Sunday, 28th May 2006: The Exploited @ Paul’s Place


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kalium says:

    Ladies and gents,

    To make sure y’all have a slam happy time, please remember to observe some basic rules if the gig does materialize at Paul’s Place:

    a) Don’t loiter/berlegar-legar/lepak outside. Neon green mowhawks (even the humidity saturated floppy ones) crowning black spiked leather jackets can be spotted by Soviet spy satelites with cracked lenses in orbit. GET IN THE VENUE ONCE YOU ARE THERE.

    b) THIS GIG IS TO BE CONSIDERED A PRIVATE EVENT. PAUL’S PLACE IS A PRIVATE VENUE. DO NOT USE THE WORD “TICKETS” or PUBLIC in your communications. I’m not sure how the organizers are going to manage this but please FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.

    c) All in all, use your COMMON SENSE. I assume y’all are intelligent, since, you’re Exploited and not Mawi fans.

    Have fun, stay safe.

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    “I assume y‚Äôall are intelligent, since, you‚Äôre Exploited and not Mawi fans”

    Not so sure of that one boss! At the height of the early 80s UK Street Punk / Oi! fever, a very cheeky band by the name of Skin Disease put together a song that turned out to be a huge hit among the punks and skins of the day.

    the song is called “I’m Thick” and here’s the lyrics:

    “I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick, I’m thick”, x 64

    Those who were inquisitive enough later found out that Skin Disease was actually a piss-take by Chumbawamba!! Classic!

  3. mohd JAYzuan says:

    exploited jadi main singapore ke? dung main? buzz me joe kalau jadi. nak ikut.

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    allo jay, since the gig was happening in Sj, the singapore one was cancelled by the organisers lah. I do believe they made quite a mistake there. it could have been a much better show in singapore.

  5. kalium666 says:

    Saturday-Tuesday was a rather surreal period.

    Part I

    Saturday, went to Holiday Villa to take care of some business and see the Exploited. Thought it was odd that HV was selected as a venue. I wouldn’t consider it for anything harder than a keroncong fest. The show as to be held in one of the ballrooms. It definately would have been surreal if the show had gone on, the Exploited and local opening acts thrashing it out under large expensive chandeliers and the audience moshing on a thick luxurious carpet.

    As we all know by now, the above vision never materialized (but would be great in a David Lynch flick).

    Sunday, went over with Nazrul (360 Bassist) to visit Nuhi “Monkey Boy” Selamat, his wife and his 9 day year old baby – their new pride and joy.

    Adjurned to Paul’s after that, bands were sound checking, opened the fridge and grabbed a cold one. Sat through a few opening acts, the only one I remember well was Roots & Boots. Sodd did a good job on vox and bass – got the crowd going. Nice stuff.

    Went downstairs to get some air, then a metal band started up. Walked up the stairs to teh strains of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on Water”..figured, what the fuck?!?! Went in and to my horror, saw Paul playing drums for some metal band doing. Their regular drummer came up to continue the set.

    Exploited came on around 6ish(?). I stopped listening to them in the late 80’s – so I was familiar with their *VERY* early stuff. Was pleased that they did shit from their first album Punk’s Not Dead – Sex & Violence being one of my favorite minimalist songs. Crowd went wild when they did Beat the Bastard – this was the first time I was hearing the song.

    About 20 minutes or so into the set and the bass (kick) drum skin broke. After dicking around with tape we decided there was no salvaging the skin. There was a spare skin in the back room but it was too big. Fortunately Brandon, the young sound engineer who did a kick ass job that night, had a kick at home – a 5 minute drive away. Got into the car with Brandon, grabbed the kick (which had all his favorite bands written on the front skin in marker – including Linkin Park) – got it installed.

    In the meantime, I went to 7-11 to get some more cold ones for the fridge – it was frikkin’ hot in there.

    Got back enjoyed the rest of the show, chatted with a couple who had driven down from Penang drank the rest of the cold ones then proceeded downstairs.

    Was shocked to see the blood spatter on the walls and floor. Went down to some of the kids and asked them what happened. Was told there was a fight and someone broke a nose. Left it as that.

    Went to get a bite to eat and something even more surreal….Joe Kidd and Fendi driving by in a VOLVO – The safest and most conservative vehicle known to mankind.

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