The Annexe, CM: The Honeymoon is Over…


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. moshing_machine says:

    sad but true. its all come to a full circle.. but this karma sure know how to find its way to be back on this mosh pit-wall-of-death circle,

    we survive the it’s predeccesor. Colors, actors, kapitan, teratak dangdut, blue planet, aero, paul place, annexe, we will and always survive next.. hardcore for the hardcore..!!

  2. kid says:

    Finally, we got to know about the cancellation news, thank you for the courtesy of informing us.

    Although this very last minute notice were such a huge disappointment, kah-roe-shi cds now ready and also a bit of merchs as well; 1″ buttons, sticker, patches and t-shirts.

    Now will there be another release party, where to get these mentioned stuffs?

    And currently I’m looking for potential DIY gig (co-)organizers to set up a show for CRUX (heavy hardcore crust @ from Aussie in KL on Sunday, 29th June 2008. We already got a new potential venue for their show.

    But for more details regarding all this, please get in touch with me at 013 2497199 / NO SMS! – Kid

  3. Azim Me Not says:

    Damn these circumstances..
    the venue was awesome, well it was great while it lasted. Had a good time.

  4. how about that day, we come to the annexe – hang out at bau bau cafe and ricecooker shop, bring the stuffs (you know what do i mean) we could have little bit or small party or big party and we could play the CD and other local bands CDs,tape,etc at the shop, and have fun and we could celebrate it .. foods, drinks and music
    have fun and laugh .. gigs just another meeting places!! meet people, listen to music and make friends or make enemies ( if you like ..)

    if FNB want to serve the foods — they could changed the location from usual spot to the annexe that day – and its a fucking holiday special …

    by the way, that just my “semata” idea !!!

    note : at last the day i’m being waiting ..
    sudah datang ,,,

  5. conquestforbread says:

    shammir,thats briliant.Annexe would be always a good place to meet up and exchanging ideas/ least for me.

  6. thee dr. says:

    A hot swollen tear runs down the cheek as we read of the demise of the Annexe-the new management should have at least honored the shows that we’re already booked…but maybe you can change them to some East Coast venues–bring it back, knowmsayen???!!!

  7. thee dr. says:


    Bual Madu di awan biru
    Tiada yang mengganggu
    Bulan madu di atas Pelangi
    The Annexe sudah tiada
    Kita tertinggal lara

  8. Dato' Fazly says:

    damn… cant believe this is happening…

  9. khairul azizi says:

    oh…well,thanx for all the sweet memory!its all over…:)

  10. watai says:

    that is the “hidden opression” from the annexxe management to the annexxe minority…..

  11. I heard the rental price start from RM400.
    Then the final i heard is RM1500.
    AWESOME Increasement.
    Joe, what is the venue rental price now?

  12. patah ker? says:

    There’s always the option of going back to doing shows at the gallery or the studio floors but such shows would need to be of very low numbers; i.e. around 150 pax and FREE entrance (as the management is wary about the permits needed).

    Thank god this option is still available.
    Joe, hope i can further organize my shows on 15th June. and as you said it’s FREE!!

  13. Joe Kidd says:

    Piko, where do you heard that bullshit? Can’t you read up there that it is because some company dah takeover the “disko”, the venue? There’s no increase of rental or anything.

    There’s NO VENUE RENTAL because there’s no more VENUE la boss. Aiyah!

  14. kid says:

    The release party gig might be CANCELLED.. ..
    but NOW lets NOT loose our one and only Ricecooker as well! MORE supports needed there!
    They obviously NEED more stuffs coming into the store. MORE kids buying (sheesh).
    AND more variety activities planned.

    Get yourself involved!

    Kah-Roe-Shi ‘Shi’ cd unleashed! 7 tracks plus 13 minutes live video of heavy hardcore crust influenced by His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia and Counterblast. Comes with silkscreened cover and 20 pages booklet. Will be available from these 13 label/distro: Kandar Mosh Distro, Quiet Still Death, Third Arm, Anock Mayrun, Papakerma, Ricecooker, Cellulite, Cactus, Bullwhip, Pissed Off, Protocrust, Theatrical and Pure Minds. Trade and wholesale: / 013-2497199 / 012-9127037 / 016-9081485. For more info (or to sample our songs, video and merchs):


  16. ellyrocker says:

    any mirc chatters from 97-2000 #under/sea webnet server?

    been listening to pilgrims – beware your heart..

    and the memory flying over my head. kuantan under the sea surely rocks!

    *this post doesn’t related to your topic joe, forgive me 🙂

  17. Pijan says:

    To all my copy-writer wannabe friend!
    sebenarnya crowd indie yg bagi sesak annexe tu.
    dulu hujan main sampai retak floor timber kat galeri tu.. Mmg ler aweknya ramai(jambu byk kata hisham!)..tapi bukan korang boleh bertemu jodoh pun..ini ‘malay’sia lah kawan..semua org bersopan santun dan berbudaya ‘timur’ walaupun musiknya dari western, jiwa mereka tetap oh melayu sesungguhnya, dan oleh itu memperakui bahawasanya bangsa arab jua lah idola mereka dunia dan akhirat.
    Hmm kalau akulah jadi tempat booking, aku takkan bagi chance kat band2 yg dah masuk radio tu..lagu diorang bukan threaten pun..lagu pasal homophobic ada kalau just nak main musik aje, baik masuk tv aje lah kasi kalah sama Faizal Tahir!
    Pada aku Annexe cuma sesuai utk crowd 100 – 200 max. dan scene yang dlm lingkungan tu cuma diy punk lah apa lagi. tak gitu sayang?
    kalau Annexe cuma host show yang kecil-kecilan aku rasa ok tempat ni. Tak caya cuba tengok Fathul main, mana ada sellout crowd?

    Oit Shammir..sejak bila kau dah tulis comment dlm intenet? hmm kagum aku.haha
    Oh ya, kalau korang nak tau dulu aku pernah jamming dengan si Fowler (aka Faizal Tahir!), ‘kitorang’ panggil mamat ni fowler masa kolej dulu..dan kitorang cover lagu Klover /Greenday! haha..mamat ni classmates /hostelmates aku dulu. Tp dia memang terror la main instrument, cuma of course dia poser. Lagi satu, masa kat ITM dulu si Kudux(Meet Uncle Hisap Husin) pernah jamm dgn ‘kitorang’. Lagu Sepultura je lah yg dia handal masa tu, buat aku tension je kena main riff Sepultura, padahal aku nak cover Agathocles tapi dia x pernah dengar masa tu.

    ‘kitorang’ = the people who care nothing about being fame

  18. thee dr. says:

    Otai..that’s not a hidden oppression…that’s a straight rip-off…Elly…I’ happily surprised you remember ‘Kuantan Under the Sea’…are you the Elly from Quiet Rock?

  19. watai says:

    whatever laa thee dr….. but its still in opression “family” right?
    ..lets do a busking laa sedara….

  20. thee dr. says:

    Yeah I wasn’t I said the Annexe should have at least honored their shows…yer absolutely right–it is oppression….busking..? What songs do you wanna play? 🙂

  21. patah ker? says:

    ohh yeahhh

    muahhhhh. kah3

  22. watai says:

    hehehe… whatever type of songs laa…
    suchlike….”kau kunci cintamu dlm hatiku”….
    awak main laa sedara thee dr… i’m not a musician…
    dan saya tak band (DIY) pun…;-)

  23. Pijan says:

    Annexe is belong to the businessman/profitable organization and not by the scenester. Luckily we got Man(Gasoline Grenade’s assholes!) who works there, as well as Joe/Hisham’s shop is there too that’s why we can held lot of shows ever since. Now Man already quitted, so there’s no more our friend in their management team.
    If you guys got your own space like basement park /a huge living room /old bungalow /old badminton court /big studio /abandon house etcetera I would like to suggest you to set up show by yourself. We can’t wait another anak dato’ /rich businessman anymore to become punk and help us. That’s what keep us alive other than rice!

  24. Pijan says:

    bagi pendapat kau kat sini shah.
    syok plak balas membalas lah.
    gian aku!

  25. thee dr. says:

    How about ‘Nigina’,’Teguh’ and ‘Bisa’ by Search and then some hippy shit like Bread or CCR…:)

  26. thee dr. says:

    But in response to Pijan I agree with you 100%-anywhere is a venue 🙂

  27. talibxjoe says:

    enchek mat aka thee dr..
    bg email…
    kita smbg perbincangan dl yg x selesai…
    byk nk bual nih…
    aku send mesej kt mespes fascist insect…

  28. Pijan says:

    Don’t help out australi band come here unless they help us!
    Fuk, put the blame to the punk scene in australi.
    Yes i mean it. Fuk them all!
    Buat apa keje nak tolong band mat salleh aje kalau
    diorang x tolong kita. Dah la nak berckp dgn diorang
    pun kena pakai bahasa diorang!
    apa. ingat planet ni bpk org putih punya ke.
    kimak punya mat salleh!
    aku x mati lah hidup tanpa mat salleh!

  29. thee dr. says:

    Pijan…are you joking around or serious?

  30. dean says:


    if we are talking about the matters related to what had happened to daighila, yes these bands, they do help. both cutsick and crux had been very helpful in doing the fund raising activities for daighila. they tried their best. on related story (as what i’d been told by the band) yeap (pisschrist) had even brought his lawyer friend to the center but he (the lawyer friend) suggested that not much can be done at that point of a time. many of the australian friends are still up till today keeping in touch to check on the well being of the band and they are very very concern. much love to the australian mates and can’t wait to see them here! that being said, authorities anywhere sucks lah.

  31. epit says:

    “if we are talking about the matters related to what had happened to daighila, yes these bands, they do help. both cutsick and crux had been very helpful in doing the fund raising activities for daighila. they tried their best.” -dean

    they really did.

  32. Pijan says:

    Yo mat dean(who r u eh?do we knw each other?)
    I dont know yeap anymore when he turns to be Pisschrist. I’m a good friend of him when he just started Mass Separation(I even sell my Discharge cd to him) so I dont know whad up to him now just heard story from friend about him.
    There’s not much trouble for outside band coming here Malaysia. I volunteerly will give a helping hand if some outside band got trouble coming here or getting stop by authority. You can’t bring lawyer straight to the airport(maybe it can help a liltle bit). You’ve to understand how their immigration system(policy everything) works because it’s kind of vary from one country to another.
    My suggestion for local band is, dont tour Australia anymore. Choose other spot. Thank you.

  33. Pijan says:

    If anyone want to argue with me on this matter and dont want to make them public, email me :

    Sometimes you can’t share everything.will ya?

  34. di-ai-wai says:

    OZ police department……
    …. die hard spirit of ROMPER STOMPER RULES……

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