The Ricecooker Shop: The New Space Warming Party!


Joe hoards and shares.

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10 Responses

  1. morbid says:

    nice video joe with all the multiracial faces and multracial songs.

    ouh, whats up with the skinhead that nite uh?

  2. Joe says:

    Seed balik awal boss!

    As for the skinheads, it’s an interesting, eye-opening accidental meet. It could be one whole long article on that alone and I should write about it soon. At the moment, suffice to say we had a good, cordial conversation and a few laughs about the state of “racist” bands in the country. Yes, they are racist Malay skins and they make no excuses about it.

    They accidentally passed by the shop and stopped over to check the party; with the hope that the shop would take their CDs to sell. I declined the offer of course and told them the shop would never ever stock racist propaganda. Surprisingly, they are fine with it and stayed on to see what’s going on. We had a few cigarettes and talked.

    I even invited them to come and hang out sometimes soon. Should be good to hear what they have to say about their stance, their ideals and the state of racial prejudice in the country.

  3. Fizan says:

    Sapa kau ni Morbid? Aku kenal ke? No Beat aku tau lah.
    Nampak gaya banyak betul kau dapat cerita, “aku dengar..” “orang kata..” “mereka cakap..” Apa yg dpt aku observe drpd sourcing kau ni lebih banyak yang berbentuk spekulatif darpd genuine story..Kau sendiri tak boleh make sure ke cerita kau sendiri itu benar atau spekulatif dan ckp belakang?


  4. morbid says:

    aku tak sure sbb tu aku tanya.
    tanya takpe.
    jgn terus buat cite.

  5. Fizan says:

    Sapa Morbid ni Joe? Fan Morbid Angel ke? Setahu aku Mino yang paling true fan Morbid Angel, main live kat belakang rumah dia je masa dia kat England dulu..hehe
    Bukan apa, mamat nama Morbid ni dah bakar line drpd flyers merah tu lagi, ada kawan dr terenggganu kata itulah, inilah, ntah sapa kawan tu? mana dpt cite? ntah betul ke tidak, tok arie sama otai ngan mu lah kat dia, tapi semuanya dia pun sendiri cuma dengar khabar drpd orang lain..sebijik macam cite Hang Tuah dgn Puteri Gunong Ledang ni.. melayu melayu..

  6. famy says:

    rugi tak join……

  7. thee dr. says:

    Looks nice Joe…lotta familiar faces from back in the day like Along from AGHAST (sorely missed godz) and a lot more…I would’ve felt right at home….:( Pijan…are you still coming over?

  8. Fizan says:

    Mat..apa khabo mu?
    Well, aku ada few things yang belum dapat settle lah Mat kat sini.
    One friend, the one who comes from Ohio now just get off of hospital. He’s still in Seattle. And the other one (where I suppose to stay) is right now working on and off from Winnipeg, so it’s not a perfect timing to come over on this short while.

  9. thee dr. says:

    Right on–well…I start school August 22nd so I’ll be around if you ever do come over.

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