The New Year Raid: 4 held to be charged on Tuesday


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. kunin says:

    See How they spell ‘Black Metal’, man… their asses are in dire need to be kicked, real hard!

  2. kalium says:

    Please note that the Press Conference is NOT being organized by This Year’s Final Threat gig organizer.

  3. BoyDxF says:

    Damn all these media bullshit… i mean from 380 or 400 gig attendence and includes not related (which means those who hang outsite makan at mamak stall)..They only found less than 10 with positive in the urine test..come on..that’s a positive sign and that’s a positive show..i mean how many show that u can find 100% positive clean… even if they raid AF concert i’m sure there would be more people who were positive on the urine test…to be honest, even if the cop raid “Sure Heboh” i can guarantee u can get more than 30 people with positive in the urine test…what the fuck man…6 from 400 people. What a cheap news these media doing nowdays.. shit man…they can catch more if they wre at Zouk disco….or maybe at pub or other tops discos…

  4. the doctor says:

    so here is the doctors question:what the fuck are we gonna do about it?

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