Sunday 24th July 2005: Bandung‚Äôs Domestik Doktrin Singapore-Malaysia Tour 2005 @ Paul’s Place


Joe hoards and shares.

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31 Responses

  1. aizu aizumi says:

    mari kita support beramai2!!

  2. express-rakyat says:

    Pusing2, band yang sama…Lain takde???

  3. marzuki says:

    woitt! Akta Angkasa will be performing as the first band on the bill I heard; pasal diorang akan bawak barang2 sendiri & akan makan masa yg lama utk setup & sound check… so boleh la nanti band2 lain perform lebih masa kot… dan ini mungkin sesuatu yg belum pernah anda tonton sebelum ini di paul’s place – PERFORMING DOWN ON THE VERY DANCING FLOOR!! aku pun x pasti psl diorang, tapi kpd yg nak check out & nak tengok sgt diorang perform, datang la awal ATAU menyesal di kemudian hari! dan jgn lupa bawalah ear plug ke, tisu sumbat ke psl dlm flyer pun dah bagitau diorang nih BISING BANGET!! gila…..

  4. shahrizal says:

    yeay…AKTA ANGKASA!!!!!

  5. fariq says:

    aritu flyer lain ek?..

  6. red says:

    akta angkasa! very promising. datang awal.

  7. matxpet says:

    aku suka lagu ganas.

  8. nizang says:

    aku tengok doh akta angkasa. unik sungguh lah. space-rock sungguh. siap bawok gambo bulan bintang. hope this time lagi best kot…

  9. irman says:

    dorang ni main metal ke?

  10. aizu aizumi says:

    kehilanganya amat bermakna bagi scene di Raub dan tanah air……….

  11. amir nanda says:

    just got back dari show. i have to comment something on akta angkasa. i’d just say they are a very promising outfit, non-typical in the scene. Here, i’m not going to comment on the music, but rather the lengthy setup. You guys took almost 2 hours to setup and soundcheck. that’s very primadonna-ish behaviour for a band that’s barely played, what… 10 gigs maybe?

    so many people complain and then finally lost interest and went out to talk cock/ makan kedai mamak tak sedap. not to mention people mingling and talking around during your set. that’s lost opportunity, man. from my point of view, what you guys are playing is akin to a performance art, and to be honest you need to do everything possible to attract people to see it. And guess what one of the most effective way is? yes, cut down on the setup time. i’m very, very sure with practise you guys can setup in paling lama pun 30 minit. roadie korang mcm ramai ape?

    respect goes to you guys for bringing every single thing you need to use. dalam scene kita ni pun ramai lagi dok pinjam strap and kabel gitar (‘sapa ada metal zone? bole pinjam tak?’) so its refreshing to see an outfit that really is committed and dedicated in trying to represent their sound they way they feel it should be. kudos and keep up the good work.

    p/s: takziah untuk berita sedih. harapnya roh dicucuri rahmat.

  12. dhani says:

    selaku organizer+crew [tukang cop] acara gig semalam, secara keseluruhannya secara personal saya agak berpuas hati dengan acara gig semalam. cuma sedikit “kemeriahan” di atas pentas sewaktu Domestik Doktrin mengadakan persembahan membuatkan hati saya berasa sedikit tidak tenang. apa pun, TERIMA KASIH kepada semua yang berpartisipasi! WORLD! ooopppsss.:).hehe

  13. I’m with Amir on Akta Angkasa. As much as I admire the ideas and tenacity of holding court right in the middle of the floor with a strobelight flashing, while the band members flit between utter cacophony and post-rock guitar wrangle, there’s a fine line between good well-played performance and utterly annoying wanking self-indulgence. The atmosphere created by the set-up was good. It’s something pretty communal and very rare but then the hesitated, unsure, unconfident nature of the band when moving from one song to another was really grating on the nerves. The band also didn’t know when to stop and so they kept on playing and playing even when the enthusiasm for it has evidently left the crowd. They overstayed their welcome, resulting in a lot of people, me included, going down to the street to talk cock, as Amir correctly pointed out.

    That said, I really would like to see the band again next time but hopefully without the unfortunate excesses and the unnecessary extra baggages.

    On the other bands, I think Pusher was great. The new songs were awesome and the sound was excellent, especially Tholeb’s guitar and his brother’s bass playing, but unfortunately Alak was too out of it to play and sing proper. The band didn’t even finish their full set as Alak walked off the stage and left the building as he couldn’t hack it anymore. I don’t know about the other people who were there but for me, Alak should have excercise a bit of self-restraint when it comes to the drinks. yes, playing drunk is fine as long as you can hack it but when the drink took over instead of the playing, something is terribly wrong.

    Domestik Doktrin was excellent though. Musically, they’ve grown to incorporate other influences instead from the usual back-to-back pedal-on-the-floor thrashcore. Elements of stoner rock riffs and dramatic intros and breakdowns made it unpredictable, unlike many other thrashcore bands out there. I find it always exciting when good bands such as them started to experiment with different stuff.

    BTW; when I first got to the gig somebody old me that Buji’s father died the night before the gig due to heart attack. Condolences from all of us here. Buji played a huge part in the support team for this DoDo tour, I hope he’s coping well with the sudden loss. Our hearts are with you.

  14. karim babi sial says:

    lain kali kitas epak je mamat tu!!! ada pun bukan ada untung…beban adalah.takyah datang gig laa..pergi je disko hahahaha.dah laa nama karim.karim makna dalam arab adalah’JANTAN TAK GUNA’hahahaha

  15. keju says:

    i was about to mention about the death of buji’s father but since joe has already mentioned it, i guess i didn’t have to elaborate further. yes, he played a big part for the DoDo tour and he is a good friend. maybe for those who know him could sms or call him or maybe drop by his house to show your condolences. for the muslims, al-fatihah..

  16. dean says:

    terima kasih buat semua yg hadir smlm. semua band bermain dgn baik, akta angkasa impress me! geez…. what is that? pink floyd mixed with sigur ros while engaging to explosion in the sky ? pusher was awesome, i have no regret asking you guys to play! first gig for the year, and 2 sessionist, you guys did a great job! cem sober ke smlm? ahahaha…. the same goes to the rest, Suaram as usual would be my fav fastcore band, Holokrust makes me feel like being in the room where Wolfpack trying to outdone Tradegy, Anti Protokol blasting the powerful crusty beat, and Devilica proving they know what they are best at; technicality in HC! As for DoDo, yesterday was the first time i got the catch them after years of longing to….and gosh, they are no typical! somewhat thrashing old school hc with sludgy part thrown a bit here and there. it have the same vibes as American Nightmare (later known as Give Up The Ghost, broke up last year and now some members start a new band with mates from The Locust, namely Some Girls) though both bands sound different. DoDo musically and ideally promising! Indeed one of the best hc/punk band from our region. Watch out for their split with Homicide (Indonesia Hip Hop band) !!!

    oh yah…terlupa my real intention menulis ni. smlm, only 102 tickets sold. after tolak2 itu equipment cost plus mike rosak, we manage to pay all the local bands played rm20 while the rest of the balance goes to Domestik Doktrin.

    ok, till then, tq! 😉

  17. amir nanda says:

    hello dean and keju! so nice to meet you guys there, standing in for buji. harap dapat sampaikan salam dan takziah kepada buji if you guys are going to meet him. till we meet again!

  18. dhani says:

    salam takziah kepada buji sekeluarga. al-fatihah.

  19. scum` says:

    semlm terdgr pusher main lagu band ART , “stop the madness”,teringat zaman-zaman masih sekolah dan mintak duit mak sbb nak beli tape kompilasi a circle of friends yg aku nampak dalam majalah gila gila..hehe..walaupun musicnya dah di ubah slow sedikit tapi still nice la jugak..

    takziah utk buji sekeluarga..

  20. express-rakyat says:

    gig best!

  21. express-rakyat says:

    karim tu? alah…layankan sudah…

  22. rupert says:

    I think there is totally nothing wrong with Pusher’s performance. If you want punk rock, that is punk rawk for you. I kinda enjoy the whole chaos and the activities on the stage though. It is better than having a all nice crowd. Drunk punk brings the best in gigs!! Without us the gig would be lame as fuck!! Tapi drunkards pun control skit more drink please!! One day my liver will be spoil at rotten to my death, but at least I knew that I have being drunk and see a better friendlier world through it before..

  23. aizu aizumi says:

    giler…ricecooker jadi port lepas geram hahahahhaa

  24. ashcroft says:

    sesiapa yg kutuk karim kat sini dia adalah seorang yg pengecut…kalau korang tak puas hati dengan karim,jumpa dia terus,cakap apa yg korang tak puas hati dengan dia…cakap belakang buat apa beb…

  25. ayah pin punk says:

    apa gaduh2 ni,nak mampus ke?????????nak hisap pele aku

  26. dean says:

    yah..thanks Amir! lupa nak credit kat hang coz bagi pinjam amp yg cambest tu, thanks a lot dude! nnti ketemu lagi di lain hari! =)

    juga terima kasih utk semua krew/sukarelawan (utk gig kat KL dan all other places!) yg membantu tempohari! We owe you a LOT!

  27. sukma says:

    nampak nye d.d dah selamat main kat msia…aku dengar cite ada kekecohan sikit kat gig hari tu…kawn aku cite le..aku tak pegi pun…tak mati pun kalau tak tgk d.d kenapa masih ada org yang anggap d.d ni cam band yang kalau tak tgk leh mati…emmm dah cam rock star la pulak…
    wake up le sikit…d.d tu biasa aje..tak best tera mana pun…jng le agung2 kan sgt d.d tu….sampai nak maki hamun org lak..sampai nak gaduh2…ape dah jdi ni beb….mungkin tindak kan si karim tu keterlaluan..tpi itu cara dia nak enjoy..korang pun ada cara untuk enjoy jugak kan…kenapa tak biar kan dia dngan cara dia ko rang ngan cara korang…..aku tak sokong mana2 pihak tapi cara korang settle kan problem ni cam budak2 le…wake up le sikit…aku tak cakap le aku ni bagus sgt tp aku still lagi tahu hormat org lain …scene kita dah kita stil tak ubah2 lagi….wake up le sikit…..

  28. bongkok says:

    macam¬? hal gig dodo kat kl ni…tak dapat bayangkan kalau aku ada kat lokasi kejadian pada time tu…hahahahahahaha aku sempat tgk dodo masa dorang main kat jb jeks….mmg pack! mmg fun! mmg panas! mmg rabak! band yg main pun best (walaupun ada 2-3 band baru) tahniah untuk organiser di JB…teruskan perjuangan korang!

    “enjoy ada limit die, sama jugak bergurau, pun ada limit die…”


  29. thoyee says:

    hallo bung apa kalian benar2 marah akan keadaan sosial politik dinegara kita ini…sedangkan dalam situasi yang seperti itu kita ada…DIY OR DIE

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