Artifacts: The Extra Three Bucks Gig! @ Picadilly Disco – Sunday, 2nd October 1994


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    subculture-i remember first seeing them around the end of 94 playing at the ‘tribute to kurt cobain’ show-for the life of me i can’t remember the name of the venue but the show also introduced the world to skeletanic and a couple of other bands who went to have some modicum of mainstream success-anybody rememebr the name of the venue?at enslaved chaos first kl gig around mid-96 subculture headlined-zul from temerloh organized the actual show -it was somewhere in ampang at a disco-dangdut-vicous azael also played and i think by side off,our buddies from kuantan-good times… for lan bear i used to be real good friends with him and he even gave me a copy of abc…deads demo tape ‘among the living’one day we went to rizal and reza(who i think were infectious maggots guitarists at the time)in ampang-they had old demos from mutilation and silent death,including a track from silent death called ‘evil bastard’…this was around 94 or 95….i was like 18 years old at the time…young,so young….

  2. BoyDxF says:

    Yeah i’ve sill remembered both of ABC Dead ..demo..Mud City Hardcore huh?
    Lan Bear was last seen by my guitarist at pusat serenti. he was in a band in pusat serenti and so was my guitarist. My guitarist is currently play with Karisma. The band that on that TV programs show RENTAK JUARA!!..muahahaha…

  3. nizang says:

    I love the beads!! still listening to them to this day.

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