


  29. khairul azizi says:

    Sell out..let it be.Hardocore music not exlucively for punk/hc kids anymore.I will not shock if one day local so called hardcore show will support by putera umno…:P

  30. moshing_machine says:

    at that time u can see KT,KJ, ect ect on the mosh pit. :-p

  31. thee dr. says:

    yeah and ya know what? It’s not just in Malaysia either…in America it’s the same way-it’s like a fashion show-don’t get me wrong-there’s a lot of good kids but in my humble opinion, you’re always gonna have tourists to the scene who grow out of it, knowmsayen? er….whos’ KT and KJ,etc…?

  32. moshing_machine says:

    owh.. ex-selangor tempe man & son in law of u know who..

  33. hantu raya shah alam says:

    dah takde band lain ke kat malaysia nih.restaint n love me butch mesti ade.die org ok lah best organiser bagi la pluang kat band2 lain.

  34. thee dr. says:

    The PM?

  35. khairul azizi says:

    yup…kj is pm son in law…everyone hate them but i dont know if panglipurlara like him…lalala

  36. khairul azizi says:

    i saw the promotion of this show in utusn meloya yesterday.The organizer is mr tang.I think kids who into scene circa 96 will already know abut mr tang.Well,they got appeared in mainstream media.Can we still label this DIY.u better ask yourself?

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