Sunday, 9th September 2007: IndieCore PestControl @ MCPA Hall


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. yes punk is a thinker, not a follower…if u just a follower u just a yuppie, groupie ape lagi… bila zaman habis ko pun jd org lain plak…just nak nampak cool…dlm scene claim ko diy punk…or nak ckp band ko underground ke…(wujud lagi ke istilah underground?)

  2. epit says:

    ada dalam KAMI

  3. Seorang aku says:

    sayang sekali..

    aku suka lagu – lagu mereka.
    tapi aku tak boleh terima dengan tindakan dan kata – kata mereka.

    tiba – tiba aku teringat ada kawan pernah berkata pada aku,

    “kalau kau suka dengan kerja orang tu, hati – hati untuk kenal dengan orang itu, kau mungkin takkan suka dengan orang itu, dan akhirnya kau takkan suka dengan kerjanya walaupun kerjanya bagus.

    kalau kau suka dengan orang tu, hati – hati dengan kerjanya, kau mungkin akan setuju sahaja dengan kerjanya kerana kau sudah suka dengan orangnya.”

    kalau salah, tolong diperbetulkan.

  4. redneckhope says:

    P U N K
    Sape / Ape / Kenape / Bagaimane Punk?
    Cukup Punk kah si Punk itu dengan tindak-tanduk-kuku yang dilakukan? Sape yg menilai akan kecukupan Punk beliau? Adekah badan-badan bebas yang dibentuk untuk menilai sejauh mana pemikiran Punk nye?

  5. belalang says:

    korng 2 memg bodoh.
    hujan memg btol..
    amar maaruf nahi mungkar
    kite cegah y burok n amalkan y baek..
    korg bukan stakat nk cegah bende burok tu,malah makin nk sokong
    ape ke bodoh nye..
    bende tu dh memg berdosa wat ape nk bela2 lg..
    ni laa kebodohan masyrkat kite..

  6. Pijan says:

    Sheila On 7, Dewa, these blend of indo-pop just come and gone!
    Now there’s thousand other shitty band following their leg,
    but still they just come and gone! Popular music is nothing forever.
    It’s just like a pop corn, sweet, honey but it’s only a junk food.
    Whoever stupid motherfucka who never knew The Strokes from the start will surely getting excited when found sound like Hujan.
    I mean, this kind of newcomers are nothing than MTV /ROTTW /Spin avid-readers consumer! Do they know any gossip between Evan Dando of Lemonheads and Juliana Hatfield? Do they ever heard Polyvinyl Records? Is Arcade Fire from England or Canaduh? Do they know that The Sad Riders from Switzerland sound like The Get Up Kids?
    They better dig The Weakerthans or the latest album from The New Amsterdams. Or else please check out Azim’s band The Shotgun Eleanor’s Affair. Or else please ask Budin Petai or Abu Rocco about the oral history of “Indiependent-Pop 101”. Shall I call it?

  7. Pijan says:

    Hoi belalang kunyit!
    no god no master no manager!
    fuck religion!
    fuk you too!

  8. di-ai-wai says:

    no fucker no godfather !
    no better no weaker !
    no hooker no motherfucker !
    no slaver no slayer !
    no sucker no manner !
    no prayer no answer !
    no religion no future……!!!!

  9. moshing_machine says:


    korng 2 memg bodoh.
    hujan memg btol..
    amar maaruf nahi mungkar
    kite cegah y burok n amalkan y baek..

    – blalang, can you take your 30 idiotology and preaching somewhere else or go report to 36/77 so you beat and fuck up anyone that you dislike and still doing the “naruto” cakra thingy with your finger

    If you said AMNM, i suggest you taubat and stop listening to anything that used string, drums, its Haram for your sacret belief. its very sinfull and i belive that you dont want sins to be added to your life

    instead of trying and preacing what right and wrong, you should look at yourself, stop listening to bands/ music cuz they play guitar, sings and halucid you. start your self to “mengaji, donate to the needy instead of buying hujan cd, dont ever forget to pray when the time come plus other prayer, go feed your felow religion & brother and sister that is poor and needy.

    do a KAFA class or perhaps go to a religion preaching sesssion. dont go to concert, jam session, gig and everthing that got to do with music and dont watch bands, artis, AF ect ect. infact quit all and concentrate on your self going to “heaven” cuz we all are going straight to hell to party with 2pac and biggie plus johnny rotten, nasum & demon system 13

    don’t be hiprokit.. lookinside your self first

  10. Pijan says:

    hey. hooker is ok.
    legalize prostitution!

  11. Pijan says:

    hey. hooker is ok.
    legalize prostitution!

    moshing machine(nama lu macho daa!)
    check out lagu baru aku ‘dilarang melarang’
    kat http://www.myspace/gasgrenade

  12. di-ai-wai says:

    no religion no future……!!!!

    this phrase mean…

    p/s : just to correct the misunderstood …sorry!!!

  13. thee dr. says:

    Whooooaaaa….what’s this? Another debate/argument? If it’s true Hujan is homophobic there I’m guessing you’ll see that Penglipurlara CID agent/Informer in the front row so he can suck off Noh….he’s in the closet….he might even be there on a date with his boyfrind Bodowi…Pijan–I agree with you:Legalize prostitution…I mean..I know it’s a form of exploitation but it’s the lesser of many evils.

  14. khairul azizi says:

    blalang ni moralis mane pulak?aduh!Saya keliru dan buntu tibe2 ade polis moral bernama blalang di sini..

  15. moshing_machine says:

    moshing machine worship the mosh goddess. god of all powerfull mosh combines. moshing with attitude while profilin’ and stylin.

    pijan, new song eh ? i think u played that song before rite ? catchy title..

    thee, this page is more exciting than the othe one. here got lots and load of moralist versus the devil.

  16. Pijan says:

    It’s up to womyn to do whatever they want with their body. No question on that. However, the prositution industry today is belong to the gang control because of it’s illegalization by the government who design and create a creature like belalang kunyit.
    The government and society really make people stress on the mattter of sexual intercourse. It’s ok if you end-up releasing you fukin sperm out in the toilet but some people just can’t stand that way and these men end up by harassing womyn i.e rape. Remember that your own penis is your own private property and not belong to the government so police yourself!

  17. Pijan says:

    yup..dilarang melarang just been recorded properly last week. semuanya by man, aku masuk lead gtr aje..hehe

    “moshing machine worship the mosh goddess. god of all powerfull mosh combines. moshing with attitude while profilin‚Äô and stylin.”

    Yeah, for sure you can mosh like there’s no tomorrow in the front row of armageddon! yet just remember the other friend, the female audience who want to join the front row but being outpowered by their male counterpart who mosh like fukin crazy! That’s why I think most female audience is not attracted to this kind of crowd /music scene.

  18. moshing_machine says:

    pijan, i say “goddess” sure can la…

    mosh like crazy ? eheheh u mean like our local mosh guru’s ?

  19. thee dr. says:

    Mosh gurus..hehe…

  20. thee dr. says:

    Also…a little band info: our split 7″ with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium will be coming out on Agromosh Records-check out both bands if you get a chance: vomitorium

    One more thing…if you guys know any sludge/doom/stoner/down-tempo bands from Malaysia or neighboring countries message us…thank you beforehand…

  21. saker_ayam says:

    even media sendiri ‘benci’ hujan
    (terbace dlm BH minggu lepas)

  22. zika zika says:

    Guys, jangan masukkan bab agama dalam hal ni. Kau bukan hidup dalam negara yang mana rakyatnya satu agama sahaja. Belajar respect hak asasi orang lain. Kita taknak gaduh gaduh. Kalau betul kau ada problem dengan mereka yang homo, apakata kau confront dengan mereka instead of kutuk mereka dalam ricecooker ni. Kalau mereka free thinker, apa kata kau confront dengan mereka juga? Kan senang daripada tak henti membebel? Stop moaning around la uncle.

  23. mosh says:

    thee dr,

    check out our band Fall to their Death , we playing down tune, slow to mid tempo atmosphrc nu post metal reminisence of Neurosis, isis, minks, and other ‘is, is’. we been around for sometimes and will release full lenght cd next month under basement recs & cactus. checkout\undeadscavanger

    moshing_machine? prepare to meet your master, the mosh itself. kekeke

  24. Pijan says:

    Mohsin! Nausea rules! Neurosis skg..aduh Dillinger Escape Plan gak jadik slow dan clean dah masuk Relapse. eh Earache ke relapse?tu hari aku ada tgk video dia..

    Aku nak ni yg ni : our split 7‚Ä? with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
    bila kluar beb 7″ nih?
    Kau lyn Merzbow /MSBR tak?anywhere dulu aku mmg lyn gila MITB!
    Masa tu brp kerat je band sound sludge..
    Oh ya, haziman subang aku dgr ada buat project electro/rave/noise/dnb cam ATR..kau lyn tak noise camtu?

  25. mosh says:

    da tua janggut panjang. so sound pun slow and steady la… DEP aku rase da nk balik blik ke zaman calc infnty la. cuz myb takde modal kot. org da stat bosan..

    eh beb, kite nie da terbabas dari drama posting kt sini. kang ade yg komen panjang ngan penuh depresi n emotional (doom metal ) plak.. 😀

  26. thee dr. says:

    Mosh–thanx a lot for the heads up.
    Pijan-Alexey from NxVx is handling the release–he told me that day it would be released on Agromosh–which should be nice…
    Neurosis isn’t as good anymore…they are clean as fuck–I like their live version of ‘Locust Star’ on the Ozzfest ’97 cd…Buzzov*en are good too but notoriously hard to find… le alamatnye..what about Facedowninshit? Or some of our Midwestern bands like Drug Honkey, Iron Teeth, The Nain Rouge, Accept Death, Fistula, Scumchrist, etc…..?

  27. mosh says:

    no prob mate, do check us out..

  28. thee dr. says:

    Yup…already put a friend request in 🙂

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