Sunday, 6th July 2008: Cycle For Fun!


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kid says:

    pemuda pas claimed that the concert now definitely CANCELLED by the protes committee and so does all the other planned activities that they think not suitable to viewed by pas leaders and their supporters.

    i hope that pemuda pas would not try to stop you people from bicycling with your other boy/girlfriends, just to show support and solidarity for the this so called protest by the people.

    ..pihak PROTES telah bersetuju untuk meniadakan semua aktiviti nyanyian yang melibatkan band dan kumpulan – kumpulan sebagaimana yang tertera di poster sebelum ini.. – an excerpts from one the pemuda pas leaders’ blog himself, for more –

  2. srzmn says:

    hahaa!! funny.

  3. Pijan says:

    “I practice on my own, but everyone else should be free to do as they please” -Lena Elmuti from Palestine

  4. srzmn says:

    “reform! reform! yet nothing’s change! the system remain the same!”
    – hazim coppola

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    It’s happening as we all expected it and we should be all very proud lah: blinded, constipated, mindless religio-fascists are still cowering in fear of our noise!!

    Hail Satan! Ahhahahahaha!

  6. rizie says:

    “Tambahan pula kumpulan artis yang diundang sangat tidak sesuai untuk tontonan seorang muslim yang soleh dan muttaqin .” – ustaz nasrudin-tantawi

  7. shahrizalisme says:

    Poodien, Hakim and all,

    I wish I could have joined you all for this bike ride like what we succesfully did for ‘crtical mass’ event 27 July last year. However, living far away from my beloved country, I could only wish for another succesful, fun and happening ride. Personally, I ride my bike everyday as the main transportation.

    Remember, one cyclist is one less car. “Critical mass doesn’t block traffic,Critical Mass is traffic itself.”

  8. shahrizalisme says:

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    Jaws was never my scene
    And I don’t like Star Wars
    You say Rolls I say Royce
    You say God give me a choice
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    I don’t believe in Peter Pan
    Frankenstein or Superman
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    For Vietnam or Watergate
    Cos all I want to do is
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    Bicycle Race-Queen.

    Can this be the theme song for all bikes’ lover?


  9. moshing_machine says:

    anyway, u invite politician eh? sapa suruh.. too bad la. now how ?

    skate or die!

  10. Joe Kidd says:

    to some people who are confused about this, please don’t talk through your arsehole lah. get your facts right or at least ask for more info.


    There’s a protest rally/gathering/march happening on July 6th.

    Padang Timur, depan Ampcorp Mall, PJ

    Apparently it’s starting at 10 am and goes on sampai 12 midnight

    Who’s organising it? Well, i’m not sure. There’s a group called Protes (Gabungan Anti Inflasi) on the net (go here:, and they seem to be the mouthpiece for this gathering.

    Who’s behind it? Your guess is as good as mine but it’s obvious that the Pakatan Rakyat (the opposition front – PKR, DAP, PSM & PAS) is involved.

    It’s a protest against the recent fuel hike – “seluruh rakyat yang terbeban dengan kenaikan harga minyak,” – as what the site said it.

    Apparently the organising committee wants to have a lot of different cultural performances happening at the gathering. From the website again: “Selain itu, persembahan drum India dan drum Cina, persembahan kompang, nasyid, dikir barat dan lagu-lagu politik juga akan turut mengambil tempat bagi mencuri perhatian rakyat”

    And as you can see if you saw the earlier flyers, some bands were also included in the program lah. However, some influential people in PAS are against having “rock” bands. Go read the arguments here (please do read the comments also lah):

    That’s the story so far.

    Now, we have the police threatening people with arrest if they join the gathering:

    “Ketua polis Selangor menasihatkan orang ramai supaya tidak menyertai perhimpunan membantah kenaikan harga minyak, yang dijadualkan Ahad ini di Petaling Jaya.

    Menurut polis, perhimpunan sehari suntuk mulai 10 pagi di padang depan kompleks membeli-belah di depan Amcorp Mall merupakan perhimpunan haram.” – from MalaysiaKini report (

    So the authorities are trying to stop it while PAS people don’t wanna rock’n’roll.

    Will the gathering happen? Will the ‘rock” bands play? Will PAS people have a slam-pit?

    At this point, it’s still up in the air lah. We don’t know.


    apa persamaan PDRM dan PAS ??

    jawapan kamu ???

  12. srzmn says:

    bagi aku ini lah sebenarnya threats yang paling terang di depan mata. bila agama, bangsa dan negara dijadikan alasan untuk melarang dan menjadi sangat fasis apabila menggunakan label-label “beban-tanggungjawab” tadi.


    jawapannya.. saya ingin guna talian hayat. kejap eh! mau call kawan saya dulu!

  13. srzmn says:


    Selamat Datang ke Malaysia, Tahun Meliwat Malaysia 2008. Amen.

  14. RIBUT says:

    masa untuk berubah…kena lebih radikal ..hiburan tak berkesan..go anwar be our PM.

  15. srzmn says:

    Dua Kali Lima la!!

  16. Joe Kidd says:

    Latest news: from Malaysiakini

    The ‘one million people’ protest which was previously scheduled to be held at Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya has been moved to the Kelana Jaya Stadium.

    According to PKR Youth Chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, the decision to relocate was made during a party meeting held last night.

    It is believed that the meeting was held at PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s residence in Bukit Segambut . The Kelana Jaya stadium has some 50,000 seats and its field can also accommodate the same amount of people. When contacted, Anti-Inflation Coalition (Protes) secretary Dr Hatta Ramli also confirmed the relocation but declined to elaborate.

    The protest is against the recent fuel price hike.

    BTW; As someone who will be there and maybe taking part in the cultural show, I just wanna say that my attendance is NOT about getting Anwar or PKR into power nor I’m down with PAS’ Islamo-fascism. As far i’m concerned, it’s rock’n’roll with the people!

  17. scum` says:

    dah la perfomance semua membosankan.
    dalam stadium pulak.
    dah mcm malas nak pegi.
    alang alang dalam stadium, baik bagi band main!
    apa kata ustaz nasrudin tantawi?

  18. lori says:

    apa bezanya dahulu dan sekarang?

  19. thee dr. says:

    Fuck PAS and fuck Islamofascism-they already ruined Kelantan now they’re gonna ruin the other states they won-honestly..honestly…PAS has more in common with the BN crime family than it does PRM (centrist), Keadilan (Anwar Ibrahim personality cult), or DAP (leftwing/socialist)-they’re two sides of the same filthy, rusty coin-arrogant, patriarchal, self-righteous BULLSHIT. For the life of me I cannot understand why those parties would align themselves with PAS- to them everything is ‘haram’ this haram that-remember Mat Sabu and his horny little ass-or when a PAS senior member made an absurd claim to the effect that ‘angels’ had been at the polling stations when they won a certain election?-I mean…these people need some serious psychiatric help. I could go on and on about this but…back to your regularly scheduled comments-one last thing-I bet Penglipurlara is wetting his pants with joy right now. As a matter of fact, they probably banned it based on info given by him….

  20. scum` says:

    they will.

  21. shahrizalisme says:

    Joe, what happened actually yesterday? Your vocalist’s showmanship become headline now. Is it the case of being at the wrong time and wrong place?

    Anyway, could anyone please update on the ‘bike trip’ yesterday? Was it happened?


  22. thee dr. says:

    Yeah I read about that shit here:

    It’s kind of become an international incident I guess-I’m fucking surprised but of course the PAS supporters overrreacted-they live on an entirely different planet-either that or they got all hot and bothered by the show…or they were angry because he wasn’t a 12-year-old boy…but either way fuck them. They seriously need to get expelled from this opposition coalition A.S.A.P….they’re of no use at all-hopefully the partner parties will consider it after this show of lack of respect for freedom of expression and intolerance…if they don’t then they might as well kiss the coalition goodbye because PAS (Pembawa Ancaman Sial) is gonna kill it dead. So maybe this display did serve some kind of purpose i.e. people are exposed to this piece of shit excuse for a political party and know what they really are-fascists with a different angle. So..benefit show for Alak p’raps?

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