Sunday, December 4th 2005: Troubaganger 16 Days of Activism Special @ La Bodega, KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. Was at this gig last night, at least for about an hour. The RM20 entrance was actually RM10 + a drink of your choice. So if you’re there just for the moosic, pay RM10 lah. I didn’t pay, no money mah! I was there to pool some money together for our friend who was taken in by the polis last Friday, and also to see Lucy in the Loo. There were tonnes of people but unlike Unclogged’s regulars, they were mostly of the fashionable young upwardly mobile sort. Me and Rahmat (who were there briefly) were the only ones in a pair of flip-flops! And they also buy loadsa drinks, which is always good for the venue, which in turn, very good for the organiser also lah. And as a friend remarked it, there were more girls too.

    Anyway, I saw two women playing solo sets, capable folky-pop thingy but nothing which would drive me all excited as a Janis Joplin or Patti Smith would. They were followed by a bunch of 5 guys doing an accapella Ruffedge/Boy 2 Men soulless RnB harmonising around the mikes bit. I thought it was gonna be a skit, but hell no. They were dead serious! Dang! Hmmm… what’s with kids today eh?

    I went downstairs and hung out with Azmyl (the night’s self-appointed doorbitch) before heading off to the nearest mamak with Ben (Bitches) and Rafil (360 Degree) for some food. And I was stuck there till 1 am, talking with So’od (Roots’n’Boots) and friends about god, the corruption of the belief system and the meaning of life!!!! Whew! I still find it amazing surreal, talking about such topics with two ex-skinheads! Excellent! Skins that read books, now that’s a rare combination.

    All in, a very good night indeed. Now I’m up way too early feeling perrty groggy.

  2. kalium says:

    Surprise act, Panda Head Curry, a colloboration between 360DHR and Ben’s Bitches frontmen took the last performance (read when most everyone went home) with politically incorrect dittys about gettin drunk, shootin’ & eatin’ endangered species animals and hangin’ out with the devil. For some reason I couldn’t figure out Azmyl’s Samic guitar finger board (which is not surprising) and had a ball creating new chord structures.

    In the near future, we are looking at putting together a Black Metal Vocal Boy Band, “Syaitan Shuka Shiela”. Mr. Kidd is slated to be on baritone growls.

  3. mohd JAYzuan says:

    dengar kata lucy punya set tak cun macam slalu sebab tak practise. rafil and joe, opinion?

  4. sori. aku tak tengok. sibuk duk borak.

  5. kalium says:

    I thought Lucy’s set was fine. I prefer them full electric, though.

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