The New Year Raid: Full Report by Rafil 0f 360DHR & Disarseter Records


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. xnizangx says:

    aku tgk buletin utama ngan mak aku. die siap boleh ckp kat aku, “nasib baik ding tadok kat situ” hahahha…

    ni ada satu lagu: it was a private party u weren’t invited, but still u poked yer nose where it’s not wanted, we’re only singing the truth, disclose it. no u can’t, cause we know what’s right and wrong, yeah me and my frens.

    fuck the authority!

    is this democracy that u bragged about, is this the freedom of speech that is so lud and proud
    u can;t stop the shows, u wanna know why? cause we’ll never quit the truth can;t die!

  2. f?§riq says:

    keep the fire burning!!

  3. xriziex says:

    fuck the cops!!

  4. Jim-B says:

    Just sue the fucking bastards!!! sue them!!! diowang ingat sesuke ati mak bapak diowang je leh tahan org camtu??? tgh makan kat mapley pon kene tahan!!! bangang giler sial rasenye dok malaysia nie!!! camni nak soh respek polis??? fuckoff!!! pesta muzik? minom arak? maksiat? pergaulan bebas??? fuck all that!!! p laaa tahan org kat disko nun!!! bangang punye polis pukimak!!!

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