Sunday, 8th April 2007: Seremban Holocaust!!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kelanglang says:

    ah seremban… the other hometown…

    speaking of which, whatever happened to those nice fellas in WMFM?
    have they ever committed anything on to a recording device?
    if not a kaset release, a live show perhaps?

    would love to get in touch

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Who was it who told me that WMFM is looking for shows again. Hmm. Have to trace the guy. Anyway, last I heard Achoi (or is it anchoi? acoi?) – the guy who screams for the band – was making videos or something similarly filmic, in the vicinity of the UITM, Shah Alam a few years back.

    The other, related act, FUCKCHOP was discussed here about a year ago:


    I saw FuckChop’s Mike (AKA Mikon or Yr Mike) at the recent Stick birthday bash. The man’s healthy and looking forever young but he should be writing more lah. Or at least fukkabout with the tapes again.

  3. myo says:

    lama n9 menyepi. bes bes!

  4. kelanglang says:

    Apart from reissuing Modar’s Inferior Symphony,
    the Fuck Chop kaset should also
    be reissued. Also, the releases of those other “industrial” groups from the same time — I believe they were mostly from Perak?

    Additionally, Chong Yang’s only album. And since Moxuan never
    did release an album, a compilation of their tracks along
    with live recordings (assuming there are any of the latter) should be put out as a release in itself.

    Anyone interested should definitely get in touch with this old fella:

    I hear he’s something of a wordsmith and would be very happen to contribute with extensive (or brief) liner notes, amongst other things aside from words.

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    I asked Mark Soundscape recently whether he has tracks by Moxuan and apparently he has a few. I’ve also asked Yandsen but the man doesn’t seem to be that interested to revisit anything from that “rockist” period of his creativity. May have to persuade the guy again soon. I believe I have taken videos of Moxuan performing but again, I don’t have time to rummage through that DV box.

    As for MODAR. I do have a few tapes of unreleased demo recordings, gathering dust in my store. The band actually recorded two demo sessions at the Hellions Studio, Medan Mara back in 1992. These were used to get that record deal from Sonic Asylum.

    The other industrial-influenced groups were GORB (featuring Jadam, from Ipoh), Industrios (KL-based, featuring Tang Wim Poh, now running Clockwork Records, and Eddie/Edy of ACAB and now Gerhana Ska Cinta) and of course, Marlinspike (also KL-based, featuring another guy named Eddie and Farouk from Kuching, Farouk actually went on to form a very good but short-lived hardcore punk band Fist of Fury with Naza/Natazar ). Marlinspike’s demo was quite a hit back in the day, everyone loved it.

    I also want to point out that Fathul actually released a tape under the name of Infectious Maggots in 1994. It’s called as something “Cookie Monster”. It’s not really Infectious Maggots second album though, as it was Fathul alone doing elektronik/industrial stuff, along with (current Dung drummer) Bullet helping out. BTW; Bullet was also doing sampling and stuff under the name of Dokumen (a track of which was supposed to be in the 1992’s Circle of Friends compilation, but that didn’t happen, I can’t remember why now!)

    At that point in time, these guys were listening to a lot of Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Ministry, Pigface, Swans, Einsturzende Neubaten and all that late-80s to mid-90s industrial bands. It’s interesting to note that many discovered industrial via early-crust/grindcore UK labels such as Earache and Peaceville. It’s pretty odd though, that none of these bands survived the trend.

  6. Joe Kidd says:

    just remembered this. Writer, activist, ex-architect, cartoonist, revered friend of everyone; KIT LEE, now known more as ANTARES, actually recorded and released 2 albums back in the mid-80s. I had both albums on cassettes but both died due to the very low quality cassette tapes used. I remember it was atonal, ambient, piano pieces and all sort of sound experimentation, including chants and percussion etc.

    Antares told me that he booked some studio in KL and stayed in it for days recording all of that alone. He also told me that the master tapes of that were rotting away due to the humidity here. I’m not sure if he still has those priceless recordings.

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    BTW people and supporters of the local bawah-tanah, when my workload is lighter I will be setting up a wiki for the local scene. Those who wanna help by being writers, contributors, editors etc, please get in touch.


  8. myo says:

    im ready to write. melayu boleh. matsaleh boleh.

  9. kelanglang says:

    “KIT LEE, now known more as ANTARES, actually recorded and released 2 albums back in the mid-80s”

    Somehow I just don’t trust your judgement Mr Kidd :))
    I’ve heard some of his output from that period of time
    and they just reaffirm my view of the often liberal use
    of the word “experimental”, mostly to the word’s detriment.
    But perhaps those two tapes are different beasts altogether?

    I’m hopeful. Very. If they are as esoteric as you say they are,
    it would be a HORRIBLE shame not to have them in
    wider and global circulation. The world (the “underground” la)
    will be all over this like fish to water, I can assure of that.

    Would absolutely love to hear them.

  10. kelanglang says:

    “It‚Äôs called as something ‚ÄúCookie Monster‚Äù”

    I remember buying this along with CD’s Songs for Friends
    sometime in the 90s.

    To be completely blunt, I was left disappointed with
    “Cookie Monster”.
    Strong expectations were built up after having being informed of the “industrial” connections by friends in almost the same way you detailed above. I had wanted this to be one helluva “fucked up” record but it turned out rather “wholesome” upon having heard it. If I recall, it was mostly with the way the drumbeat
    (drum machine) arrangements that was a central gripe…

    Anyway, is this out of print? If it is, someone should definitely put it back into circulation again.

  11. kelanglang says:

    “As for MODAR. I do have a few tapes of unreleased demo recordings, gathering dust in my store. The band actually recorded two demo sessions at the Hellions Studio, Medan Mara back in 1992. These were used to get that record deal from Sonic Asylum.”

    A potential double CD reissue of the album?

    Disc 1: Inferior Symphony (the actual album itself meticulously transfered (from whatever source — cassettes one would assume), mixed and mastered appropriately)
    Disc 2: Studio outtakes, demos, odds and bits, etc..

    Would reissuing this “off shore” (ie. not Malaysia) be a possible solution to skirting the local copyright legalities?

  12. ateng says:

    hmm. the guy in fuckchop (mr ishak @ jason)got another industrial/electro project band called volume control syndicate.( the guy in WMFM ( it stands out for wake me for meal.. haha), achoi n fizam is still here in Seremban and a show for them? just wait for it =)I’m looking forward to bring them back sooner

  13. Joe Kidd says:

    kelanglang, i do agree with you on the quality of Cookie Monster, i do have the tape but it must have been more than 10 years since i put it on for a visit. That said, the quality doesn’t remove its nature from the then thriving “industrial-influenced” local output.

    As for your reservation about Kit Leee’s earlier recordings, i don’t blame you. His post-solo stuff with the half-indigenous troupe Akar Umbi (along with Rafique Rashid and also Bullet at one time) is pretty far from the suggested atonal soundscaping.

    Ateng! Bring WMFM back boss!

  14. Joe Kidd says:

    BTW; I saw MODAR the other night and I was rather disappointed (and I told Man Modar about it). The band has lost the turgid, remorseful feel and still-air atmosphere which made Modar Mark I so special. What I saw that night was Modar playing at being early Paradise Lost.

  15. kelanglang says:

    So after all this talk, will anyone actually do the work of reissuing all or some of the aforementioned recordings?
    I volunteer to do it. Happily. Either on CD or CD-r.

    But since I don’t own any of the masters or first pressings or whatever related recordings (apart from Chong Yang and Moxuan), I will need
    people to share them or send me copies.

  16. kelanglang says:


    Yes, please get WMFM and FuckChop (or Mike alone)
    back in action. If you like, you could get in touch with the Studio in Cheras, KL people for a show. Shows don’t just happen in the studio in Cheras but elsewhere if they’re able to secure venues.
    Ron– roniku[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
    Siew Wai– kokbuffalo[at]yahoo[dot]com

  17. ateng says:

    yeah.. i’m trying to gather them back.. most of them are busy with their career, some of them already get married.. but we’ll see bout that then.. =)

  18. ajk surau taman desa says:

    wah lama tak tgk quest of quasar .. rasa nak pergi … tapi ada plak satu band tak best … ko rasa band apa yang tak best tu ..

    fuck u …

  19. Dude says:

    Brader joe boleh citer sket pasal band Marlinkspike.

  20. acapan says:

    hmm.. hannibal rising layan gak. cuba korg tgk.

  21. wallsplug says:

    ya2 quest of quasar ttp trbaik hehe..apsal aku tgk org dok cerita tentang band2 yg tiada dlm flyer?pelik.. ;]

  22. maisarah says:

    talk about noise and seremban town…i would like to see and meet PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE!!Seremban’s noise monster.Are there still around? Please let me know about them..

  23. dean says:

    udah2 la tu syukree (aka ajk surau tmn desa).

    bawak tobat. get a life.
    pakcik surau tu pun lagi bijak & matang.
    jumpa aku pun bertegur salam. takde masalah langsung.
    ko yg kat rumah, sepatah haram tak bersuara.
    main tulis2 note, soooo darjah 2.
    since ko dah buat public statement, aku pun buat jgk la.
    saje nak feel jd lame-ass.

    hahaha…gile tak best!

    last dah ni, ko nak bising2 lepas ni, dipersilakan.

  24. dean says:


    biasa lah nostalgia =)
    no harm done.

  25. ajk surau taman desa aka syukree says:

    terima atas sms anda:)

    sila buka pekung di dada.

    selepas ini orang akan tau siapa sebenarnya ko.

  26. beramboi says:

    fuck u syukri…hehe damm!

  27. maisarah says:

    Apasal? ada gadoh ke kat sini?
    Tak la gadoh2 mcm ni.

  28. razman_grind says:

    Hi and hello to maisarah..
    Pasal band PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE yang awak tanya tu saya rase band tu ada lagi cuma line-up diorang dah slow skit biasa la karier dan keluarga…Most of the line-up,ada kat seremban lagi..Awak ada tak split PxSx ngan ANDONATSU?saya nak…bole?

  29. Lee_gore says:

    Band Grind Seremban tu? Bising giler!!!!
    Lame tak jumpe diaorang.Last skali aku rase jumpe kat PUNK PICNIC PORT DICKSON..

  30. syukree says:

    perang tak sudah jika papakerma + at least i speak masih wujud … aku akan pastikan mereka berkubur …

  31. wallsplug says:

    PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE mmg best..rindu ndak tgk,lpk gn diaorg lg,tp apa kn daya..masing2 dh ada komitmen 🙁

    wah mr dean ada pekung didada? nk jilat skit bole…hahaha
    mr syukree membuat onar lg :)..mcm filem melayu zaman dulu la huhu..

  32. pedas says:


  33. beramboi says:

    memalukan fnb tul ko ni syukree.

  34. syukree says:

    terima kasih kerana tolong tambah kayu.

    saya bukan daripada fnb. tolong jangan melibatkan fnb.

  35. Dude says:


  36. xnizangx says:

    kontroversi mmg perlu untuk glamer..ekekeke…

  37. Satan says:

    Kontroversi untuk membodohkan diri.

  38. syukree says:

    selamat berhibur!

  39. wallsplug says:

    berhibur ayah ko..

  40. dean says:

    vultures and tyrant didnt make the cut

    vultures – job commitment
    tyrant – sibling passed away, takziah kimi

    small room, nice sweat
    managed to collect just enough to pay the rent

    it was a fun (exhausting) party. qoq simply kills! ocb, dramacoma,kinsflok all killer! alis was just ok (hey, months of non practice really does it work)

  41. ateng says:

    huhu dean.. i think all the bands that day are killers.. the meehun goreng are killer too.. bayar rm5.00 dpt mkn n minum.. best tuh..hahha
    n the best things is.. at least i speak masih di luar kubur lagi.. hahahha

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