Sunday, March 19th 2006: International Mobilisation Against The War and Invasion of Iraq


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    the war in iraq-now you’re taking me back-i can be here for the next two years talking about this shit -it is a highly questionable conflict-and is ultimately all about big business:all of our cafeterias and laundries and internet places were run by kbr
    (kellogg,brown and root)-which are a susidiary of halliburton-which dick cheney has close ties to-this is a built-in consumer base of 200,00 people-that we know about …there are private security contractors who get paid$500-$1000 a day-the translators who get paid $200,00 dollars a year…and then there’s the little question of oil…i don’t want to say our guys died for nothing-they did die for something but it is not in my ability to say just what- i honestly beleive that bush,cheney and rumsfeld are mass murderers-for killing more than 2,000 US soldiers-i leave you now with words from isaiah 2:4…’nation will not lift up sword against nation nor shall they learn war…’hey bush,you’re the one who’s supposed to live by this shit,ya asshole…but what’s another layer of hypocrisy to him?does anyone want to expand on this discussion?

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