Sunday, 29th June 2008: Crux in KL


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. azrinmokhtar says:

    awesome line ups for Crux.kah-roe-shi,blood n tools of the trade, they are going to blast.must go!!!!

  2. Pijan says:

    Posi-crust core meets grinding mayhem!?
    Wow!! I mean, a very great show! where the hell was SelfMadeGod?
    Sham+Aboi! under which graves are you fuckin slept mofucka?
    Did the Crux gonna hit the wrong ‘scene’?
    I’m just curious where’s the other local crust heroes such as Defeat, Osmantikos, Apparatus, Skullcrusher, The Dirty Dogs, Penyangak, Disgrace, Skifzofernia etcetera
    I mean, these peoples really dig ‘crust’ better than us, but yeah they drink harder as well might be an excuses to be ignored.
    Ok, I dont wanna fight here. Just ponder.

  3. kid says:

    dear pijan, still some good questions to ponder together.

    although im actually helping out crux with their tour, pardon me as i only could answer you with hard-facts that i knew.

    the KL leg is financed by 5 helpful label and friends; cellulite, klitbeat and 3 other friends.
    during choke cocoi’s farewell party, they’ve discussed regarding the band’s bill thoroughly and transparently decided to
    call most of the bands from the cancelled cellulite fest earlier
    (the cellulite fest supposed to be a day after the plague of happines showcase that still allowed by the cm management).
    but they’re not calling it as a cellulite fest as its also co-organized by 3 other friends.
    so i hope you would see that not having the bands you mentioned were seriously nothing intentional
    (however, i’m so glad that 1 of the bands mentioned by you, skitsofrenia will be playing with crux in penang).
    we did requested for pazahora, also a crust band from singapore since they had a split cd with crux (that will be released during the KL show).

    * actually after the crux’s booking at cm also got cancelled (we at ricecooker supposed to put it up),
    i’ve made a lot of phone calls, putting up bulletins here and there requesting for people to help putting up their KL show and
    beside the narrow timing that i had to re-confirm with crux, these 5 label/people kindly came forward to help
    (too bad that i couldnt wait up for few other good friends whom also offered since they’re also not financially capable yet to be really sure).

    ‘no alcohol’ had been requested by the owner of the studio as to avoid unnecessary attentions or problems.
    knowing most of the people involved personally, i’m very sure that these people dont have any problems with anyone consuming alcohol,
    in fact quite a number of people in the band’s bill do drink as well, as casual or hard as anyone else does.
    but as we wanted people to respect our rights to do whatever we want with our life, it shouldnt be that hard to respect that space as well.
    as we find our ways or the right places to smoke, to drink is still not a big deal i guess.

    anyway pijan, sorry if this just a clarification and far from doing justice to your earlier comment.
    crux will have quite a number of free days after their kl and singapore shows, perhaps want to put a small show for them?
    get in touch with me at 013 2497199 so we could hurrily discuss regarding this matter, avoiding endless threads thats points
    nowhere to benefit crux’s tour. thanks for your concern pijan & everyone else time.

    sorry for taking up too much space, i guarantee that further discussions will be only treated personally,
    so if you have opinions or ideas to help out, please hurry up to contact me at the given phone number.

  4. Pijan says:

    Well, aku tak mau cakap banyak sebab nanti ada yang x puashati dan cakap “Butoh la Pijan kau hisap butoh aku satu kali!” hehe..
    It’s like when your band perform and you as the frontman trying to say something to the audience then someone else at the back yelling at you and says “Shut up, no more talking and just keep playing mofucka!” haha Fuck shit up! I won’t silence mofucka!

    Hey Kid! aku rasa mangkuk-mangkuk dan geng layan d-beat banyak yang x tahu pasal Crux ni nak datang. Aku pun dah penat nak jadi ‘middle man’ so kalau kau ada credit sepuluh sen dua tu try lah sms mangkok2 yang tak baca dan updated news dr ricecooker..Sebenarnya benda sms ni effective jgk kalau nak ikutkan dan lebih effective dpd intenet.. So aku bubuh sini aje lah no. bdk2 ni :

    Sid – Defeat /Skullcrusher : 017-3537308
    Along – Apparatus : 017-6412597
    Pat – Apparatus : 012-3010828
    Zafran – Skifzofernia : 012-6544893
    Tumen – Penyangak : 017-3636974 & 017-3510097
    Ayen – Disgrace : 012-3322904
    Aboi – SMG : 012-3991183

    Ok, dpd kat atas ni aku rasa dah boleh connect ngn mangkok2 nih semua da aku pun tau some of them kau dah ada no.! Maksud aku, aku share semua ni bukan nak tunjuk berlagak, atau siapa lagi otai ke, tolong lah kikis mentaliti sempit ni korang wei!! Musuh aku bukan korang, musuh aku Pak Lah, politicians, polis, businessman, tauke The Star, tauke Annexe, tauke kereta, contactor, royal family, punk ‘melayu’ dan seangkatan..chow!

  5. Kia says:

    Pijan >> Kalo Kid mabuk kat gig ni nanti aku tolong ko sepakkan.. kat bawah flyer tu dah terang2 tulis tu.. hahaha..

    Thee Dr. >> Come back here and be our vocalist! Will ya?

  6. kid says:

    hope this is the most updated one especially the tour dates in indonesia.
    they’re leaving from singapore either today or tomorrow,
    gonna rent a van from kl and then leave to taiping.

    the rest gonna be as follows:
    Friday, Jun 27 2008 | Taiping
    Saturday, Jun 28 2008 | Penang
    Sunday, Jun 29 2008 | KL

    Tuesday, Jul 01 2008 | Manila
    Wednesday, Jul 02 2008 | Bulacan
    Thursday, Jul 03 2008 | Quezon

    Saturday, Jul 05 2008 | Singapore

    Sunday, Jul 06 2008 | Jakarta
    Monday, Jul 07 2008 | Samarinda, Kalimantan
    Tuesday, Jul 08 2008 | Balikpapan, Kalimantan
    Thursday, Jul 10 2008 | Bandung
    Saturday, Jul 12 2008 | Yogjakarta
    Wednesday, Jul 16 2008 | Malang
    Thursday, Jul 17 2008 | Surabaya

    they’re flying home from singapore on 22nd july.

    * so there’re possibilities getting them another weekend show on either 19th or 20th july.
    * depending on when they going back to singapore or whether they want to head back to kl after 17th july. i’ll make sure to check about this with them ASAP!
    * if you seriously have the mean to help out, please CALL me up ASAP.

  7. thee dr. says:

    Kia–if I could I would–we might have to go Noisecore tho.

  8. Pijan says:

    Mat! u better be here n hit the mics! kojek also here man

  9. Kia says:

    Panther and Meny pun.. 😛

  10. Pijan says:

    last time aku jumpa panther 3,4 thn lepas kot isap bong kat rmh aku..

  11. scum` says:

    mcm kecik je map tu.
    kalau tak nampak, gi cekidut kat lah ya.

  12. thee dr. says:

    Yea…Izzat ada anto gambo deme rehearsal tempohari…tangkap rindu plak daaaaaaaaaa……..

  13. kid says:

    friends whom interested.
    i just confirmed with crux that they would appreciate if anyone could put up another show on preferably on saturday,19th july 2008.
    their drummer supposed to fly into vietnam after their tour ended. but the rest of the line up will be leaving on tuesday, 22nd july 2008. as their drummer not yet book his flight into vietnam, so they’re cool to play another show!

    on a lighter but still an important note, crux actually sounds more into gloomy dark heavy hardcore with occasional blastbeat parts (your references should be bands like his hero is gone, kylesa, face down in shit). yeah, something not so common here yet (since many people would got the wrong idea that they play stuffs like tragedy, from ashes rise when ‘ brutal dark crust’ mentioned).

    i believe that no matter what the more popular genre you’re might be into right now, you would appreciate to see this band live. if you’re interested to book them a show on 19th july, call me up ASAP, 013-2497199. please take note they also would appreciate help with accomodation and transportation!

  14. kid says:

    the crux’s show turned to be one of the best studio shows ever i ever been to. awakening was crammed with kids from all over, new and old friends.and some even from outside KL!

    tight bands, free food & drinks and a birthday party for anna (crux’s vocalist) too! despite some dramas going on (before the show, even during pazahora’s set), we still managed to pull off a memorable one, fuh! crux were really worth it.

    on behalf of myself, kah-roe-shi and crux,
    i would like to thanks to everyone involved; cellulite, klitbeat, zeezam, talib, nobeat (financing the show), friends at studio shop space (food, accommodation, transportation), khalil (sweet brownies),
    all the bands and friends that came!

    crux right now is in the phillipines and will be touring singapore and indonesia. since there’s no concrete plan yet for another crux’s kl show, they might just head down to singapore again on the 19th july to play with graforlock instead.

    ps: thanks to friends who bought kah-roe-shi cds as well.

  15. kabukiboy says:

    this show is one of the best i’ve ever been to – thanks everyone for making me feel welcome and helping me out. i’ve had a great time here in malaysia and will be recommended others to come and see the scene you have here. it’s been really inspiring.

  16. Joe Kidd says:

    Of all the many shows I’ve seen of good overseas bands playing here over the years, Crux’s set at the gig in Penang last Saturday is one of the best ever (after S.O.L and also Vivisick/Fuck On The Beach; both at Paul’s Place)

    The drummer (apparently a multi-instrumentalist, and an accordion player for Mutiny!), the bassist, the guitarist and Anna on vocals really made our trip worthwhile. They were not only firm and utterly tight but they had fukking amazing compositions in their set-list. There were so many different influences in there, and they verved and twisted around the changes with effortless zeal. I was totally overawed by the more sinister and crushing Wagnerian feel in most parts of their tunes. Some slower, dirgy parts got me thinking of Streetcleaner-era Godflesh! That’s the digital delay on the guitar while being overdriven through a typical one cab Marshall amp. I wonder how would it sound with a complete tubed stack!

    I was surprised really as I thought they would be just another crust band (no disrespect, but so many bands in that particular sub-genre are just going through the same template, and the ideas are getting quite desperate). The first impression I had when I listened to their MySpace tunes was, “OK, nice heavy crust with that dark, epic feel. Cool!”

    But hey, this bunch has a lot more than that up on their sleeves. It’s like a whirlwind summing up the best parts of the more furious hardcore-punk characteristics. And better still, they didn’t sound “metal” at all!

    I’m sad for anyone of you who missed their shows over here and Penang. When I came back to KL from there, I immediately called some close friends to GO and check them out.

    Which is why I’m very upset that they are NOT playing KL before they leave. Kid, I thought you’re supposed to do the last show for them here in KL? What happened? How can we all help?

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