The Evens in Kuala Lumpur?


Joe hoards and shares.

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4 Responses

  1. thugstone souljah says:

    fuckin downer-lah…

    here’s hoping that there’d be a next time. and joe if i didn’t say it earlier, “congratulations on the new premises”. the asgard above, is really awesome. the air-conditioning rocks.

    fuck muse, though… i had to say it.

    bring out kinky kelly and the sexy stud, you porch monkey!! =)

  2. kabukiboy says:

    hey joe, i’m wondering if ian knew about the australasia diy tour circuit? would’ve been an ideal resource for a band like them to use in this case! pass on the link to him if you get chance:


  3. zmozdowtoqoz says:

    There keeley hazell tape s beginning to breatheheavily and we should i whipped her long term memory.

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