The Evens in Kuala Lumpur?


Joe hoards and shares.

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11 Responses

  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    one more time, yeah!

  2. xnizangx says:

    aku penah tgk kat youtube…anyway, it’s a cool idea. it shows that u don’t really need a full band to rock and deliver messages…this is “alternative”…
    so, i’m all for it.

  3. xnizangx says:

    oh yeah, one more thing…it’s hard to get any dischord stuffs in MAlaysia. maybe ian can bring some of his CDs, and maybe the ricecooker shop can carry some of the titles like ’20 years of dischord’ and others…

  4. thugstone souljah says:

    great brainwave, joe… let the good time roll…. and thanks… =)

  5. Aunties Flag says:

    Dog bless you joe kidd!
    Please bring em in!

  6. alak says:

    of course people will be interested to see them joe..dont worry..if they’re not,we’ll force them to be interested..haha

  7. thrasherliar says:

    saya mahu!

  8. rizie says:

    mcm tadok sambutan…………..

  9. dean says:

    mesti ada. jangan di risau. dtg je mesti beratur bdk nak tgk.

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