Artifacts: PurePopForNowPeople @ Picadilly Disco – Sunday, 28th August 1994


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. the doctor says:

    dear joe…
    again with the great nostalgia-i think amy from noisemonger was the bass player after hili-i’m not 100% sure-after that they recombobulated their line up again and saiful was on bass-i might be getting my timeline mixed up here-as for chronic mass being the first hc band?what about 2nd reject,noisemonger,skinning pit,etc?i think they slightly predate chronic mass but again i’m not sure…keep coming with the old skool flyers and bands…thanx

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Dear mat, it was not Amy. It was a Kuantan boy, long, skinny fella, who was related to that chatty TV host for Melodi those days. I have his picture somewhere. He played a few shows, and only when the band split up and ressurected by Combat that Amy joined in.

    As for Chronic Mass, like I said it “has always been hailed as the first proper ‚Äúhardcore” band”, meaning that there were prior suspects but as per usual sidelined by Chronic Mass’ popularity.

  3. BoyDxF says:

    Here’s few 1st genaration HC band that i remember of..Shahlan ex-C.Dung was with Basic Rights, Noisemonger (NYHC with Prong influence HC) Ami is working with AH Keong record store now and he join Pilgrims somewhere 96-97 i think. Now play with Relationsheep. In Penang we have Cramp Mind front by Ah Keong Psychic Scream with bassist Zani who later with Project AK, Zani is currently working in a hotel at Langkawi with another guy from the band Hostile Disgrace. AMong these band, ther are Smog, School of Hate, Street of Hate (Johor). Also not to forget Life on The Edge and most of the early HC bands on the Under The One Roof released by Shammir As It Is.

    As for Skinning Pit, they were not the 1st HC band in Perak scene. But both Disasterfunhouse and S.Pit considered the 1st generation HC band in Perak scene. Mandela was my friend (mostly hang out with metal friends and he’s also a skaters back then like most of us in Disasterfunhouse) and he also used Disasterfunhouse drummer and guitarist Mat at first when he formed Skinning Pit.

    More flyers Joe!!!

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