The New Year Raid: Press Conference Report


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kandos says:

    I feel sorry for what has happen with the gigg. I’ve
    seen u guys have started with the press conference
    which is really good.Here are some of my suggestion
    that u might want to take into consideration:

    1)Have a meeting wthat involves OCPD, ketua police
    negara, home affair ministry, gigg organizer, lawyers
    and musicians. There should be a clarification on
    Black Metal issue pasal we have been told by the
    goverment that black metal is forbidden but then why
    is this gigg that has got nothing to do with black
    metal has been raid? Where is the border line? Where
    is the rule of law?

    2)Lets teach the media! Harian Metro’s frontpage
    report dated 2nd January has linked the so called this
    black metal gigg with the sex party that was suppose
    to be held in Langkawi. The organizer of the show
    could exploit this situation. Besides sueing the
    police department, you could also proceed with the
    media as those allegations can be considered as fitnah
    and malicious. We are not black metal and we have got
    nothing to do with the sex party. If they can’t proof
    the link beetween the sex party and the gigg, then we
    definitely gonna win.

    I really hope that you guys will do your best to
    protect your right as a citizen. Bukan nya kita benci
    kerajaan, polis dan media, cuma kita mahukan keadilan
    dan hak2 kita terjamin. Exploit this situation to send
    message to the police and media that they are not
    dealing with kutu, tahi dadah and org2 bodoh. They are
    actually dealing with citizens of Malaysia who know
    their right, educated and very critical of what’s
    happening around them. This is the right time to
    highlight the problems. THIS IS IT! Call for action.
    Protact your rights.

  2. Just seen the News on TV. I checked out TV3, TV8 & TV7. TV 7 didn’t feature the conference, were they at Paul’s today? I don’t know. TV3 still calls the kids “Black Metal”, I guess the reporter’s too thick or maybe the editor edited him/her out to still feature that sensationalist tag. The best one was on TV8, it basically nailed it nicely. Now we wait for the print media tomorrow.

  3. ady says:

    ya, we have to do something bout harian metro. teach them a lesson… sue them!

  4. f?§riq says:

    “this is not (some other country), we don’t need a warrant!”

  5. hinata says:

    OK..i totally agreed with kandos..Proof to the cops…proof to the media mass that we aint black metal kids..we are music lovers who are educated n aware to the law and human rights..since i was among the innocent detainees…i already lodged a report and urged the detainees who havent done it to do so for our own right..yeah they can sue harian metro..i guess it will be ‘saman malu’..why on earth they have the idea to relate this gig with the sex party in Langkawi??Please proof about it in the court!!!And they claimed that the girls who wore tudung and attend the gigs were the “penyeri” for that gigs..why should they made this stupid statement?Everybody have their liberty..There are few provisions in Federal Constitution which talks about liberty and also freedom of provides that every persons have the right to assemble peacefully with where can they find our mistakes?

    And Metro’s headline is about pesta lepas geram and there is a statement that “ini diakui sendiri oleh pengunjung konsert berkenaan”..i think that they already make a fake statement..METRO you dont have to raise these issues to make yourself’re really in troublesome right now..!we’re the awareful and educated citizen will fight for our human rights!

  6. kalium says:

    Thanks for all your support at Paul’s! Your energy got me and the other panelists totally pumped.

    Last detainee, David (manager, sound guy, all rounder, at Paul’s) was released on bail just before 10pm Mon night.

    Ben & CK provided me sustanence for what turned out to be a 5 hour wait for them to process David (Prosperity Burger Value Meal – Yes, they’re Evil and the commercial cow ranches result in Amazonian rain forest being razed but that’s what I call a fucking burger).

    Now we need to get Paul’s Place and everyone elses shit back from the station. Will start working on that tomorrow.

    Punk’s not dead.

    It’s alive, kicking and EXTREMELY PISSED OFF.

    Good night, sleep tight kiddies. Make sure the Black Metal Bogey Man doesn’t get you.

  7. cem says:

    fuhh semangat gile!posi abis!everything was cool.tapi aku rasa diaorang emphasize more on”we are not black metal”tapi bukan atas kebebasan expresi atau untuk memilih(satan worshipping ke or dont celebrate relegion)yup maybe the strai8 edge kids feel they have to explain thier lifestyle yg lain dari dipaparkan oleh media but what if a dude really drink blood,dont believe in god or drink beer what if theres dude like GG ALLIN man!!!are we gonna sideline him bcoz hes morally wrong??i think this issue is about moral and i think we should tackle this like s.i.s and w.a.o tackle the clubbing raid+polis abuse in 2004.NO MORAL POLICE!

  8. I’m with you chem, but the real issues had to be simplified, toned down and certain areas ignored. Jasklyn actually said something along that line, but of course, the emphasis is to detach the ones deatianed from the Logam Hitam thingy, as this was main cause or excuse from the police to “save our souls”. Of course, there are areas which left a bit of unwanted taste in me buds, but I think it’s wise to do that, especially when you’re dealing with pretty proud morons who just cannot understand that people are different, and that they have the rights to be different and to differ.

  9. cem says:

    ” Bolehkah polis mengambil/meminta I/C anda tanpa sebab?”
    ” Polis tiba – tiba menahan anda semasa di acara muzik, bagaimana?”
    ” Polis membuat serbuan di pertunjukan muzik independen, apa yang harus dilakukan??”
    ” Polis berpakaian biasa cuba menahan anda, apa reaksi sepatutnya?

    | penyalahgunaan kuasa polis berlaku dimana-dimana dan di pelbagai strata komuniti masyarakat. Pada malam perayaan tahun baru 31 disember 2005, di acara muzik independen yang berlansung di Paul’s place, pihak polis telah melakukan satu penahanan yang terang-terangan melanggar prosedur sepatutnya penahanan. Ekoran daripada kejahilan kita dengan hak-hak yang kita ada apabila berhadapan dengan polis menjadikan ia satu titik untuk mereka menggunakan budaya ketakutan, membuli dan melanggar etika penahanan. Dengan mengetahui cara yang sebenarnya berhadapan dengan pihak polis/berkuasa, penahanan dan pembulian oleh polis boleh dihalang daripada awal tanpa perlu meleret hingga ke balai polis/lokap|

    dengan menghadiri bengkel KUASA -KUASA POLIS
    (bengkel latihan untuk menjadi pelatih dan membuat bengkel sendiri di tempat masing-masing)

    no.11, lorong permai, off jalan syed putra,
    robson heights, 50460, KL
    ( * lihat peta dan public transport ke sana di: )

    tarikh : 7 Januari 2005
    masa : 10.30 pagi – tamat (petang)
    kontek: 012 243 8406
    013 243 7092

    organise by FOODNOTBOMBSKL

  10. piesay says:

    thanks for the press conference which resulting most of us standing in front of brickfields police station. thanks for the support of peeps from all over the ngo’s and dap, the police finally decides to release our friends with no specific charges. they only thing that they are trying to do is to charge our friends under the so called charges selling t-shirts without any proper license and the so called selling a t-shirt that depicting the image of black metal. to those who were at the press conference and the brickfields police station, you guys were awesome. kind of reminding the good old days where punk, hc, metal, crusty, indie all sticking up together. its starting to tickle me that sufferage should start again. heh

  11. zaxxtypeface says:

    Media: Misbehave Educational Doctrine In Action!

  12. xbebas says:

    dammed it’s all media..

  13. xnizangx says:

    polis still mempertahankan diri sendiri, taknak mengaku salah, takut malu, rasa berkuasa…bla bla…media pun sama, ni semua lepas dah buat press conference….tah pape…so, how now?

  14. BoyDxF says:

    I’ve still remembered someone told me that… the media power was control by PM…that’s why they never show the conference in Paul’s Place…and that’s why some of us still express about the mass media…

  15. mike says:

    when issues like these arises, we just happen to co-exist no matter the differences in our ideology and understandings happen to be. maybe something to think about, no matter how d.i.y or rock the world you happen to be. these issues affects us all directly or indirectly.

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