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  1. xnizangx says:

    jellybelly is fucking MTV poppunksss…! hahha.
    yeah…dirty divider really need yer help to play gig…they’ve been around the KT scene for a while now. but still they were not been invited to play. so do help them. u can call or sms their main man, Mubing at 012 956 8251. OK now…u can also buy their CDr from my distro.
    haven’t heard about the other band though…hope to grab one copy!

  2. xnizangx says:

    oh now i know that the goodnite goodies actually used to be known as THE CONSULTANT (released 2 songs in dungun compilation cd and played turtles marching again gig in pasir putih early this year)…then they changed their name to PHD…and now changed again to the goodnite goodies. if i’m not mistaken they all used to play in some dungun hardcore bands like non-intervention, domination digital, creshendo conpendium, etc in late 90’s.
    i contacted them, so this is the details: their CD is for RM5+stamps and the address is mohd firdaus latep, lot 7484, jln melati, sura tengah, 23000 dungun, terengganu, malaysia.
    sms Os at 012 967 9875 to invite them for your shows..
    joe…i especially enjoyed that chorus too… “why dont u just leave us, bastards bastards, take our piss and run, test it in your mouth, uuuuuuurine sucker!!”
    ps: if Alak agreed to put them in Non Conformity comp. 2, i can email their photos to you guys or simply take it at the i-bands.

  3. Bing says:

    for you,we shall give…tq for the comments for dirty divider!we mean serious bussiness here….hahahah….lets face it…we love being here,love our scene but fear…you know it better!thanxs a lot Joe!our demo just a test tube babies.if there any weakness in it,just comment!after all,we just the new generation who knows just a little about music.so do guide us!for those who fuck us…tq…for those who gives us motivation…punk rawk!

  4. parfume says:

    the has change thier email to : the_goodnite_goodies@yahoo.com
    it’s simply because the old email sucks!!neway thanx to joe for reviewing oue demo EP.although we’re new, but now we can strive all the way!! let reneact terengganu’s punk rawk scenes.

  5. xnizangx says:

    ok ni die list utk september, semua barang termasuk kos penghantaran.

    home items:
    ner04 Dully Dog “Nobody Understands” cass -KT melodic punk brats RM5ppd
    ner05 Dully Dog “picture of you” cdr -KT melodic punk brats RM4ppd
    ner06 V/A Bonds of Old skool cd -malaysian old skool HC comp. RM10ppd*
    ner07 Inikah Hidup “soundtracks war & destruction” -KT screamcore rock RM11ppd*

    Distro Items:
    the goodnite goodies “anti-establishment” cdr -Dungun melodic punk/HC RM6ppd
    The Happening “shit happens” cass -Japan girl poppunk political band RM6ppd
    Dirty Divider “zero to loose” cdr -KT old skool punk RM6ppd
    V/A Marks of Existence cd -malaysian/singaporean bands various styles RM11ppd
    Relationsheep/Rai Ko Ris -split cdr -malaysian/nepalese political punk rock RM6ppd
    Kasih Sayang “spoon-feeding the nation” cass -KT politi mincecorepunks RM6ppd
    Dip Leg “sympaty without love” cass -screamo rock Japan RM6ppd
    Konsert Akademi Fantasia ke 18 vcd -RM88

    Reading Items:
    jerangkung dalam almari zine #2- interview with gustiXkatilXdistro, Black Konflik recs
    and the goodnite goodies RM2ppd*
    jerangkung dalam almari zine #1 -interview dgn xtimmyx RM2ppd
    we’re gonna fight #7 -international punk/hc/ska/oi RM3ppd

    alamat: nizang, 49, jln rahim kajai, tmn tun dr ismail, 60000 kuala lumpur, malaysia
    for money order, write AHMAD NIZAMUDDIN ABDULLAH

    letih aku taip ni kalu mung dok beli gok dok tau ahhhh…hahahha acah jer.
    item bertanda * ada utk wholesale/trade

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