Update: Sunday, 23rd December 2007: We’ve Lost Beauty Fest, The Annexe


Joe hoards and shares.

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  1. kid says:

    as i was advised not to prolong this matter over this particular comments threads (sorry, for this is a gig thread), please be noted this would be my final posting regarding this. i would really appreciate if anyone that should contact me, please liase/contact me directly at 013 249 7199, so i contact you back asap to work on any solutions needed.

    most of the labels that i could get, i already paid them accordingly. and the rest now aware when is the payment gonna be made (through appointments and online banking). we also make arrangements to return back all the current stuffs to avoid any such problems in future.
    as i’ve explained earlier my work no longer permits much time for me, i’m no longer runs mailorder except to resolve any pendings if there is (i’m sending out pending orders from friends that contacted me but not taking any new ones), still i do attend shows with distro stuffs whenever i can. almost everything now are at ricecooker shop and syahrir samurai champloo in penang, both joe and syahrir now helping me out to update their sales so i can proceed to make payments.

    again my sincere public apology to friends affected. i’m on everything i could to resolve this and making sure this is not happening again in future. also thanks for all the advices my friends.

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Just wanna tell you people that my shop carries a lot of distro stuff from Propamedia and I have been slacking in updating the stocks. So in a way, we have contributed to Kid’s problems.

    Ever since we opened up proper in February, we have paid Kid only once so far. The same goes to many of the distros who have been helping the shop out (Do Not Consume, Cactus, Third Arm, Disarseter, etc.). As per usual, a new shop like ours needs a lot to learn from our trials and errors for it to be run proper, and we are very grateful for these friends of ours for being very understanding.

    We are facing quite a ride. The rental is high but the traffic is low, add in the other external costs and it’s crazy! Our side business (full color printing & photostating) was waylaid for 4 months due to some complicated contactual problems, so our cash-flow was non-existence for a long time.

    Now we have got the printing service back in order, so everything is coming together again. Hopefully very soon we will have a manageable cash-flow again.

    And ever since the last two weeks, we are going through the stocks and have paid a few distros (Papakerma, Apparatus, Disarmament, Pure Minds etc.).

    This coming weeks we are going through stocks by Propamedia, Cactus, 3rd Arm and the rest. Hopefully by the end of the year, everybody will get paid.

    Anyway, we are sorry for inconveniences caused by this.



  3. dean says:

    Aku dikhabarkan Deviator Landing tarik diri dan diganti dgn Little Girl Terrorist

    Awirth Utarid Booking sila confirmkan


  4. arwith_utarid says:

    Ya encek dean! Little Girl Terrorist akan menggantikan Deviator Landing atas sebab2 tertentu. show ini juga adalah release party untuk Kias Fansuri ‘dua tahun pertama’ CD , Kah-Roe-Shi / Pazahora split 7″ dan
    Kah-Roe-Shi CD (hopefully..) sila hadirkan diri untuk berparty!! wuhu!!

  5. norsham says:

    panas.. adeh..

  6. arwith_utarid says:

    Kepada abg joe kidd, boleh tak tolong update fliers terbaru WE’VE LOST BEAUTY FEST – http://a135.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/21/l_db52b69a5386f92902753453588ab94e.jpg

    terima kasih!

  7. sham ang panas ka smlm? aku sejuk weh sbb lepak umah mamat..
    ekon’ umah dia sejuk macam salji..brrrrr

  8. danx says:

    eh eh,gig yg dekat rumah kedai wangsa maju tu kat mane?
    cd hujan ade jual tak time nie?

  9. Snafu says:

    cd hujan x de jual tp try la beli cd kias fansuri tu sbb sound diorang lg brit-pop dr hujan tu tau. awww

  10. arwith_utarid says:

    thanks for for updating the fliers!!

    the Fest start today!! woo hoooo!!!

  11. danx says:

    cd kias dah beli.
    mmg best.

  12. arwith_utarid says:

    Terima Kasih kepada yag menjayakan dan yg hadir ke WLB Fest tahun ini! jumpa lagi tahun depan !!

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