The Ricecooker Hour @ Traxx FM?


Joe hoards and shares.

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34 Responses

  1. rizie says:

    congrats boss!actually,aku hari2 psg radio traxx ni kat ofis.ofis mate aku suke sgt layan oldies pepagi2.kalau la alternation show nih slot die pepagi,mmg gua psg kuat2 kasi pecah satu ofis!hahahha..

  2. Kid says:

    cantik nanti aku kasi playlist local bands, burn siap2! kid

  3. papi says:

    keren banget! doang…

  4. Panda Head Curry says:

    Woo hey! Ganu’s own Johng Peel!

  5. thrasherliar says:

    woo.. cool! ni yg best ni. go on DJ DUNG!

  6. uzair says:

    good luck and hopefully they accept your proposal

  7. fariq says:

    wah dah ade show sendiri kat traxx fm..

  8. matkie says:

    dj dung??
    hmmm nice!!!!

  9. BraderJohn says:

    yo yo Dj Joe in da house .. representing malaysia punkrock scene … gerek …. pasang lagu obey obey …

  10. fariq says:

    kau sorang je ke joe yg hos rancangan ini?

  11. azzief says:

    boleh jadi john peel nih!

  12. Dude says:

    Berita gumbira buat semua orang!!!
    harap DJ DUNG akan pasang lagu2 dari band local..!!!

  13. Pijan says:

    acid techno boleh? nanti aku compile kan breakbeat, drum n bass, tech house, electro dlm satu cd! Mesti kau x mau kan joe..haha

  14. ISAKETAMBOLA88 says:

    joe@kidd a.k.a. dj dung!???

  15. alak says:

    hang the dj,hang the dj,hang the dj..

  16. hey man. benj here from A Mantle the Sea. just wanted to say thanks for playing our track during your appearance on traxx last month. we appreciate it and certainly every bit of promo is useful, especially at this time when we’re on hiatus due to the prolonged absence of a couple of members. looking fwd to hearing more from you on the show. cheers.

  17. ISAKETAMBOLA88 says:

    Aku rasa tentu ‘mang peleh’ akan jadi peminat setia RiCeCookEr.TTamboh sorang lagi anak murid dia jadi dj selepas halim othmang!!!..hehehe!!!

  18. Joe Kidd says:

    jangang bising bangor pasal halim la boss! pecoh rahsia hero.

  19. rizie says:

    guane takut ngak ke halim othman joe?saing skoloh ke?ekekeke….

  20. shahrizal says:

    joe, i just browsed thru my bro’s old tapes. found THE ACT (Anti-Cavil Team). do you know what happened to them?

  21. Joe Kidd says:

    first of all, to dear benj! I must say A Mantle At Sea is awesome! I love it. Listened to the album all the time. It’s on my iPod. The best for 2006, in my opinion lah. Am trying to get copies to sell at the shop too.

    2nd. The ACT was from Kuala Pilah, featured ex-Bollocks’ guitarist Najib but I haven’t heard anything since that tape the put out. I’ll find out.

    3rd. The frequency is on the old post, here.

    4th. Halim Othmang is an old friend. We were together in the same school for 5 years. He was a small guy, always bullied, a bit of a “jambu” also lah. He did my laundry in the early days of school. So there.

  22. papi says:

    hey DJ, what’s the frequency?

  23. alak says:

    Well Shah, Najib (the ACT and The bollocks) is doing his own silk screen t-shirt business in Seremban, and if i’m not mistaken Zai(The Act) is still in Pilah. I remember Najib telling me a few years back that he wanted to play back with Bollocks or maybe starting The Act back,hm..i dont think so now as he looks pretty busy.

  24. shahrizal says:

    ohhh i see. used to listen to that ACT tape all the time masa sekolah hahaha 🙂

  25. Thanks Joe for your very encouraging words.

    Looking for copies to sell? Well, good news (or bad news?) : we still have plenty more stock available. Would be more than happy to pass some to you. Just email us and we’ll arrange to get them over to you.

    Thanks. Keep in touch!

  26. ISAKETAMBOLA88 says:

    Dj Dung!!!
    Pecoh gok rahsia hero….hehehe. Kalu Wong Billy a.k.a Wan Bazli baca(tentu senyum sendiri)…!!’Jambu………..?!!hohoho….dJ dUnG!! Stray Cat Strut satu!!!

  27. Pijan says:

    The Act tu chaos KP!!

  28. shahrizal says:

    joe, since you like the aggrolites i suggest you try listen to tim armstrong’s solo record out on hellcat too

  29. piko says:

    ar DJ Dung kaki buli?
    buli balik sama dia…

  30. The Flying Osman part II says:

    yess…joe masuk radio….dulu carburetor dung penah masuk Tv2…lama dah…tapi yang paling best, aku ada poskad carburetor dung hehe…beli kaset dapat poskad carburetor dung hehe..ada lagi simpan

  31. ujeng says:

    hoho aku pun ade poskad tu…adik a.k.a shahril (adik shahlan ex-voc C.D) yg bagi satu kat aku…sampai skarang aku simpan hoho…. time tu shahlan masuk T.V riuh satu kampung aku…yeahhh Ladang Punk!

  32. hqa says:

    hik hok maen tak? huha

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