Sunday, 4th March 2007: Rise of Power Metal @ Giggers Centerstage


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. ammirhafzan says:

    Hi all, do come to this gig coz i yg organised. Here are some info on bands yg akan perform:
    1) Symphonia – before this was known as Melong King. Kepala geng ialah Aman (guitarist). Currently, they are preparing for latest release Tribute to Malmsteen & in the vocal mixing process for upcoming album. Come & feel the sound of scallop neck fender sound…

    2) Concerto & Powerchord – These guys play old school metal.

    3) Revenge – These are the bed boy band. They are so “laku” with gig invitation. Mission staement, to bring back the glory of Rock Kapak scene. they are the only guys who dare to wear red / yellow tight jeans and Aliph shoes nowadays !!

    4) BannBodo – they are the Pantera of Malaya. Come & see Amigo & geng blast off the amp with his Washburn Dimebag model

    5) VS – previously known as Virus Sound. they play hard & heavy stuff. Deadzid as the captain with bC Rich warlock will make your ears bleed with metal riffing!!

    6) Aquarius – New band, form in november 06. New guys try to play metal music. Influence? let say this is 80’s rock band…enough said!

    7) Everlasting tales – This is a melodic power metal band. Haven’t seen them perform for a long time…dragon slayer style band..full of medeival aura!!

    8) Wynken Delirium – Johor Bharu Metal masters! Just finish the Banjir scene and now metal back to KL. Gear up for good metal sound!!

    The intention is to make the music scene active with new & talented performer. So come on guys, support our local bands!!

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