The Dilemma Continues


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. thee dr. says:

    ‘Malaysia needs a strong opposition’ -there’s a dire understatement right there-the opposition as is is a total hodge podge of groups with diametrically opposed ideas who do not trust each other or are built around personality cults-what happens if,in an imaginary scenario the so-called ‘opposition’ did asume power in Malaysia? Whichever party viewed themselves as the strongest would stab the others in the back, the most likely backstabber being our old friends PAS-why so ye ask? Why, because they have the ‘divine mandate’ from God to rule-look here-this isn’t medeival Arabia and we don’t want it to be-we’re Malays now, Malays tomorrow and Malays forever-as evinced by their beyond pathetic track record in my beloved Kelantan, these people are not qualified to collect bus fare, let alone administer a state, let alone administer a third world country hoping to make a transition into a first world country-you have to realize something-PAS doesn’t believe in democracy-it’s just something they use to further their barbaric agenda on the Malay people.
    The other fallacy of the opposition in particular but Malaysian politics in general is that parties try to appeal to the voters ethno-religous identity as opposed to ideology or point of view-Malaysian politics in sub-text are a Manichaean struggle for survival-us vs. them,enemies,both foreign or domestic are created but what the party wants to do to improve the life of the rakyat is mentioned in passing-can you imagine if there was a ‘United White National Organization’ or ‘American Caucasian Congress’ in America? They would immediately be labeled as white power organizations! So approach the politics on what unites you ideologically,transcending race, religion or gender-everybody who is qualified to lead can do it.Just some food for thought.

  2. Outright fraud is another way in which Malaysians are cheated when they vote. Tens of thousands of dead people are believed to have voted in the 2004 elections. — >> sape nak disalahkan…sape jadi hantu…kite jadi hantu….huargh…sape mau pi undi…’ depa ckp nak berontak…kita tangkap…depa baru cakap kita x adil…kita tangkap’…

  3. thee dr. says:

    Yolo doh- diong pasang ‘pengundi hantu’, PAS langsung mengutuk prinsip demokrasi (‘demo kera’ dan sebagainya)-sape susah? Jawapannya ong hok tidak mempunyai pilihan ketige- iaitu rakyat dan pengundi secare am….kluo kuali masuk api kate

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