Sunday, 26th October 2008: Borderless Mind @ MCPA Hall


Joe hoards and shares.

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33 Responses

  1. haq says:

    hey guys. conquest for death show in kl.
    if your are fans of what happens next?,Assfort, Charm, Artimus Pyle, Say Bok Gwai, Morbid Life Society, All You Can Eat, Your Mother, Love Songs, Colbom, Stichface, High on Crime, Hot Lixx Houlahan, Fuckface, Malachi, People Again and a host of others, do come to the show.

    and it will be third arm records new release, release party. a compilation of bands like akta angakasa, blood on wedding dress, daighila, devilica, foliage, infinite delay, lord sunny days and nazark. grab it!

  2. kid says:

    Happy Little Creatures v/a (Compilation/CD/Third Arm Records) –

    Third Arm Records must be one of the most hardworking labels in our local scene right now. Being committed on releasing local bands, this time Third Arm had compiled 8 of their current and future roster with each of the bands presented with 1 or 2 unreleased songs in a neat transparent-sticker-wrapped digipack.

    Well known for championing the modern hardcore/grindcore scene, Third Arm had been putting out great releases from Infinite Delay, Blood On Wedding and Devillica. Technical, odd music arrangement and maniacs screaming their hearts out. You know the drill, a beautiful chaotic mess.

    But no, they’re not just all about that! You will be glad to know what kinda beast the emo violence forerunners Daighila had grown to be and to discover the underrated jazz-fused Lord Sunny Day.

    Akta Angkasa are definitely one the bands with a notable space-rock track, but too bad that this is could be the last from them as they had broken up recently. Thats the same case for Devillica whom also followed suit. But I’m still not giving up hope and looking forward to be punished with more brutality from Nazark and Foliage. Could Foliage‚Äôs synth-driven chaos be our answer to The Locust?

    Footnotes –
    Bands: Daighila, Infinite Delay, Blood On Wedding Dress, Lord Sunny Day, Devillica, Nazark, Foliage and Akta Angkasa. Genres: Modern grindcore, chaotic hardcore, space rock and jazz.
    Tracks: 14 (57 minutes). Damage: RM15 only.

    A personal review of the compilation cd that I would like to share with everyone. I’m hoping to see more documentation on our local scene like this. Worth every single cents!

  3. xnizangx says:

    knot records bile nk release ‘berikan cinta pada sesama’ comp??
    hehe…dah setahun in the making. we all can give a helping hand to release it!

    i love lord sunny day!!

  4. its a good promotion to have the release party together with a tour band playing, party ? are there got any foods and drinks or just a gigs or maybe after gigs party with foods and drinks ? yes – release more local bands and more more new bands.. buy more more local releases …
    support your local label and distro ..

  5. Joe says:

    The “satu-tahun-dah-rakam” compilation by Knot Records & The Ricecooker Shop baru siap mixing! It was called as Flip-Flop Punk Rawk but now we are going for a new title “Berikan Cinta Sesama Vol 1”. There are 16 bands on it and unlike the exciting Third Arm comp, it features a more traditional-sounding punk rock & hardcore bands. I’m currently finding time to design the sleeve and booklet! Give it a few more weeks!

  6. xnizangx says:

    tell me if u guys need some more cash.

  7. Joe says:

    thanks for the offer Nizang! will call you.

  8. haq says:

    hi guys.
    actually this comp has been planed since 2005. but at that time we are still unstable in terms of bands, labels and financially.
    so we know its hard to get a comp out.
    lets just pray there’ll be a volume 2.

    as for foliage, this is the shittiest sound ever thanks to the sound engineer who left the studio with our recorded track. we have no choice other than using the raw unmixed, unleved and humaliating tracks. so sorry guys. hope for better luck next time and we lost our custumes too. hahaha.

    p/s: cd will be available at ricecooker soon!

  9. dean says:

    its been a while since i last went to a gig. this is an awesome gig but how i wish i could be at two different place at the same time. mydisco will be playing near sunway and here in mcpa there will be conquest for death.


  10. haq says:

    i dont know who should be blame for 2 different show at the same day in the same state with 2 touring band from teh same booking agent.

    dean. try hiro nakamura.
    i wish i could be at both. but sadly i might be at china at that moment.
    hate job.

  11. xnizangx says:

    my disco dah tgk aritu kat paul place.

  12. shahrizal says:

    haq punya pengaruh tv kuat! hahaha

  13. kawkaw says:

    apa pulak nak blame orang?
    kenapa boleh jadik pecah belah sekarang?
    blame mat saleh sebab taknak main satu gig?
    mat saleh takbole blame sebab dia mat saleh.
    so, blame la orang kita.

    kenapa negara lain boleh bikin band trash dgn band punk main satu gig?
    orang dah besar kepala memang jadik camni la. nak blame2 orang.

    aku tak faham scene kecik negara malaysia ni.

  14. third arm records says:

    Thanks everyone,hope to see u guys there!
    take care

    Event will start on 2pm – 3pm (*malaysian time) hehe
    and we have special Free Giant Poster Calendar for 50 early birds 🙂

    Also special promo price for the new Happy Little Creatures Compilation CD. Only on that day.
    C ya!

  15. thee dr. says:

    Uuuuuuuhhhhh-Kawkaw-there’s mat salehs, or as we prefer to be called ‘whites’ or Caucasians who understand Malay and read this webzine.

  16. haq says:

    hahaha. kawkaw most know me personally because he/she said i’m a big headed guy. i wonder who he/she is. hahaha

    budak trash xnak main dgn budak punk?
    budak trash bukan punk ke?
    or are you reffering punk as a music?
    for me all of the band who will be playing this sunday is a punk band.
    so whats your issues?
    i said dont know who should be blame because theres no one to be blame. are you one of the organisers? one of the board people who plan of bringing them down to play over here? or u hate me for a personal reason?

    hahaha. this is funny. because everytime a touring band comes, there will always be a hero who rise up. the “massage board hero”.

    anyway. best of luck on both shows.

  17. kawkaw says:

    sori le terEMO lebih.
    aku dengar cerita la budak trash ni tanak main dgn budak punk tu.
    and that refers to the ‘mat salleh’ probably.
    no offend to mat salleh.

    as you said, “budak trash bukan punk ke?” thats makes me wonder.
    no offend to u haq as well. but the big headed goes to all scenester.
    once they’re big, they go like woah. applies to everybody indeed.

    and no personal reason here.

    u dont know me personally. but i do. im a big fan of yours. hehe

  18. dean says:

    maaf. saya tiada niat utk blame or marah sape2. it was simply due to my interest in both bands & hoping to see them both play. that’s all. if i could travel up north or down south to catch the other band, then i wouldn’t even mind. huhu…btw i did check out CFD tour diary (see here: These guys are fun!

  19. thee dr. says:

    Conquest For Death are a good band and good people-they told us if we ever made it out to the West Coast to get in touch-it was cool!!

  20. Joe says:

    Guys! I heard the gig went quite late. CFD came to Ricecooker Shop around midnight for an interview. They said the show was good but it just took too long for them to get up on stage and play.

    Anyone can share what happened? I can’t go and was crying profusely at the shop.

    BTW; thanks to those who bought our stuff from the table opened by Mat Nor, Encik Ahmad Metal Buas dan Pijan.

  21. third arm records says:

    Hello joe and everyone
    Paktua here.
    On behalf of Third Arm Records and friends, i would like to apologize for our late and some other things.

    These are our problems:
    -transportation (we arrived at the venue 2pm)
    -after set up the equipment, we found out that mixer for the p.a system is not working and ran back to puchong to take another one. Thanks to Fahmi krs and Theaterical Records (As and his crew) for helping us out.

    So the show started around 5pm and luckily everything went on smoothly and nice until finish around 11pm.

    Thanks to everyone who came and waited long hours 🙁 We’re really sorry. Hope things like this wont be again in the future.
    Thanks to all bands, we owe u guys so much for such a good show.Sorry we’re not able to give payment to bands because we suffered quite a loss for this gig.
    BIG thanks to all friends who helped us out during the show.Love u guys. Also thanks to those who bought our stuff and our new Happy Little Creature compilation.

    In the end we enjoy the show so much and meeting everyone there was such a pleasure! We will not stop making show as long as u guys were there to come and support 🙂 thanks! C ya in next Borderless Mind.

    p/s: anyone out there would care to give a review? would love to see one 🙂 thanks..Maybe we can improve out next show..oh ya,also pictures! hope someone can share it too.

  22. hapus says:

    biasa la orang kite!!!!huhhuhuhuuh….

  23. haq says:

    hi guys. sorry for the late explanation. pardon me as i fell in sick after i sent CFD to pudu which they missed the bus and rushed to hentian duta to stop the bus. we were lucky, if not 19 foreigners will be stuck in kl on depavali.(CFD + recover +friends from singapore)
    the next day i was off to guangzhou.

    so here’s my part of stories. and again i apologizes as the prearrangement was made when i was onboard.
    i guess the time on the flyers 1 o’clock is to pull the crowd to come early as usually the crowd came in late and the show have to wait for more crowd as the bands are playing for the crowd. i guess thats why pak tua announce again that the show will be start at 2-3pm. but than again, we received information that CFD will arrived kl at 4pm. (i guess most bands wants CFD to watch them play.
    the backline arrived before 2pm( due to transportation, traffic jam, raya mode, kenduri kawin mode, and forgive us for being the typical malaysian)
    after setting up the backline we found out the mixer that we rent is not working(we never had probs with as equipment before so we assume everything was in good condition an nothing could turn as good as we expected everytime). so fahmi krs had to drive to puchong to change the mixer.(thanx alot fahmi)
    please bear in mind we dont have any crews. almost everyone that are helping are performing on that day(except for the doorkeeper), so the anxiety of performing, setting up the equipment, sound checking, picking up CFD stuff at pudu, takes alot of times and 5pm was the best we could do. please share with us to make a better show next time.

    for the crowd, thanx for coming. we sold 158 tickets for rm15 and some people came in without even paying.(if you are short of money, we can always work things out la bro, atleast a liltle bit of contribution, you can always talk to the organizer). for anyone that had organized a show in MCPA should know how much the cost to cover up the rent, backline,pa and misc.
    but then thanx again to everybody who has participate for the show.
    the show finished at 11pm. we pack our back line back to SSS and unloaded it and kidnapped CFD back to studio from ricecooker right away after that. its a nice chat with them until 6am. hope i’ll still be here when they play in guangzhou. 🙂

    p/s: the interview up soon joe?

  24. hatta says:

    Dudes, I can understand about the faulty equipment thing but maybe next time, if you came cross this situation again, you can ask the bands to play a shorter set. I can say that most people who came to that show was there for CFD (and maybe that is why they came a little bit late) and it suck for these kids to missed CFD because they need to catch the bus or fulfilling other commitments.

    just my 2 cents…

  25. xnizangx says:

    the interview will be in printed zine perhaps? 🙂

  26. Joe says:

    I’m with Hatta about the CFD’s late slot at the show. Local bands should give way to the visiting band or bands. If time is not permitting, cut short your set. That’s common sense lah, I don’t think we need to be reminded.

    I remember my band playing three songs (instead of the whole 10-song setlist) to give way to Pisschrist / Unholy Grave at Criiz Club in Sept 2005. That’s not a problem with us. It is after all, a gig set up to see them play. Lets not be selfish. It’s not everyday bands such as CFD were in town to play.

    I heard that since the slot was rather too late, CFD didn’t do their usual stage-banter and talks in between songs, they had to bulldoze through the songs. Devon is a funny guy, so you guys may have missed quite a few good laughs there.

    Anyway, thanks Pak Tua & Haq, the interview was done by me and Pijan at the shop. It went well, apart from the fact that the band was rather tired and getting sleepy.

    It will be featured on The Ricecooker Zine which should be in your hands in January (printed). I may put an excerpt of the talk here on this web pages as soon as I transcribed the interview.

    BTW: we are looking for bands, labels, distros etc who would like to help the printed zine out by buying ad space (iklan-iklan). Please get in touch with us.

    The zine is gonna be a collective-run project, coming out every three-months, with many old and new writers/zine-editors helping out.

    More news soon, but if you think you can help, do get in touch.



  27. haq says:

    thanx for the input bos. too tired, too excited and mcpa sewa till 12midnight made us forget for a stupid little which make a huge different at the end. sorry again. lesson learned.
    another lesson that i learned, put a ganas door keeper so no one gets in free. huhu. we went to picked up CFD right away after we offload the equipment at SSS. so sorry kalau tunggu lama. but we have fun on way back, we showed them the place as robert said where my felllow shitty country man goes to have fun and find local girls, we showed them how poor our country are when they didnt put the klcc light on and for sure the talk about craig contarea (constipation + diarrhea) and “how to shit in other countries”.

    bos, how much the ads cost?

  28. Sixth Page (2.5‚Ä? x 5‚Ä?) = RM50
    Third Page Long (2.5‚Ä? x 10‚Ä?) = RM90
    Third Page Square (5‚Ä? x 5‚Ä?) = RM90
    Half Page (7.5‚Ä? x 5‚Ä?) = RM120
    Full Page (7.5″ x 10″) = RM210
    Full Page Inside Back (7.5″ x 10″) = RM240
    Full Page Back Cover (7.5″ x 10″) = RM270

    dateline on 31st december 2008,


  29. Fizan says:

    how poor our country are when they didnt put the klcc light on and for sure the talk about craig contarea (constipation + diarrhea) and “how to shit in other countries -HAG

    Wad d fuk you’re talking about this so called “our country” here? I’d rather bite the hand that feed me than obey to dis mofukin any countries pride! Is this the kind of scene they hesitated from the yesteryear of anarcho-grind /hc scene? Fuk, I can’t even believe they’re so jaded nowadays so they used to mix-up with dis kinda mentality peoples. Brian Catharsis will not even believe too if he know the music-style he pioneered turn to fall into dis wrong direction. I fukin love Coalese when their ads still pasted in the HeartAttaCk.
    I have no feeling to come to the show in MCPA. The hot, bad PA System of Paul’s Place is comforted me more as I can drink at any spots I feel like wanna drink. I think MCPA is more suitable for more ‘biggest’ and schematic scene. Even the high traffic-volume center NOISY Studio is more better to me now. Fuk Butterfingers and people who use diy hc/punk as a stepping stone and to people who (still) think it’s ok too.
    Ok I’ll never write any further..I’d rather talk shit behind. It’s hella lots more fun!

    Send your death threats to Pijan.

  30. PORN says:

    Idea meletakkan touring band untuk penutup set adalah satu idea yang kurang bijak.Seriously kenapa perlu touring band main last? pikirkanlah rakan2 yang datang dari jauh johor,singapore, yang bekerja malam atau yg mempunyai family..mereka ada komitmen perlu pulang awal..ada yang datang membayar ticket untuk melihat QFD semata2,dan terpaksa pulang dengan kecewa..aku jumpa byk orang mcm ni kat gig QFD aritu..kesian diorang..siap QFD boleh perli 3rd arm letak diorang last set..kalu korang perasanlah,dia ade speech pasal kes ni.,.tapi crowd gelak,gelak sebab tak faham english atau malu ..aku tak tau…yang pasti fenomena meletakkan touring band di akhir set perlu dihentikan.Organizer tak akn rugi..percayalah.

    -betulkan kalau saya salah.

  31. third arm records says:

    Ok, nice suggestion. We would do that in future. hang tak salah apa2 pun. Paling betul dah tu. hehe Ok, aku ulang lagi sekali sorry kalau kami ada buat salah. Sorry Sorry nak ulang 100 kali pun takpa. Kami takkan buat lagi. Thanks porn for the comment. Next time kalau ada touring band, kami letak tengah2, atau first.

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